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  • Poincare's Prize

    The Hundred-Year Quest to Solve One of Math's Greatest Puzzles

    The amazing story of one of the greatest math problems of all time and the reclusive genius who solved itIn the tradition of Fermat’s Enigma and Prime Obsession, George Szpiro brings to life the giants of mathematics who struggled to prove a theorem for a century and the mysterious man from St. Petersburg, Grigory Perelman, who fi nally accomplished the impossible. In 1904 Henri Poincaré developed ... Read more

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  • Linked

    How Everything Is Connected to Everything Else and What It Means for Business, Science, and Everyday Life

    The best-selling guide to network science, the revolutionary field that reveals the deep links between all forms of human social lifeA cocktail party. A terrorist cell. Ancient bacteria. An international conglomerate. All are networks, and all are a part of a surprising scientific revolution. In Linked, Albert-Lálórabá, the nation's foremost expert in the new science of networks, takes us on an ... Read more

    $25.99 AUD

  • Advanced calculus I-1

    Metric spaces, topological spaces and sequences

    by Jyh Haur Teh ...
    Advanced calculus, or called mathematical analysis in some universities, is fundamental in mathematical training. It is a two-semester four-credit course in the mathematics department of National Tsing Hua University. This book stems from lecture notes for the classes of advanced calculus I that I taught several times. The goal of this book is to provide rigorous but easy to follow mathematical ... Read more

    $5.98 AUD

  • Geometric Algebra for Physicists

    Geometric algebra is a powerful mathematical language with applications across a range of subjects in physics and engineering. This book is a complete guide to the current state of the subject with early chapters providing a self-contained introduction to geometric algebra. Topics covered include new techniques for handling rotations in arbitrary dimensions, and the links between rotations, ... Read more

    $96.35 AUD

  • The Theory of Spinors

    by Élie Cartan ...
    series Dover Books on Mathematics
    The French mathematician Élie Cartan (1869–1951) was one of the founders of the modern theory of Lie groups, a subject of central importance in mathematics and also one with many applications. In this volume, he describes the orthogonal groups, either with real or complex parameters including reflections, and also the related groups with indefinite metrics. He develops the theory of spinors (he ... Read more

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  • Geometry

    This is an undergraduate textbook that reveals the intricacies of geometry. The approach used is that a geometry is a space together with a set of transformations of that space (as argued by Klein in his Erlangen programme). The authors explore various geometries: affine, projective, inversive, non-Euclidean and spherical. In each case the key results are explained carefully, and the relationships ... Read more

    $59.83 AUD

  • The Geometry of Physics

    An Introduction

    This book provides a working knowledge of those parts of exterior differential forms, differential geometry, algebraic and differential topology, Lie groups, vector bundles and Chern forms that are essential for a deeper understanding of both classical and modern physics and engineering. Included are discussions of analytical and fluid dynamics, electromagnetism (in flat and curved space), ... Read more

    $82.27 AUD

  • Excursion In Diagrammatic Algebra, An: Turning A Sphere From Red To Blue

    series Series On Knots And Everything #48
    The aim of this book is to give as detailed a description as is possible of one of the most beautiful and complicated examples in low-dimensional topology. This example is a gateway to a new idea of higher dimensional algebra in which diagrams replace algebraic expressions and relationships between diagrams represent algebraic relations. The reader may examine the changes in the illustrations in a ... Read more

    $62.03 AUD

  • An Introduction to Algebraic Topology

    series Dover Books on Mathematics
    This self-contained treatment of algebraic topology assumes only some knowledge of real numbers and real analysis. The first three chapters focus on the basics of point-set topology, offering background to students approaching the subject with no previous knowledge. Readers already familiar with point-set topology can proceed directly to Chapter 4, which examines the fundamental group as well as ... Read more

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  • FLATLAND - A Romance of Many Dimensions (The Distinguished Chiron Edition)

    by Edwin Abbott ...
    This special edition is a distinguished vintage reproduction, of the 1884 satirical novella Flatland, by the English schoolmaster Edwin Abbott. Meticulously elaborated by the editorial team of Chiron Academic Press in collaboration with the renowned literature publisher Edition l'Aleph (, this special edition, pays particular attention to the very authentic details of the editorial ... Read more

    $1.10 AUD

  • Introduction to Topology

    Second Edition

    series Dover Books on Mathematics
    One of the most important milestones in mathematics in the twentieth century was the development of topology as an independent field of study and the subsequent systematic application of topological ideas to other fields of mathematics.While there are many other works on introductory topology, this volume employs a methodology somewhat different from other texts. Metric space and point-set ... Read more

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  • General Topology

    Among the best available reference introductions to general topology, this volume is appropriate for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students. Its treatment encompasses two broad areas of topology: "continuous topology," represented by sections on convergence, compactness, metrization and complete metric spaces, uniform spaces, and function spaces; and "geometric topology," covered ... Read more

    $28.46 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • From Geometry to Topology

    series Dover Books on Mathematics
    This excellent introduction to topology eases first-year math students and general readers into the subject by surveying its concepts in a descriptive and intuitive way, attempting to build a bridge from the familiar concepts of geometry to the formalized study of topology. The first three chapters focus on congruence classes defined by transformations in real Euclidean space. As the number of ... Read more

    $23.89 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Lie Groups, Lie Algebras, and Representations

    An Elementary Introduction

    by Brian Hall ...
    series Graduate Texts in Mathematics #222
    This textbook treats Lie groups, Lie algebras and their representations in an elementary but fully rigorous fashion requiring minimal prerequisites. In particular, the theory of matrix Lie groups and their Lie algebras is developed using only linear algebra, and more motivation and intuition for proofs is provided than in most classic texts on the subject.In addition to its accessible treatment of ... Read more

    $80.18 AUD

  • Cox Rings

    series Cambridge Studies in Advanced Mathematics #144
    Cox rings are significant global invariants of algebraic varieties, naturally generalizing homogeneous coordinate rings of projective spaces. This book provides a largely self-contained introduction to Cox rings, with a particular focus on concrete aspects of the theory. Besides the rigorous presentation of the basic concepts, other central topics include the case of finitely generated Cox rings ... Read more

    $57.08 AUD

  • Elementary Differential Geometry

    The link between the physical world and its visualization is geometry. This easy-to-read, generously illustrated textbook presents an elementary introduction to differential geometry with emphasis on geometric results. Avoiding formalism as much as possible, the author harnesses basic mathematical skills in analysis and linear algebra to solve interesting geometric problems, which prepare students ... Read more

    $58.95 AUD

  • The Topological Imagination

    Spheres, Edges, and Islands

    In a bold and boundary defining work, Angus Fletcher clears a space for an intellectual encounter with the shape of human imagining. Joining literature and topology—a branch of mathematics—he maps the ways the imagination’s contours are formed by the spherical earth’s patterns and cycles, and shows how the world we inhabit also inhabits us. ... Read more

    $52.24 AUD

  • Introductory Topology: Exercises And Solutions (Second Edition)

    'The book is well written, and there is a welcome breadth in the choice of topics. I think this book is a valuable resource. Students who meticulously work through all the problems in the book in an intelligent way, will surely gain considerable insight into the subject; teachers who don’t tell their students about it will find it a valuable source for exam questions.'The Mathematical GazetteThe ... Read more

    $51.25 AUD

  • Adex Theory: How The Ade Coxeter Graphs Unify Mathematics And Physics

    series Series On Knots And Everything #57
    This book shows how the ADE Coxeter graphs unify at least 20 different types of mathematical structures. These mathematical structures are of great utility in unified field theory, string theory, and other areas of physics. ... Read more

    $62.03 AUD

  • The Geometry of Celestial Mechanics

    series London Mathematical Society Student Texts #83
    Celestial mechanics is the branch of mathematical astronomy devoted to studying the motions of celestial bodies subject to the Newtonian law of gravitation. This mathematical introductory textbook reveals that even the most basic question in celestial mechanics, the Kepler problem, leads to a cornucopia of geometric concepts: conformal and projective transformations, spherical and hyperbolic ... Read more

    $43.00 AUD

  • A First Course in Differential Geometry

    Surfaces in Euclidean Space

    Differential geometry is the study of curved spaces using the techniques of calculus. It is a mainstay of undergraduate mathematics education and a cornerstone of modern geometry. It is also the language used by Einstein to express general relativity, and so is an essential tool for astronomers and theoretical physicists. This introductory textbook originates from a popular course given to third ... Read more

    $38.38 AUD

  • Topics in Topological Graph Theory

    series Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications #128
    The use of topological ideas to explore various aspects of graph theory, and vice versa, is a fruitful area of research. There are links with other areas of mathematics, such as design theory and geometry, and increasingly with such areas as computer networks where symmetry is an important feature. Other books cover portions of the material here, but there are no other books with such a wide scope ... Read more

    $142.11 AUD

  • Geometric and Topological Inference

    series Cambridge Texts in Applied Mathematics #57
    Geometric and topological inference deals with the retrieval of information about a geometric object using only a finite set of possibly noisy sample points. It has connections to manifold learning and provides the mathematical and algorithmic foundations of the rapidly evolving field of topological data analysis. Building on a rigorous treatment of simplicial complexes and distance functions, ... Read more

    $37.39 AUD

  • Asymptotically Safe Gravity

    From Spacetime Foliation to Cosmology

    series Springer Theses
    This book seeks to construct a consistent fundamental quantum theory of gravity, which is often considered one of the most challenging open problems in present-day physics. It approaches this challenge using modern functional renormalization group techniques, and attempts to realize the idea of “Asymptotic Safety” originally proposed by S. Weinberg. Quite remarkably, the book makes significant ... Read more

    $152.12 AUD