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  • Rusted Off

    Why country Australia is fed up

    by Gabrielle Chan

    Telling the story of Australia as it is today, Gabrielle Chan has gone hyper-local. In Rusted Off, she looks to her own rural community’s main street for answers to the big questions driving voters. Why are we so fed up with politics? Why are formerly rusted-on country voters deserting major parties in greater numbers than their city cousins? Can ordinary people teach us more about the way forward ... Read more

    $16.99 AUD

  • Scale

    The Universal Laws of Life and Death in Organisms, Cities and Companies

    by Geoffrey West

    Geoffrey West's research centres on a quest to find unifying principles and patterns connecting everything, from cells and ecosystems to cities, social networks and businesses.Why do organisms and ecosystems scale with size in a remarkably universal and systematic fashion?Is there a maximum size of cities? Of animals and plants? What about companies?Can scale show us how to create a more ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • Breaking Point

    The Future of Australian Cities

    by Peter Seamer

    The way we plan and build cities in Australia needs to change.Australia’s population is growing: it is projected to increase by 11.8 million between 2017 and 2046 – the equivalent of adding a city the size of Canberra every year for the next thirty years. Most of this growth will occur in the major cities, and already its effects are being felt: inner-city property prices are skyrocketing, and the ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Hired

    Six Months Undercover in Low-Wage Britain

    by James Bloodworth

    Longlisted for the Orwell Prize, 2019____________The Times Round-up of the Best Non-fiction Paperbacks, 2019TheTimes Best Current Affairs and Big Ideas Book of the Year, 2018**'A very discomforting book, no matter what your politics might be... very good' Sunday Times'Potent, disturbing and revelatory' Evening Standard</e... ... Read more

    $9.89 AUD

  • The Prosperity Bible: The Greatest Writings of All Time On The Secrets To Wealth And Prosperity

    by Napoleon Hill and 25 more

    We proudly present this collection of classic self-help works on how to attract success and money in your life. CONTENTS: 1. Napoleon Hill - Think and Grow Rich 2. Benjamin Franklin - The Way to Wealth 3. Charles F. Haanel - The Master Key System 4. Florence Scovel Shinn - The Game of Life and How to Play it 5. Wallace D. Wattles - How to Get What You Want 6. Wallace D. Wattles - The Science of ... Read more

    $0.99 AUD

  • The Rise and Fall of Urban Economies

    Lessons from San Francisco and Los Angeles

    by Michael Storper and 3 more

    series Innovation and Technology in the World Economy
    Today, the Bay Area is home to the most successful knowledge economy in America, while Los Angeles has fallen progressively further behind its neighbor to the north and a number of other American metropolises. Yet, in 1970, experts would have predicted that L.A. would outpace San Francisco in population, income, economic power, and influence. The usual factors used to explain urban growth—luck, ... Read more

    $41.57 AUD

  • Local And Community Driven Development: Moving To Scale In Theory And Practice

    by Binswanger-Mkhize Hans P.; de Regt Jacomina P.

    This book examines the conceptual foundations of participatory approaches to building local institutions and builds an analytical framework in which civic participation is viewed as a potential solution to specific civil society, market, and government failures. It then uses this framework to review the evidence on the efficacy of participatory pproaches to problems of development nd to identify ... Read more

    $24.63 AUD

  • Regional Advantage

    by AnnaLee Saxenian

    Why is it that business in California's Silicon Valley flourished while along Route 128 in Massachusetts declined in the 90s? The answer, Saxenian suggests, has to do with the fact that despite similar histories and technologies, Silicon Valley developed a decentralized but cooperative industrial system while Route 128 came to be dominated by independent, self-sufficient corporations. The result ... Read more

    $40.80 AUD

  • Think and Grow Rich - 1937 Original Masterpiece

    by Napoleon Hill

    The most famous of all teachers of success spent a fortune and the better part of a lifetime of effort to produce the Law of Success philosophy that forms the basis of his books and that is so powerfully summarized and explained for the general public in this book. In Think and Grow Rich, Hill draws on stories of Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and other millionaires of his generation ... Read more

    $0.99 AUD

  • The Birmingham Canal Navigations Through Time

    by R. H. Davies

    series Through Time
    The Birmingham canals truly got underway following an advertisement in Birmingham's Aris's Gazette of 26 January 1767. The plan was to take a waterway from Wolverhampton to Birmingham with a branch to Lord Dudley's coal mines near Wednesbury, and this canal network continued to grow extensively until the 1860s. With the decline in the demand for coal after the Second World War, the BCN lost sixty ... Read more

    $18.69 AUD

  • The Nature of Economies

    by Jane Jacobs

    From the revered author of the classic The Death and Life of Great American Cities comes a new book that will revolutionize the way we think about the economy.Starting from the premise that human beings "exist wholly within nature as part of natural order in every respect," Jane Jacobs has focused her singular eye on the natural world in order to discover the fundamental models for a vibrant ... Read more

    $19.68 AUD

  • Discrimination and Disparities

    by Thomas Sowell

    An enlarged edition of Thomas Sowell's brilliant examination of the origins of economic disparitiesEconomic and other outcomes differ vastly among individuals, groups, and nations. Many explanations have been offered for the differences. Some believe that those with less fortunate outcomes are victims of genetics. Others believe that those who are less fortunate are victims of the more fortunate ... Read more

    $35.99 AUD

  • The Prosperity Bible: The Greatest Writings of All Time on the Secrets to Wealth and Prosperity

    by Wallace D. Wattles and 22 more

    In a beautiful, durable volume suited to a lifetime of use, here is the all-in-one "bible" on how to harness the creative powers of your mind to achieve a life of prosperity-packaged in a handsome display box with a ribbon bookmark. The Prosperity Bible is a one-of-a-kind resource that collects the greatest moneymaking secrets of authors from every field-religion, finance, philosophy, and self ... Read more

    $1.99 AUD

  • The Public Wealth of Cities

    How to Unlock Hidden Assets to Boost Growth and Prosperity

    by Dag Detter and 1 more

    How to leverage existing resources to meet the current and future needs of citiesCrumbling streets and bridges. Poorly performing schools and inadequate social services. These are common complaints in cities, which too often struggle just to keep the lights on, much less make the long-term investments necessary for future generations.It doesn’t have to be this way. This book by two internationally ... Read more

    $32.88 AUD

  • Income Contingent Loans

    Theory, Practice and Prospects

    by B. Chapman and 2 more

    series International Economic Association Series
    This study explores the prospect of the application of the basic principles of ICL into many other potential areas of social and economic policy. Using case studies it evaluates previously implemented ICL schemes where interest rate subsidies are usually the norm, and questions the merits of this approach. ... Read more

    $107.13 AUD

  • The Fall of a Great American City

    New York and the Urban Crisis of Affluence

    by Kevin Baker and 1 more

    The Fall of a Great American City is the story of what is happening today in New York City and in many other cities across America. It is about how the crisis of affluence is now driving out everything we love most about cities: small shops, decent restaurants, public space, street life, affordable apartments, responsive government, beauty, idiosyncrasy, each other. This is the story of how we ... Read more

    $16.99 AUD

  • How To Do Marketing

    A comprehensive guide for small business (Regional Australia Edition)

    by Jane Hillsdon

    Many regional business owners see marketing as an expense rather than an investment, and if you don’t do it well that’s exactly what it is. But if you understand what your marketing goals are, who to target, what techniques and messages to use, how to choose the right outlets, and how to position your brand, marketing is an investment in your business that will pay off many times over.Jane ... Read more

    $11.76 AUD

  • 交通

    by 蔡克

    series 利潤經濟學叢書 #9
    當太多水倒入漏斗時,有一些會溢出來;當太多車湧上路時,就會發生堵塞。如何解決塞車?經濟學家建議收費。你可以用同樣方法來解決漏斗的溢水問題嗎?若塞車真的能令人願意付路費,那應把道路弄壞、打掉、或甚至應建造負道路。如此,路費可以更高。怪不得高速公路還要設時速限制:製造塞車及收費!有人以為高速公路幫用路人節省時間成本,故用路人應付費。那當局應先把所有現成馬路打掉,以製造最大的節省時間。當然,蓋好之後還要設速限、弄壞及打掉!亦有人以道路有規模效益為由而要求獨佔或國營化,但很多國家這些企業的虧損卻令這「規模效益」理由不攻自破。本書改寫所有交通理論。 ... Read more

    $30.27 AUD

  • The Icon Project

    Architecture, Cities, and Capitalist Globalization

    by Leslie Sklair

    In the last quarter century, a new form of iconic architecture has appeared throughout the world's major cities. Typically designed by globe-trotting "starchitects" or by a few large transnational architectural firms, these projects are almost always funded by the private sector in the service of private interests. Whereas in the past monumental architecture often had a strong public component, ... Read more

    $26.28 AUD

  • Newcastle Through Time

    by John Carlson and 1 more

    series Through Time
    Newcastle Through Time is a unique insight into the illustrious history of this part of the country. Reproduced in full colour, this is an exciting examination of Newcastle, the famous streets and the famous faces, and what they meant to the people of Newcastle throughout the 19th and into the 20th Century. Looking beyond the exquisite exterior of these well-kept photos, readers can see the ... Read more

    $15.83 AUD

  • Cities and the Super-Rich

    Real Estate, Elite Practices and Urban Political Economies

    by Ray Forrest and 2 more

    series The Contemporary City
    With the rise of wealth inequalities, our cities are changing dramatically. This collection critically engages with and advances existing debates on the super-rich and their roles in these transformations. An interdisciplinary range of contributions from international experts including sociologists, geographers, historians, discourse analysts, and urban studies specialists reveal crucial aspects ... Read more

    $116.15 AUD

  • 3D 都市學

    by 蔡克

    series 利潤經濟學叢書 #2
    你可聽說過李嘉圖的地租理論,那是一條垂直的供給線。你也可能聽說過都市經濟學的租金梯度,那是一條負的曲線。到底,那一條才是正確的租金曲線理論?另,有些人會因為低租金而離開市中心,但若如此,為什麼市中心仍那麼擁擠?而發展商為什麼會在市郊租金低的地方蓋高房子?這些問題都必需在一般都市經濟學上,加上空間競爭理論才能找出普遍性的答案。本書結合區域經濟學及都市經濟學,而寫成 3D 都市學。本書亦分析幾個都市惡夢,如塞車、污染及犯罪。 ... Read more

    $21.44 AUD

  • Leicester Through Time

    by Stephen Butt

    series Through Time
    Leicester Through Time is a unique insight into the illustrious history of this part of the country. Reproduced in full colour, this is an exciting examination of Leicester, the famous streets and the famous faces, and what they meant to the people of Leicester throughout the 19th and into the 20th Century. Looking beyond the exquisite exterior of these well-kept photos, readers can see the ... Read more

    $15.83 AUD

  • The Corporation

    A Critical, Multi-Disciplinary Handbook

    by Grietje Baars and 1 more

    The corporation has become an increasingly dominant force in contemporary society. However, comprehensive, in-depth analysis of the concept of the corporation is often restricted, or limited to one disciplinary approach. This handbook brings together the cutting-edge scholarship, expertise and insight of leading scholars in a wide range of disciplines, notably management studies, law, history, ... Read more

    $117.80 AUD