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  • Turn of the Tide

    A captivating tale of loyalty and hope

    Book 2 - The Storm
    They have survived the worst they could imagine – now they must face the future.After a catastrophic storm tore through the village of Eyemouth in 1881, the villagers have slowly started to move on. Inconsolable at the loss of her husband, Rosabelle Maltman has left Scotland to start a new life, leaving her son behind. Meanwhile her sister-in-law, Jessie, is finding ways to manipulate the men of ... Read more

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  • Bomber's Moon

    by Iris Gower ...
    Two sisters. Only one can follow their heart.Swansea, 1941. When her home is bombed, Meryl Jones is evacuated to Carmarthen. Hating it there, she runs away.She is found by Michael, a half German farmer, and falls deeply in love with him – but he is already smitten with Meryl's beautiful older sister Hari.When the military police come for Michael, Meryl helps him escape, their relationship ... Read more

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  • Almonds and Raisins

    A sweeping tale of family and friendship

    by Maisie Mosco ...
    Book 1 - Almonds and Raisins
    A family’s survival depends on their unbreakable bond…The Sandberg family arrive in England having fled Russia to avoid persecution. It is 1905, and in their new home of Manchester they soon discover that hardships can come in many forms. It’s a friendship with their neighbours, the Moritz family, that finally makes them feel at ease.As the two families’ become increasingly intertwined, it is ... Read more

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  • The Granville Sisters

    A dramatic historical saga of love and sibling rivalry

    Book 1 - The Granville Sisters Trilogy
    With war on the horizon, their lives will change foreverIt is 1935, and the wealthy Granville family live in a world of splendour. Rosie Granville and her younger sister Juliet are launched onto the London social scene in an extravagant debutante ball and the Granville girls are the talk of the town. Vying for the affections of the same men, each is desperate to make a better match than her sister ... Read more

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  • A Fall from Grace

    An enthralling saga of love and loss

    by Maggie Ford ...
    Cast out by her family, she must find a new path…Madeleine Wyndham returns home from her Swiss finishing school to a whirlwind of social engagements and parties and to Hamilton Bramwell, the wealthy young man her parents are determined she will marry. But Madeleine’s eye is caught by a young milkman, Freddy and she dreams of running away with him. However, when she finds herself pregnant, Freddy ... Read more

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  • Honour Thy Father

    Book 2 - The Redmond Family Duology
    A deeply moving saga based in 20th-century Liverpool.From a young age Laura Redmond resents the way her father speaks to her mother. She does not understand that despite his heated outbursts, John Redmond is a loyal and devoted husband.As Laura grows up her protective love for her mother, Anne, leads to a love/hate relationship between father and daughter. Many think this is because they are so ... Read more

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  • Erin's Child

    Book 3 - The Feeney Family Sagas
    Family ties have united the Feeneys through famine and poverty, but can they withstand success?It is 1875 and the Feeneys have left the squalor of York’s slums behind them. Yet all is not well. Patrick remains a man of simple tastes, increasingly out of touch with Thomasin’s ambition to expand her business empire still further across Yorkshire.After losing their son, the Feeneys’ hopes for the ... Read more

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  • Seasons of Love

    by Anna Jacobs ...
    What will it take to find real happiness?Despite being the daughter of a clergyman with a strict and joyless attitude to life, Helen Merling has a loving heart and a happy nature. However, when she is seduced by a travelling actor, a handsome rogue she meets at the market, they are forced to marry, and Helen’s family disowns her.After several unhappy years, Helen and her husband escape to Europe, ... Read more

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  • The Consequences of War

    by Betty Burton ...
    The changing lives of three women as their men are sent away to fightEveryone remembered the summer of ’39 as golden and strange. Golden because it was the driest on record; strange because people were burrowing holes and roofing them with iron. Waiting for the bombs…In the Hampshire town of Markham, Georgia Kennedy wakes on her husband’s last day in Civvy Street and feels elated. Conventionally ... Read more

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  • Elizabeth, The Witch's Daughter

    Elizabeth I: From princess, to outcast, to the world’s most powerful queenIt is recorded that never once during her life did Elizabeth Tudor speak of her mother Anne Boleyn; but did she never think of her?As a little girl, Elizabeth Tudor knows she is a princess but one day is suddenly told she is now 'the Lady Elizabeth'. She witnesses from the sidelines the glittering splendour of her father's ... Read more

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  • A Sense of Duty

    Book 1 - The Kilmaster Family Sagas
    There’s a high price to pay for happiness… The first in an extraordinary saga trilogy from bestseller Sheelagh KellyWhile her brothers and sisters resign themselves to a life of drudgery, Katherine ‘Kit’ Kilmaster yearns for better things.When she is tempted into dangerous situations with young men above her station, the family are scandalized. Kit revels in London Society, until an unexpected ... Read more

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  • A Stranger Light

    by Gloria Cook ...
    Book 5 - The Harvey Family Sagas
    A family's struggle for love and hope in the aftermath of warIn the aftermath of the Second World War, Faye Harvey struggles against the stigma of being a single mother. Faye is drawn to former POW Mark Fuller, but then the father of her son, a Scottish laird, offers marriage now he is a widower.Faye is torn. Meanwhile Tristan falls for the new housekeeper Susan Dowling, but their age difference ... Read more

    $4.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus