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Traditions and Anthropology

If you like Traditions and Anthropology eBooks, then you'll love these top picks.
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  • The Silk Roads

    A New History of the World – Illustrated Edition

    by Peter Frankopan and 1 more

    Set your sails east with this stunningly original new history of the world.Peter Frankopan, number one bestselling author and historian explores the connections made by people, trade, disease, war, religion, adventure, science and technology in this extraordinary book about how the east married the west with a remarkable voyage at its heart – the journey along the Silk Roads.From ancient world ... Read more

    $16.71 AUD

  • Children Just Like Me

    A New Celebration of Children Around the World

    by DK

    Learn about the incredible everyday lives of real children from around the world in this book about people and places for kids aged 7 to 9.From clothing around the world to different kinds of food, find out about everyday lives through the eyes and words of children themselves. In Children Just Like Me you will travel to a river in Vietnam to find out what life is like for Tai, who lives on a ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt

    by Elizabeth Payne

    series Landmark Books
    For more than 3,000 years, Egypt was a great civilization that thrived along the banks of the Nile River. But when its cities crumbled to dust, Egypt’s culture and the secrets of its hieroglyphic writings werealso lost. The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt explains how archaeologists have pieced together their discoveries to slowly reveal the history of Egypt’s people, its pharaohs, and its golden days. ... Read more

    $8.35 AUD

  • Cinderella's Secret Slipper

    by Alinka Rutkowska

    Cinderella’s Secret Slipper is quite impressive and it’s highly recommended. - Readers' Favorite.This is a story of our favorite princess who more than anything else wants to wear her famous glass slippers to her son's birthday party. But she can't because her four-year-old smashed one of them in an attempt at killing a mosquito on the wall. Where is she going to get a glass slipper now?EDITORIAL ... Read more

    $6.13 AUD

  • Forensic Anthropology

    by Angela Libal

    series Solving Crimes With Science: Forensics
    Welcome to the exciting world of forensic investigation—the science of solving crimes. This introduces the field of forensic anthropology, where scientists and criminal investigators use the human skeleton to solve some of the world's most mysterious and violent crimes. From the nineteenth-century murderer who boiled his wife in a vat of acid, to the modern-day pig farmer accused of murdering more ... Read more

    $9.99 AUD

  • Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre World of Food: Brains, Bugs, and Blood Sausage

    by Andrew Zimmern

    Have you ever thought about eating giant flying ants? Or raw camel kidneys? Well, read on to watch Andrew Zimmern -- star of TV's Bizarre Foods -- not only eat these unique and gross foods, but live to tell the tale about the people, places, and adventures he's had while roaming the world in search of new and exciting meals.Zimmern takes readers from country to country, visiting local markets, ... Read more

    $8.79 AUD

  • Growing Up Muslim

    Understanding the Beliefs and Practices of Islam

    by Sumbul Ali-Karamali

    Author Sumbul Ali-Karamali offers her personal account, discussing the many and varied questions she fielded from curious friends and schoolmates while growing up in Southern California—from diet, to dress, to prayer and holidays and everything in between. She also provides an academically reliable introduction to Islam, addressing its inception, development and current demographics.Through this ... Read more

    $8.79 AUD

  • DKfindout! Ancient Egypt

    by DK

    series DKfindout!
    DKfindout! Ancient Egypt takes kids back in time to discover what life was like in Ancient Egypt. With beautiful photography, lively illustrations, and key curriculum information, the DKfindout! series will satisfy any child who is eager to learn and acquire facts - and keep them coming back for more!For any kid that can't get enough Egyptian facts, DKfindout! Ancient Egypt is packed with ... Read more

    $5.99 AUD

  • Gateway to Malay Culture

    by Asiapac Editorial

    series Montage Culture
    As part of the Montage Culture series, this book offers an overall look at the various aspects of this colorful culture. It covers topics such as the history of the people, their lifestyle, religious and cultural activities, culinary practices, etc. Such knowledge is essential in promoting cultural understanding and cooperation. So, if you have some questions about the Malay culture, or if you ... Read more

    $7.66 AUD

  • Haunted Histories

    Creepy Castles, Dark Dungeons, and Powerful Palaces

    by J. H. Everett and 1 more

    Guided by tween "ghostorian" Virgil, readers will discover fascinating facts about calamitous events throughout history as they explore castles, palaces and dungeons and those infamous figures associated with each. For instance, did you know that many castles were made out of wood painted to look like stone? Or that wealthy prisoners in the Tower of London could keep servants? The book is chock ... Read more

    $12.53 AUD

  • Going Green

    by David and Patricia Armentrout and 1 more

    Eco-friendly energy is explained. The most current information is provided while establishing the understanding that it does not take much to make the world a better place. ... Read more

    $31.78 AUD

  • African Children's Stories - First Collection


    by Ducere Publishing

    series African Children's Stories 2014
    Written by children in Botswana for their friends across the globe. The Dūcere Foundation is building upon the vast traditions that already exist in Africa, implementing strategies to foster the sharing of stories that are central to African culture. Dūcere Publishing is a not-for-profit initiative with the goal to distribute large numbers of students’ texts beginning in Zambia and Botswana and ... Read more

    $2.99 AUD

  • Celebrations Around the World

    The Fabulous Celebrations you Won't Want to Miss

    by Katy Halford and 1 more

    Embark on an exciting journey through the most interesting and important festivals, celebrations, and holidays enjoyed by people around the world. Stunning original illustrations and fascinating facts will inspire and inform children about cultures and religions from a huge range of countries and continents.Witness a camel marathon in a celebration of the Sahara Desert, and munch on Mid-Autumn ... Read more

    $5.99 AUD

  • A Street Through Time

    A 12,000 Year Journey Along the Same Street

    by Steve Noon and 1 more

    Have you ever wondered what your street was like thousands of years ago? This illustrated history ebook for children takes you on a 12,000-year journey to find out the story of a single street.Think of the street you live on. Now think of how it may have looked in the Stone Age in 10,000 BCE, or in Victorian times during the Industrial Revolution, or how it may look 50 years from now. A Street ... Read more

    $7.99 AUD

  • Baby's First Chinese New Year

    by DK

    Celebrate Chinese New Year with this delightful baby ebook that little ones will adore.The bright and colourful images in this ebook are the perfect way to discover the new year holiday traditions together. From colourful lanterns, to beautiful traditional clothes, to special animals that each year is named after, Baby's First Chinese New Year features all the familiar favourites associated with ... Read more

    $5.99 AUD

  • The Blackfoot In Winter Camp

    by Therese O. Deming

    series Native Life
    The Blackfoot in Winter camp is the second book in the “Native Life” series. It was written for a second grade reading level. Follow Little Eagle and his friends and learn about the way they live and their culture. Food, hunting customs, clothing, play, religious beliefs and family life are all touched upon. This book is filled with beautiful descriptive drawings illustrating native American ... Read more

    $3.06 AUD

  • Portugal

    by Golriz Golkar

    series Country Profiles
    The world’s oldest bookstore still in operation opened in 1732. It is found in Portugal! This small country on the Iberian Peninsula has much to offer, from mountains to coastlines to rolling plains. Beyond the landscape, Portugal is a vibrant country with excellent food, fun activities, and exciting traditions. In this title, young readers will see it all! Vibrant photos support leveled text, and ... Read more

    $9.34 AUD

  • Schools Past and Present

    by Kerry Dinmont

    series Bumba Books ® — Past and Present
    This carefully leveled text compares and contrasts what schools were like in the past to schools of the present! Age-appropriate critical thinking questions and a photo glossary help build nonfiction-learning skills and vocabulary, and vibrant visuals keep young readers engaged. ... Read more

    $6.92 AUD

  • The Longest Day: Celebrating the Summer Solstice

    by Wendy Pfeffer and 1 more

    In this fourth and final book in the series about seasons, Wendy Pfeffer turns her attention to summer, when butterflies emerge from silky cocoons and daylight hours stretch longer and longer. With lyrical prose and vibrant illustrations, The Longest Day takes us on a journey through the history and science behind the summer solstice, with a focus on summer celebrations from various cultures ... Read more

    $13.96 AUD

  • My Awesome Japan Adventure

    A Diary about the Best 4 Months Ever!

    by Rebecca Otowa

    PICKED AS ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF 2013 BY THE ASSOCIATION OF BOOKSELLERS FOR CHILDREN!A perfect introduction to Japanese culture for kids, My Awesome Japan Adventure is the diary of an American fifth grader who travels to Japan to spend four exciting months with a Japanese family as an exchange student. He records all his adventures in this diary so that he can tell his friends back home about ... Read more

    $15.83 AUD

  • Peach Boy And Other Japanese Children's Favorite Stories

    by Florence Sakade and 1 more

    This colorfully illustrated multicultural children's book presents several Japanese fairy tales and other folk stories—providing insight into a rich oral culture.Welcome to a fantastic world populated by magical teakettles, long-nosed goblins, brave warriors, and a host of other beloved characters who have lived on for centuries in the traditional tales of Japan.Drawn from Japanese folklore that ... Read more

    $14.07 AUD

  • Once Upon a Time in Japan

    (Downloadable Audio)

    by Japan Broadcasting Corporation NHK and 2 more

    ****Winner of the 2016 Creative Child Magazine Book of the Year Award****Winner of the 2015 Gelett Burgess Award for Best Multicultural Book**When wily animals, everyday people and magical beings come together in a collection of Japanese fairy tales, wonderful things are bound to happen!**Each story is brilliantly illustrated by a different talented Japanese artist. The tales recounted here are ... Read more

    $18.47 AUD

  • Tarin of the Mammoths: Cave Bear Mountain (BK3)

    by Jo Sandhu

    At Cave Bear Mountain, Tarin is given tragic news about his Clan, and wants to return to them immediately. But Kaija and Luuka have discovered an astonishing truth about their mother. It seems the friends will be divided. But when the wolf cubs are kidnapped to fight in the Bear Festival, only together will they have a chance of saving them . . . ... Read more

    $10.99 AUD

  • What Does It Mean to Be American?

    by Rana DiOrio and 2 more

    series What Does It Mean To Be...?
    An engaging picture book for children that celebrates what it means to be American!What does it mean to be American? Does it mean you like apple pie or fireworks? Not exactly.This patriotic picture book is perfect for Memorial Day, Independence Day, Election Day, or any day you want to share with your child what it means to be an American. After all, Fourth of July isn't the only time to celebrate ... Read more

    $8.90 AUD