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  • The Fisherman and the Gene Thief

    by Lizzie Newell ...
    On a planet with three women for every man, eugenicists believe Teakh Noahee to be innately monogamous and altruistic-a load of shine according to him. He passes himself off as a fisherman while blackmailing poachers.Regardless, his DNA may hold the key to male survival on the harsh ocean planet of Fenria. But before he's aware of his value as sperm donor, he loses a spoonful of his seed to a ... Read more

    $8.99 AUD

  • Annin's Bargain

    by Lizzie Newell ...
    In a struggle against fierce ocean tides driven by two moons and channeled into icy fjords, the humans of Fenria have developed a matriarchal clan system with three classes: fishermen, craftswomen, and Seaguard-cyborgs who serve the tide and the planet-wide AI network. Those who don't conform-the clanless, indigents, and rebels-lead a liminal existence of extreme danger on perilous seas.Among the ... Read more

    $7.99 AUD

  • Khaya

    An Amazing Story of Kindness

    This book is dedicated to all schoolgirls and boys out there craving attention and connection to other kids and longing for someone to acknowledge that they matter. Yes, you matter. As a writer and Marriage and Family Therapist, I am accustomed to hearing stories of schoolgirls and boys who lie about others, are driven by jealousy, and end up crushing other kids' hopes and dreams because jealousy ... Read more

    $15.99 AUD

  • The Adventures of Twins Mallory and Madison

    "Tummy Time with Grandma"

    Book 1 - the adventures of twins Mallory and Madison
    Do you have a sister who you love with all your heart? Older, younger or the same age, it doesn't matter. "A sister is a golden thread that weaves your lives together." For anyone who has a sister, is a twin or just love babies, you will be enamored by the "live capture" of this adorable story! Babies love looking at pictures of babies. Venture along with five month old twins, Mallory and Madison, ... Read more

    $7.99 AUD

  • Bad Dick

    an erotic short

    Juliet McKenzie is a woman with a mission: infiltrate Armand Black’s firm, sleep her way to the top, and destroy the company from within. She wants Black ruined just the way Black ruined her father’s life. But there’s one problem: Richard Morelli is in her way.Dick, a.k.a. Richard Morelli, is a bad news. He was Juliet’s first lover, and the one who took her virginity—the one who promised her the ... Read more


  • Kidnapped and Claimed

    In the heart of the forbidden forest of Emagari, your deepest, most wicked desires could come true…Elyra of Dorknar runs away from her impending demise. Pawned for her brother’s political ambition, she was forced to marry an older duke. On the eve of their wedding, the duke suddenly dies. According to the Elven tradition, Elyra is to be burned alive with her husband’s body in a ceremonial pyre to ... Read more

    $4.39 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Jennifer's Lion

    BBW Paranormal Romance

    Book 1 - Lions of the Serengeti
    Hopelessly romantic, curvaceous schoolteacher Jennifer White had always dreamed of a fairy tale wedding. When her banker fiance Seth proposes to her, Jen thinks that dreams really do come true. When Seth reveals himself as a homicidal con artist and dumps her in the heart of the Serengeti during their vacation, she figures that the fairy tales lied. A lot.Cyeon Rarh is an alpha of an ancient ... Read more

    $3.92 AUD

  • Sarah's Lion

    BBW Paranormal Shifter Erotic Romance

    Book 2 - Lions of the Serengeti
    Wildlife photographer Sarah Whitaker has an obsession with lions. When she hears there’s a dangerous, elusive, majestic, man-eating pride living in the heart of the Serengeti, she wastes no time in tracking them down. Funny thing, when she finally finds them, one particular lion seems to love posing for her camera.Keto Rarh is amused when he finds out he has a stalker. Usually, he loves toying ... Read more

    $4.39 AUD

  • My Boss Is A Lion

    Rose Meyers, a struggling single mother of two, stumbles upon an unconscious man on her way home from an interview for a waitressing job. She calls for help and accompanies the handsome stranger to the hospital. When the man recovers, he’s impressed with the way that Rose handled the emergency and he offers her a job at his private investigation firm.Joseph Sandford is a PI with a big secret. He ... Read more

    $4.39 AUD

  • Miracle on Mulholland

    by Lizzie Shane ...
    series Yours for Christmas
    Elia Aiavao wants nothing to do with Christmas this year. Once known for his good humor as the “Smiling Samoan” of mixed martial arts, he hasn’t had much Christmas cheer since he lost his beloved niece, so when he’s offered a job working through the holidays, he jumps at the distraction of running security for the Princess of Pop… only to discover his client is actually Calliope Rae, the star’s ... Read more

    $7.02 AUD

  • Tiger Mate

    Rookie journalist Viola Norris has been assigned a story about a mysterious introvert and enigmatic billionaire Derek Chandler. Her boss wants her to come back with something scandalous to either debunk or feed the rumors that swirl about what goes on inside Derek’s fortress-like mansion on Bear Mountain.As outlandish and silly as the rumors about slaves and tigers as pets really are, Viola is ... Read more

    $4.39 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • An Unplanned Christmas

    by Lizzie Shane ...
    Event planner Rachel Persopoulos doesn’t have an impulsive bone in her body. The one time she threw caution to the wind, she wound up alone and pregnant, just like her mother before her. Now her life as a single mom only works because of her determined avoidance of anything that isn’t part of her plans. But when her boss assigns her a massive Christmas charity fundraiser, she learns the celebrity ... Read more

    $6.97 AUD