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  • Guilt by Accusation

    The Challenge of Proving Innocence in the Age of #MeToo

    by Alan Dershowitz

    A Wall Street Journal Besteller! Alan Dershowitz, one of America’s most respected legal scholars and a New York Times bestselling author proves—with incontrovertible evidence—that he is entirely innocent of the sexual misconduct accusations against him, while suggesting a roadmap for how such allegations should be handled in a just society.“Maybe the question isn’t what happened to Alan Dershowitz ... Read more


  • The Ultimate Sci Fi Collection

    by Edward Bellamy and 15 more

    The Ultimate Sci Fi Collection brings together over 50 of the greatest science fiction masterpieces ever written!Featuring:JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH, by Jules VerneTWENTY THOUSAND LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA, by Jules VerneTHE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND, by Jules VerneFROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON, by Jules VerneAROUND THE MOON, by Jules VerneOFF ON A COMET, by Jules VerneDOCTOR OX’S EXPERIMENT, by Jules ... Read more

    $0.99 AUD

  • The Widow Wave: A True Courtroom Drama of Tragedy at Sea

    by Jay W. Jacobs

    "A compelling story of a modern day maritime tragedy that beautifully discusses the vital importance of advances in observational technologies, forecasts and communications in avoiding future loss of life at sea. Jay Jacobs skillfully weaves together the legal, scientific and maritime narratives to enthrall and educate the reader." Julie Thomas, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Manager of the ... Read more

    $10.43 AUD

  • The Law of Torts

    A Concise Treatise on the Civil Liability at Common Law and Under Modern Statutes for Actionable Wrongs to Person

    by Francis M . Burdick

    This comprehensive volume presents a sketch of the history of tort development in the law, the general principles determining tort liability, tort remedies, and the manner in which tort liabilities may be discharged. Then the most important classes of torts are discussed, presented in the order by those principally directed against the person of the victim, those aimed at his property, and finally ... Read more

    $43.00 AUD

  • When Lawyers Screw Up

    Improving Access to Justice for Legal Malpractice Victims

    by Herbert Kritzer and 1 more

    Unhappy clients bring thousands of legal malpractice claims every year, against mega law firms and solo practitioners, for simple errors or egregious misconduct, and for losses than can reach $100 million or more. This in an industry, legal services, generating nearly $300 billion a year in revenue and touching every facet of American society. Yet, scant if any scholarly attention has been paid to ... Read more

    $61.48 AUD

  • Tort Lawcards 2012-2013

    by Routledge

    series Lawcards
    Routledge Lawcards are your complete, pocket-sized guides to key examinable areas of the undergraduate law curriculum and the CPE/GDL. Their concise text, user-friendly layout and compact format make them an ideal revision aid. Helping you to identify, understand and commit to memory the salient points of each area of the law, shouldn’t you make Routledge Lawcards your essential revision ... Read more

    $58.95 AUD

  • The Duty of Care in Negligence

    by Dr James Plunkett

    series Hart Studies in Private Law
    This book aims to provide a detailed analysis and overview of the duty of care enquiry, drawing on both academic analyses and judicial experience in leading common law systems. A new structure through which duty problems can be analysed is also proposed. It is hoped that the book provides some fresh insights and clarity of the concept to the reader. ... Read more

    $40.58 AUD

  • Tort Law

    by James O’Mahony

    series Blackhall’s Essential Law Revision Series
    The study of law can be an arduous and burdensome endeavour. Students can be overwhelmed by the unrelenting volume and complexity of legal texts. This can result in students failing to adequately understand the basic principles of their relevant study areas.Blackhall’s Essential Law Revision Series strives to take the drudgery and difficulty out of legal studies. The objective of the series is to ... Read more

    $24.56 AUD

  • North Carolina Injury Law: A Reference for Accident Victims

    by David Daggett and 1 more

    We know how complicated and difficult personal injury, workers compensation, and disability claims can be. Think of this book as a guidebook or a roadmap, if you will, through the often confusing and overwhelming world of personal injury law. We wanted to provide you with a resource that is easy to understand, without a law degree.Each chapter will lead you through one aspect in clear, ... Read more

    $1.24 AUD


    by Wellington Antonio Doninelli Pereira

    Meu depoimento pode publicar no.livroFevereiro ,03/2020Meu nome Maria Lucia da Silva Idade 52 anosResidênte na zona leste de São PauloVitima TiS desde2011Primeiro começaram mandar videos para as pessoas me ridicularizando usam como temas.fala que ta com mal cheiro,chama de velha ridícula,fala que vai abusar sexualmente de crianças da família, dos filhos ,expõe senhas de banco falam através de uma ... Read more


  • Criminal Injuries Compensation

    State and Offender Compensation for Violent Crime

    by David Miers and 2 more

    The 2012 Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme (CICS) deals with some 33,000 applications for compensation each year. It has, since 1964, been one of the principal means by which the state aims to meet victims' expectations following an offence of violence, but it also displays a clear doctrinal effort to differentiate 'deserving' from 'undeserving' victims. Over much of the same period criminal ... Read more

    $186.66 AUD

  • Occupiers' Liability

    by Peter North

    Occupiers' liability is an area of tort law rich in statutory material and jurisprudence, having developed outside the framework of general negligence liability. It governs the duty of care which an occupier, landlord or builder owes to people who visit or trespass on their land. As the only text offering in depth analysis and commentary on the legislation and case law surrounding occupiers' ... Read more

    $214.27 AUD

  • Propriedade intelectual e os dez anos da lei de inovação: conflitos e perspectivas

    by José Carlos Vaz e Dias and 2 more

    A obra reúne pesquisas desenvolvidas por acadêmicos dedicados ao estudo aprofundado de temas relacionados á Inovação e à Propriedade Intelectual. Organizada didaticamente em artigos independentes, a obra visa levar estudantes, acadêmicos e operadores do direito às reflexões, críticas e inquietações jurídicas sobre inovação tecnológica e a referida lei federal. ... Read more

    $7.45 AUD

  • In Defense of Tort Law

    by Thomas Koenig and 1 more

    Late night comedians and journalists eagerly seized upon the case of an elderly woman who sued McDonald’s when she spilled hot coffee in her lap as a prime example of frivolous litigation. But as Rustad and Koenig argue, cases such as these are an incomplete and misleading characterization of tort law. Corporations have successfully waged a public relations battle to create the impression that ... Read more

    $38.71 AUD

  • Torts Mnemonics and Definitions

    Mnemonics, #3

    by Edward Torriel

    series Mnemonics #3
    Mnemonics for Intentional Torts are ordered to place Intentional Act first as it is common to all Intentional Torts.Defenses to Torts are ordered to match Crimes Defenses where they are the same.Mnemonics for Negligence are ordered by the legal issues that must be discussed to establish a prima facie case.A Mnemonic is a device used to assist in memorizing lists of words. Memorizing the mnemonic ... Read more

    $19.99 AUD

  • The Psychology of Tort Law

    by Jennifer K. Robbennolt and 1 more

    series Psychology and the Law #2
    Tort law regulates most human activities: from driving a car to using consumer products to providing or receiving medical care. Injuries caused by dog bites, slips and falls, fender benders, bridge collapses, adverse reactions to a medication, bar fights, oil spills, and more all implicate the law of torts. The rules and procedures by which tort cases are resolved engage deeply-held intuitions ... Read more

    $55.32 AUD

  • Friend of the Court

    On the Front Lines with the First Amendment

    by Floyd Abrams and 1 more

    Since 1971, when the Pentagon Papers were leaked to the New York Times and furious debate over First Amendment rights ensued, free-speech cases have emerged in rapid succession. Floyd Abrams has been on the front lines of nearly every one of these major cases, which is also to say that, more than any other person, he has forged this country’s legal understanding of free speech. Litigating ... Read more

    $40.03 AUD

  • Extortion Games

    by Sylvia Lynn Germain

    BOOK EXCERPT“I stare at the 2” pile of paper evidence I need to photocopy at least four times in preparationof a pre-trial conference in my counter suit defense against the Real Estate Council of Alberta(RECA). I wonder if it’s worth my time and money or if I’m just being set up to be knockedback down by a Calgary Judge who is most likely in cahoots with the Real Estate Council ofAlberta. The fact ... Read more

    $4.15 AUD

  • Toxic Torts

    Science, Law, and the Possibility of Justice

    by Carl F. Cranor

    US tort law, cloaked behind increased judicial review of science, is changing before our eyes yet we cannot see it. While Supreme Court decisions have altered how courts review scientific testimony, the complexity of both science and legal procedures mask the resulting social consequences. Yet these consequences are too important to remain hidden. Mistaken court reviews of scientific evidence can ... Read more

    $41.13 AUD

  • University of Chicago Law Review: Volume 80, Number 3 - Summer 2013

    by University of Chicago Law Review

    The University of Chicago Law Review's third issue of 2013 features articles and essays from internationally recognized legal and policy scholars, as well as extensive student research on cutting-edge topics. Contents include:ARTICLES• Tortfest, by J. Shahar Dillbary• Judging the Flood of Litigation, by Marin K. Levy• Unbundling Constitutionality, by Richard Primus• When Nudges Fail: Slippery ... Read more

    $1.30 AUD

  • Blackstone's Guide to the Defamation Act

    by James Price QC and 1 more

    series Blackstone's Guides
    The Defamation Act constitutes a significant overhaul of UK defamation legislation, which follows years of concern about the detrimental effects that preceeding libel laws had on freedom of expression, and the extent to which the jurisdiction had become a magnet for libel claimants. This new Blackstone's Guide combines the full text of the Act and extracts of related relevant legislation with an ... Read more

    $110.65 AUD

  • Rights, Wrongs, and Injustices

    The Structure of Remedial Law

    by Stephen A. Smith

    series Oxford Private Law Theory
    Rights, Wrongs, and Injustices is the first comprehensive account of the scope, foundations, and structure of remedial law in common law jurisdictions. The rules governing the kinds of complaints that common law courts will accept are generally well understood. However, the rules governing when and how they respond to such complaints are not. This book provides that understanding. It argues that ... Read more

    $135.51 AUD

  • The Brilliant Boy

    Doc Evatt and the Great Australian Dissent

    by Gideon Haigh

    H. V. ‘Doc’ Evatt has long been obscured by Menzies’s broad shadow, as the Labor Opposition Leader through the prosperous and complacent 1950s. In this book, one of our finest writers and sharpest minds shows Evatt in his true light: the most brilliant Australian of his day. Inspiring, cosmopolitan and humane, Evatt was the forerunner of Keating and Kirby, believing that Australia could be more ... Read more

    $16.99 AUD

  • Life as a Convicted Sex Offender

    by T.J. Brewer

    Expirience the injustice of the Department of Justice through the tales of many Sex Offenders, and how one small mistake can ruin the rest of your life. ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD