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  • The Call

    A nail-biting, unputdownable thriller

    by P.D. Viner ...
    ‘Holy hell, this book was intense…it kept me on edge the whole time. I absolutely LOVED this book.’ Reader Review‘Ben, I need you. Help me.’‘PLEASE HELP ME!’‘It was an accident…but there’s so much blood…’In a frantic late-night phone call, Ben learns his wife, Mia, has killed a man. And she needs his help.When Ben arrives at Mia’s ho... ... Read more

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  • Discipline Is Destiny

    The Power of Self-Control

    by Ryan Holiday ...
    The inscription on the Oracle of Delphi says: 'Nothing in excess.' C.S. Lewis described temperance as going to the 'right length but no further.' Easy to say, hard to practice - and if it was tough in 300 BC, or in the 1940s, it feels all but impossible today. Yet it's the most empowering and important virtue any of us can learn.Without self-discipline, all our plans fall apart. Here, Ryan Holiday ... Read more

    $19.99 AUD

  • Investing with She’s on the Money

    Build your future wealth: from the creator of the #1 finance podcast

    Through the She’s on the Money podcast and online community, and her bestselling first book, millennial financial adviser Victoria Devine has helped thousands of Australians take charge of their financial futures.Investing is a huge part of building wealth, which is why Victoria’s second book is all about learning how and why to invest, and taking confident action to create an investment portfolio ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • How to Win Friends and Influence People

    by Dale Carnegie ...
    The most famous confidence-boosting book ever published; with sales of over 16 million copies worldwide Millions of people around the world have improved their lives based on the teachings of Dale Carnegie. In How to Win Friends and Influence People, he offers practical advice and techniques, in his exuberant and conversational style, for how to get out of a mental rut and make life more rewarding ... Read more

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  • Four Thousand Weeks

    The smash-hit Sunday Times bestseller that will change your life

    **The instant Sunday Times bestseller**What if you tried to stop doing everything, so you could finally get round to what counts?Rejecting the futile modern obsession with 'getting everything done,' Four Thousand Weeks introduces readers to tools for constructing a meaningful life by embracing rather than denying their limitations.Drawing on the insights of both ancient and contemporary ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • The Lost Girls

    The chilling true story of the heinous murder of Karlie Pearce-Stevenson and daughterKhandalyce and how the case was crackedIn August 2010, the bones of a young woman were found in Belanglo State Forest, where, years earlier, Ivan Milat had tortured and slain seven young backpackers. Dubbed Angel, her remains lay unidentified for years. Who was she, how did she die, and at whose hand?Then, in July ... Read more

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  • Empire of Pain: The Secret History of the Sackler Dynasty

    Amazon's Top 20 Best Books of the Year'This is no dense medical tome, but a page-turner with a villainous family to rival the Roys in Succession, and one where every chapter ends with the perfect bombshell.' EsquireThe highly-anticipated portrait of three generations of the Sackler family, by the prize-winning, bestselling author of Say Nothing.The Sackler name adorns the walls of many storied ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • A Mother's Shame

    A gritty, standalone historical saga from bestseller Rosie Clarke for 2022

    by Rosie Clarke ...
    A new standalone novel from the bestselling author Rosie Clarke.East End of LondonMaggie Bailey has not had an easy childhood. Her father, Michael, always too easy with his fists after spending the family’s rent money down the pub.Just sixteen, in love and blinded by promises, Maggie sees marriage to handsome Jack as her great escape. However, she soon finds herself abandoned with a beautiful baby ... Read more

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  • 漫步華爾街:超越股市漲跌的成功投資策略(新編增訂版)

    A Random Walk Down Wall StreetThe Time-Tested Strategy for Successful Investing

    暢銷超過45年新編增訂版★了解最新投資理論、股市、基金、ETF與加密貨幣等當代投資工具的最佳投資書★幫助投資人在愈來愈動盪的年代中,安心、穩健、持續的獲利識破基本面、技術面與各種花俏投資術語綜合學界研究成果、投資界最新操作策略深入淺出介紹ETF投資致勝的不敗經典★好評推薦《華爾街日報》:「提供常識建議,幫助投資人選擇標的實用書籍。」《金融時報》:「散戶進入市場前的必讀指南。」《經濟學人》:「當之無愧的長青暢銷書。」本書自1973年出版至今,已經暢銷超過45年。作者墨基爾(Burton G. Malkiel)擁有華爾街專業投資人、經濟學者與個人投資者的三重身分,他整合個人豐富的經驗,加入產學界全新看法,更... ... Read more

    $24.99 AUD

  • The Intelligent Investor, Rev. Ed

    The Definitive Book on Value Investing

    “By far the best book on investing ever written.” — Warren BuffettThe classic text of Benjamin Graham’s seminal The Intelligent Investor has now been revised and annotated to update the timeless wisdom for today’s market conditions.The greatest investment advisor of the twentieth century, Benjamin Graham, taught and inspired people worldwide. Graham's philosophy of "value investing"—which shields ... Read more

    $17.99 AUD

  • The Great Reset

    And the War for the World

    by Alex Jones ...
    In The Great Reset: And the War for the World, the most controversial man on earth Alex Jones gives you a full analysis of The Great Reset, the global elite's international conspiracy to enslave humanity and all life on the planet.If you really want to know what’s happening in the world, this is the one book you must read now. Alex Jones is the most censored man on the planet and you should ask ... Read more

    $30.99 AUD $21.99 AUD

  • Noise

    THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER ‘A monumental, gripping book … Outstanding’ SUNDAY TIMES‘Noise may be the most important book I've read in more than a decade. A genuinely new idea so exceedingly important you will immediately put it into practice. A masterpiece’Angela Duckworth, author of Grit‘An absolutely brilliant investigation of a massive societal problem that has been hiding in plain sig... ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • Megathreats

    The Ten Trends that Imperil Our Future, and How to Survive Them

    'Roubini has surpassed even his high standards: the ten Megathreats he details are as scary as they are plausible. Forewarned is forearmed. Read and pay attention' Martin Wolf'Roubini cuts to the real problems like a hot knife through butter with a clarity of mind that is rare among economists. I have never seen a more lucid and nuanced account of our financial condition. Not only will the reader ... Read more

    $15.99 AUD


  • Vertical Growth

    How Self-Awareness Transforms Leaders and Organisations

    Learn the secrets to self-awareness, life-changing growth and happy, high-performing teams—from the bestselling author of The Mindful LeaderGreat leaders and teams don’t know everything, and they don’t get it right every time. What sets them apart is their commitment to continual learning and vertical growth. Vertical growth is about cultivating the self-awareness to see our self-defeating ... Read more

    $19.99 AUD

  • How to Avoid a Climate Disaster

    The Solutions We Have and the Breakthroughs We Need

    by Bill Gates ...
    In this urgent, authoritative book, Bill Gates sets out a wide-ranging, practical - and accessible - plan for how the world can get to zero greenhouse gas emissions in time to avoid a climate catastrophe.Bill Gates has spent a decade investigating the causes and effects of climate change. With the help of experts in the fields of physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, political science, and ... Read more

    $17.99 AUD $14.99 AUD

  • Keep Them Close

    A gripping domestic suspense thriller with an incredible twist

    by Sophie Flynn ...
    'I absolutely raced through this book- beautifully suspenseful, pacy and smart. A real talent in the psych thriller genre.' L.V. Matthews, author of The TwinsShe trusted a stranger with her secrets. Now she's paying the price.Emily loves her four-year-old twin daughters. Like any frazzled mum, she spends her time wiping up spills, cooking their favourite meals and putting plasters on scraped knees ... Read more

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  • Crimes Against Nature

    capitalism and global heating

    by Jeff Sparrow ...
    A polemic about global warming and the environmental crisis, which argues that ordinary people have consistently opposed the destruction of nature and so provide an untapped constituency for climate action.Crimes Against Nature uses fresh material to offer a very different take on the most important issue of our times. It takes the familiar narrative about global warming — the one in which we are ... Read more

    $25.99 AUD

  • Chill and Prosper

    The New Way to Grow Your Business, Make Millions, and Change the World

    Want to make twice as much money with half the work? It's time to shift your mindset, recognize your worth, and become a successful entrepreneur on your own terms!‘Denise is a much-needed voice of practical wisdom.’ Marie Forleo, founder of B-SchoolFeeling burned-out by your business? Sick of the ‘hustle and grind’ culture of your industry? There’s a better way. Get over your perfectionism, chill, ... Read more

    $21.99 AUD

  • Happy Money

    The Japanese Art of Making Peace with Your Money

    by Ken Honda ...
    Look around you - what do you see? You may discover to your surprise that the people who are most at peace with money are the ones who walk nimbly between having too little and having too much. They have found a balance between indulgence and austerity; between success and happiness; between motivation and inspiration; and between any number of other poles we tend to think of as either/or choices, ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • 金錢心理學:打破你對金錢的迷思,學會聰明花費

    Dollars and Sense: How We Misthink Money and How to Spend Smarter

    花錢是每個人天天在做的事 吃喝玩樂、交際應酬、買車買樓 為什麼花、要花多少、值不值得? 你知道自己的金錢心理嗎?★ Amazon.com商業理財百大暢銷書 ★ 《商業內幕》(Business Insider)2017年最佳商業書 ★ 心理學與行為經濟學翹楚丹・艾瑞利「吸金」力作想想看:你要買一雙中意許久、價值2,800元的跑鞋,店員好心告訴你,5分鐘車程外有家店在特賣,只要2,200元。你會為了節省600元,跑到那家店去嗎?再想想看:你要買一套家具,要價88,600元。店員同樣好心告訴你,5分鐘車程外有家店在特賣,只要88,000元。你會為了節省600元,跑到那家店去... ... Read more

    $15.99 AUD

  • Steel Fear

    An unputdownable thriller

    An aircraft carrier adrift with a crew the size of a small town. A murderer in their midst. And the disgraced Navy SEAL who must track him down...‘Sensationally good – an instant classic, maybe an instant legend’ Lee ChildThe moment Navy SEAL sniper Finn sets foot on the USS Abraham Lincoln, it’s clear something is deeply wrong.Leadership is weak. Morale is low. And when crew members start ... Read more

    $7.25 AUD $1.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Working It Out

    The most unforgettable and funny romance of the year

    by Jo Platt ...
    Her new colleague is about to shake things up...When her love life crashed down around her, Edie found solace in work. But her job rapidly goes from uplifting to unbearable, with the departure of her work wife, Ruby, and the arrival in the office of new guy, Cameron - a chauvinist, a womaniser, and the very opposite of a team player.And just as things start to go downhill at work, Edie’s personal ... Read more

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  • The Other Black Girl

    'Get Out meets The Devil Wears Prada' Cosmopolitan

    * THE INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER ***'One of the biggest reads of the summer, and for good reason'**INDEPENDENT'Enormously fun . . . A joyous thrill ride of a book' VOX'Candice Carty-Williams' Queenie crossed with Jordan Peele's Get Out . . . Slick and addictive' METRO_________________________<p... ... Read more

    $13.99 AUD

  • Courage Is Calling

    Fortune Favours the Brave

    by Ryan Holiday ...
    An inspiring anthem to the power, promise, and challenges of courage, the first in a series examining the timeless Stoic virtues from #1 New York Times bestselling author Ryan HolidayFortune favours the bold. All great leaders of history have known this, and were successful because of the risks they dared to take. But today so many of us are paralysed by fear.Drawing on ancient Stoic wisdom and ... Read more

    $13.99 AUD

  • 25歲存到100萬:學校沒教、掌握獨立理財思維的30堂課,讓人生更有選擇權!

    by 李勛 ...
    ★★★ Dcard、PTT狂推的新生代理財投資 YouTuber 李勛!★★★其實,想進入投資理財的世界並不困難,沒財經背景、數學爛也沒關係。李勛從親身經歷帶你訂定個人目標,一路學股票、基金、外匯到投資自己,最後創造更多收入來源,我的人生我作主!**▌****理財就是理生活,誰會用錢,誰就有錢!**▌本書特別合適這樣的你:◆毫無經驗的【理財新手】◆想提早累積財富的【大學生】◆想提高收入的【社會新鮮人】◆尋求穩定投資方法的【小資族】**◇◇◇改變年輕人的第一本人生理財規劃◇◇◇$貼近年輕人財務現況,理財實例與技巧**擁有獨立理財思維,做好收支分配,避開消費陷阱,讓李勛從大學一個月只有5,000 元生活費,就能存下20 萬;出社會後,沒進公司上班、沒... ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • Rich Dad's Guide to Investing

    What the Rich Invest in, That the Poor and the Middle Class Do Not!

    Investing means different things to different people… and there is a huge difference between passive investing and becoming an active, engaged investor. Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing, one of the three core titles in the Rich Dad Series, covers the basic rules of investing, how to reduce your investment risk, how to convert your earned income into passive income… plus Rich Dad’s 10 Investor ... Read more

    $23.99 AUD

  • Dead Man Deep

    by Lynne McEwan ...
    Nothing stays buried foreverLifeboat volunteer DI Shona Oliver receives a Mayday call coming from Kilcatrin Island. Upon the beach is the badly burned body of a man, and a boy lies gravely injured nearby. Strewn around them are scores of Second World War incendiary bombs, presumably washed up by the tide from Beaufort’s Dyke, an offshore arms dump deep in the Irish Sea.The dead man is a local ... Read more

    $4.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Life After Law

    Finding Work You Love with the J.D. You Have

    by Liz Brown ...
    Written by Harvard-trained ex-law firm partner Liz Brown, Life After Law: Finding Work You Love with the J.D. You Have provides specific, realistic, and honest advice on alternative careers for lawyers. Unlike generic career guides, Life After Law shows lawyers how to reframe their legal experience to their competitive advantage, no matter how long they have been in or out of practice, to find ... Read more

    $29.33 AUD

  • The Rare Metals War

    the dark side of clean energy and digital technologies

    Translated by Bianca Jacobsohn ...
    The resources race is on. Powering our digital lives and green technologies are some of the Earth’s most precious metals — but they are running out. And what will happen when they do?The green-tech revolution has been lauded as the silver bullet to a new world. One that is at last free of oil, pollution, shortages, and cross-border tensions. Drawing on six years of research across a dozen ... Read more

    $29.99 AUD

  • Pig Wrestling

    The Brilliantly Simple Way to Solve Any Problem… and Create the Change You Need

    ‘This enjoyable book could bring about profound change’ Professor Steve Peters author of The Chimp ParadoxARE YOU WRESTLING WITH A PIG OF A PROBLEM?Pig Wrestling is a simple story with a powerful message. Read it in under an hour, and you’ll be ready to tackle any type of sticky situation in work or life.Meet a stressed Young Manager, whose teams are at each other’s throats. At his local coffee ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • Evidence Based Coaching Handbook

    Putting Best Practices to Work for Your Clients

    The first reference to bring scientifically proven approaches to the practice of personal and executive coachingThe Evidence Based Coaching Handbook applies recent behavioral science research to executive and personal coaching, bringing multiple disciplines to bear on why and how coaching works. A groundbreaking resource for this burgeoning profession, this text presents several different coaching ... Read more

    $100.99 AUD

  • Doom: The Politics of Catastrophe

    'Magisterial ... Immensely readable' Douglas Alexander, Financial Times'Insightful, productively provocative and downright brilliant' New York TimesA compelling history of catastrophes and their consequences, from 'the most brilliant British historian of his generation' (The Times)Disasters are inherently hard to predict. But when catastrophe strikes, we ought to be better prepared than th... ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Step By Step

    The perfect gift for the adventurer in your life

    by Simon Reeve ...
    'Equal parts an inspiring account of Reeve's determination and adventurous spirit, as well as a field guide to some of the most remote parts of the world, Step by Step is a vivid and fascinating title. Readers may be surprised to learn of his early life struggles with mental health, owing to his onscreen persona, but this traces his journey to inner peace.' Independent'Incredibly honest... one of ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • Traitor's Dance

    'One of the best thriller writers of our time' Harlan Coben

    by Jeff Abbott ...
    From New York Times bestselling author Jeff Abbott... An undercover agent must capture America’s greatest traitor.Sam Capra and his thirteen-year-old son, Daniel, are living a quiet life in Austin, Texas, from where Sam runs a collection of bars and nightclubs around the world for America's most secret espionage agency, known as Section K.But a shocking revelation will uproot everything that Sam ... Read more

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  • Don't Quit Your Day Job

    The 6 Mindshifts You Need to Rise and Thrive at Work

    Learn how to survive and thrive within organisationsIn Don’t Quit Your Day Job, former Google and Twitter executive Aliza Knox delivers hands-on, practical steps for achieving career success.Driven by Knox’s four decades working in and leading some of the world’s most celebrated firms, and featuring candid accounts of other people’s successes and missteps in global tech, consumer goods, healthcare ... Read more

    $19.99 AUD

  • 逆向工程,你我都能變優秀的祕:全球頂尖創新者、運動員、藝術家共同實證

    Decoding Greatness: How the Best in the World Reverse Engineer Success

    比爾‧蓋茲、賈伯斯、麥爾坎‧葛拉威爾、費德勒等人成功的祕密我們都以為,邁向成功只有兩條路:靠天資,要不就是靠努力練習。其實,你還有第三條成功之道──逆向工程!反過來學,就會了!大量收集成功範例,解構找到成功配方,加上自己的詮釋,就能打造屬於你自身版本的成就!★Amazon、《今日美國報》全美年度暢銷書!★亞馬遜編輯精選2021年6月最佳書籍!未出版即售出十多國版權!★大大學院執行長許景泰、價值投資者/財經作家雷浩斯、《內在原力》作者/TMBA共同創辦人愛瑞克、《給予:華頓商學院最啟發人心的一堂課》作者亞當.格蘭特、《Deep Work深度工作力》作者卡爾‧紐波特、《跨能致勝》作者大衛‧艾波斯坦、《未來在等待的人才》作者丹尼爾‧品克、《UP學》作者馬歇爾‧葛史密斯,重磅推薦!</... ... Read more

    $13.99 AUD

  • 撼動華爾街的數學鬼才:瘋狂又高智商的淘金客,如何運用量化交易鯨吞市場、掀起海嘯

    The Quants: How a New Breed of Math Whizzes Conquered Wall Street and Nearly Destroyed It

    揭露量化交易大師暴賺千億美元背後的原理與秘辛,一夕之間,理智的投資數學模型可能變成投機豪賭!★《黑天鵝效應》作者塔雷伯力薦,《暗池》作者又一大作!★《紐約時報》暢銷書,《彭博社》、《商業週刊》、《金融時報》媒體好評★《亞馬遜網站》讀者4.5星強力推薦◤他們都是市場中的食人魚,嗅到價格偏差的套利機會便一擁而上吉姆‧西蒙斯:量化交易之父,旗下大獎章基金平均年化報酬率高達66.1%。愛德華.索普:稱霸賭城和華爾街的傳奇數學家,執掌PNP基金時從未虧損。彼得.穆勒:摩根史坦利神秘的PDT基金前經理,五年帶來十億美元淨收入。克里夫.艾斯尼斯:量化領域知名AQR基金創立人,長期維持雙位數報酬率。這些數學鬼才是如何賺到超越巴菲特的報酬?而他們管理的億萬資產,又為何在投機下一夕化為泡沫?◤但巴菲特說:「當心懂得運用公式的那些人!」這些量化交易大師又被稱為寬客,與索羅斯這樣靠直覺買賣的傳... ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Who's Got Your Back

    The Breakthrough Program to Build Deep, Trusting Relationships That Create Success--and Won't Let You Fail

    Disregard the myth of the lone professional “superman” and the rest of our culture’s go-it alone mentality. The real path to success in your work and in your life is through creating an inner circle of “lifeline relationships” – deep, close relationships with a few key trusted individuals who will offer the encouragement, feedback, and generous mutual support every one of us needs to reach our ... Read more

    $13.99 AUD

  • A大的理財金律:從零存款開始也能越過越好【1書+1夢想筆記本】

    學會理財,真的可以改變命運!現在「辦不到」,並不代表未來「辦不到」。願意把錢留給未來的自己,就是好的開始。PTT理財規畫板神人「A大」千呼萬喚第一本書!1書+1夢想筆記本,手把手陪你做好財務健檢,讓初學者也能優雅存錢,從容投資。我們為什麼要學理財?因為「人,無法擁有長期管理不來的財富」。「又溫暖又專業」「超級佛心」「網路少見的清流」「這個人是天使嗎?」PTT****理財規畫板網友狂推,溫柔陪伴理財新手的A大,為你量身打造能無痛執行的理財金律... ... Read more

    $13.99 AUD

  • Fossil Future

    Why Global Human Flourishing Requires More Oil, Coal, and Natural Gas--Not Less

    by Alex Epstein ...
    The New York Times bestselling author of The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels draws on the latest data and new insights to challenge everything you thought you knew about the future of energyFor over a decade, philosopher and energy expert Alex Epstein has predicted that any negative impacts of fossil fuel use on our climate will be outweighed by the unique benefits of fossil fuels to human flourishing ... Read more

    $21.99 AUD

  • Exciting Times

    Longlisted for the Women's Prize for Fiction 2021

    by Naoise Dolan ...
    'The book of the summer ... Kept me rapt until the final page' THE TIMES'A sharp, smart, witty modern love story. I loved it' David Nicholls, author of ONE DAY'More than lives up to the hype ... Likely to fill the Sally-Rooney-shaped hole in many readers' lives' IRISH TIMES'Droll, shrewd and unafraid - a winning debut' Hilary Mantel, author of WOLF HALL'... ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • 最美好、也最殘酷的翻身時代:畢德歐夫帶你掌握理財5大關鍵

    by 畢德歐夫 ...
    無數富人從房市或股市中誕生,既然如此,我們為什麼不學投資?「金錢」「資產」「債務」「房產」「股市」掌握這5大關鍵,平凡人也能創造出不凡的財富!● 如何用現有的100萬,擴增為更多桶金?● 台積電一路漲到500、600,還能買嗎?● 我現在存款只有10萬元,適合投資美股嗎?● 現在貸款利率這麼低,股市這麼夯,拿家中的房子抵押做股票,到底可不可行?● 到底要有多少錢才算財務自由?帳戶有1,000萬嗎?還是每月收入有15萬?\拒絕躺平!/\沒有富爸爸,就靠自己往上翻一階!/因為,這是最美好、也是最殘酷的翻身時代!關於金錢──永遠要假裝自己沒... ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • Girls That Invest

    Your Guide to Financial Independence through Shares and Stocks

    by Simran Kaur ...
    Your step-by-step guide to financial independence—from the creator of the #1 investing education podcast, Girls That Invest.Ever wondered how on earth the stock market works, but felt too intimidated to ask "those" questions? This is the book for you! In this guide to investing in stocks (aka shares), Simran Kaur teaches the essential principles you can apply to any market, anywhere in the world ... Read more

    $19.99 AUD

  • The Vanity Fair Diaries: 1983–1992

    From the author of the Sunday Times bestseller THE PALACE PAPERS

    by Tina Brown ...
    'Indiscreet, brilliantly observed, frequently hilarious' Evening Standard'Hang on - it's a wild ride' Meryl StreepIt's 1983. A young Englishwoman arrives in Manhattan on a mission. Summoned in the hope that she can save Condé Nast's troubled new flagship Vanity Fair, Tina Brown is plunged into the maelstrom of competitive New York media. She survives the politics and the intrigue by a simple ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • Ultralearning: Accelerate Your Career, Master Hard Skills and Outsmart the Competition

    Future-proof your career and maximize your competitive advantage by learning the skill necessary to stay relevant, reinvent yourself, and adapt to whatever the workplace throws your way in this essential guide.Faced with tumultuous economic times and rapid technological change, staying ahead in your career depends on continual learning—a lifelong mastery of new ideas, subjects, and skills. If you ... Read more

    $13.99 AUD

  • Women and Leadership

    Real Lives, Real Lessons

    As a result of their broad experience on the world stage in politics, economics and global not-for-profits, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and Julia Gillard have some strong ideas about the impact of gender on the treatment of leaders. Women and Leadership takes a consistent and comprehensive approach to teasing out what is different for women who lead.Almost every year new findings are published about the ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD $4.99 AUD

  • Never Split the Difference

    Negotiating as if Your Life Depended on It

    THE HUGE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLERA former FBI hostage negotiator offers a new, field-tested approach to negotiating - effective in any situation.'Riveting**'** Adam Grant'Stupendous' The Week**'**Brilliant' Guardian____________________________After a stint policing the rough streets of Kansas City, Miss... ... Read more

    $16.99 AUD

  • What Happens On Vacation

    The brand-new enemies-to-lovers rom-com you won't want to go on holiday without!

    by Jo Watson ...
    Two rivals. One holiday. A trip they will never forget.Jo Watson returns with a hilarious and heartfelt new enemies-to-lovers, forced-proximity rom-com! It's the book you won't want to go on holiday without! Perfect for fans of Emily Henry, Beth O'Leary and Christina Lauren..........................................Journalist Margaret needs a vacation.After a difficult couple... ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD


  • International Investment Law

    Text, Cases and Materials, Third Edition

    This up-to-date and revised third edition offers a clear and comprehensive overview aimed at upper-level undergraduate and postgraduate courses on international investment law. Key features and benefits include: • concise descriptions of legal principles followed by classic and contemporary cases • extracts from and analysis of key recent decisions, revised investment treaty texts and new court ... Read more

    $79.99 AUD

  • Managing Employee Performance and Reward

    Systems, Practices and Prospects

    The third edition of Managing Employee Performance and Reward: Systems, Practices and Prospects has been thoroughly revised and updated by a new four-member author team. The text introduces a new conceptual framework based on systems thinking and a dual model of strategic alignment and psychological engagement. Coverage of chapter topics provides a balance between research evidence and practice ... Read more

    $78.99 AUD