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  • The Open-Focus Life

    Practices to Develop Attention and Awareness for Optimal Well-Being

    Learn to change your mindset, relieve anxiety, dissolve pain, and bring a greater sense of wellbeing into your life by changing how you pay attention, with easy-to-apply techniques and in-the-moment exercises from Dr. Les Fehmi’s Open Focus method.How you pay attention affects literally every moment of your conscious life, so learning how to be flexible with your focus can profoundly change how ... Read more

    $21.55 AUD

  • Kundalini

    The Evolutionary Energy in Man

    by Gopi Krishna ...
    A classic account of spiritual awakening that sheds new light on the transformative power of the divine feminine energy, kundaliniCoiled like a snake at the base of the spine, kundalini is the spiritual force that lies dormant in every human being. Once awakened, often through meditation and yoga practices, it rises up the spine and finds expression in the form of spiritual knowledge, mystical ... Read more

    $16.82 AUD

  • Shadow Dance

    Liberating the Power & Creativity of Your Dark Side

    by David Richo ...
    Discover how to embrace the dark side of your personality—or the shadow self, as introduced by Carl Jung—to live a fuller, more authentic lifeOur “shadow” is the collection of negative or undesirable traits we keep hidden—the things we don't like about ourselves or are afraid to admit: egotist, non-“PC” proclivities, forbidden sexual desires. But it also includes our positive, untapped potential ... Read more

    $22.76 AUD

  • Stars at Dawn

    Forgotten Stories of Women in the Buddha's Life

    by Wendy Garling ...
    In this retelling of the ancient legends of the women in the Buddha’s intimate circle, lesser-known stories from Sanskrit and Pali sources are for the first time woven into an illuminating, coherent narrative. Interspersed with original insights, fresh interpretations, and bold challenges to the status quo, these stories invite us to open our minds to a new understanding of women's roles in the ... Read more

    $21.55 AUD

  • T'ai Chi Classics

    by Waysun Liao ...
    An essential guide for T’ai Chi practitioners of all skill levels—with an overview of basic principles and commentary on three classic internal martial arts textsAccording to Master Liao, the great power of T’ai Chi cannot be realized without knowing its inner meaning. T’ai Chi Classics presents the inner meaning and techniques of T’ai Chi movements through translations of three core classics of T ... Read more

    $20.34 AUD

  • The Future Is Open

    Good Karma, Bad Karma, and Beyond Karma

    Renowned meditation master Chögyam Trungpa challenges popular misconceptions of the Buddhist doctrines of karma and rebirth, in the process showing how to step beyond karma on the path to awakening.Karma has become a popular term in the West, often connected with somewhat naive or deterministic ideas of rebirth and reincarnation or equated with views of morality and guilt. Chögyam Trungpa unpacks ... Read more

    $20.34 AUD

  • Living This Life Fully

    Stories and Teachings of Munindra

    by Mirka Knaster ...
    Anagarika Munindra (1915–2003) was a Bengali Buddhist master and scholar who was teacher to an entire generation of practitioners—including some of the most prominent Insight Meditation teachers in America. His students include Daniel Goleman (author of Emotional Intelligence), Sharon Salzberg (author of Lovingkindness), Jack Kornfield (author of A Path with Heart), and Joseph Goldstein (author of ... Read more

    $28.81 AUD

  • Passing Through the Gateless Barrier

    Koan Practice for Real Life

    by Guo Gu ...
    Gateways to awakening surround us at every moment of our lives. The whole purpose of kōan (gong’an, in Chinese) practice is to keep us from missing these myriad opportunities by leading us to certain gates that have traditionally been effective for people to access that marvelous awakening. The forty-eight kōans of the Gateless Barrier (Chinese: Wumenguan; Japanese: Mumonkan) have been waking ... Read more

    $33.54 AUD

  • The Mindfulness Revolution

    Leading Psychologists, Scientists, Artists, and Meditation Teachers on the Power of Mindfulness in Daily Life

    series A Shambhala Sun Book
    A collection of essays on the benefits and everyday applications of mindfulness—featuring contributions from Thich Nhat Hanh, Jon Kabat-Zinn, and moreA growing body of scientific research indicates that mindfulness can reduce stress and improve mental and physical health. Countless people who have tried it say it's improved their quality of life. Simply put, mindfulness is the practice of paying ... Read more

    $19.24 AUD

  • Integral Meditation

    Mindfulness as a Way to Grow Up, Wake Up, and Show Up in Your Life

    by Ken Wilber ...
    A radical approach to mindfulness and self-transformation that combines an ancient meditation technique with leading-edge theoryWith practical teachings and detailed instructions, Ken Wilber introduces Integral Mindfulness, a new way of practicing the widely popular meditation. Integral Mindfulness applies many of the leading-edge insights of Ken Wilber's Integral Theory—the first system to ... Read more

    $19.24 AUD

  • A Year of Living Your Yoga

    Daily Practices to Shape Your Life

    Inspirational thoughts and reflections on life and yoga, from a longtime yoga teacher and the author of 30 Essential Yoga PosesJudith Hanson Lasater has been teaching an annual yoga retreat at Feathered Pipe Ranch, in Helena, Montana, for twenty-eight years. When Lasater learned that one of her students was collecting her thoughts—which she called "Judith’s aphorisms"—Lasater decided to compile ... Read more

    $19.24 AUD

  • Bringing Home the Dharma

    Awakening Right Where You Are

    One of America's most popular Buddhist teachers explains that we don't have to look to the East for the secrets of awakening—the wisdom and peace we seek is available right here, in our ordinary daily livesIf you want to find inner peace and wisdom, you don’t need to move to an ashram or monastery. Your life, just as it is, is the perfect place to be. Here Jack Kornfield, one of America’s most ... Read more

    $19.24 AUD