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  • Sin of Mages

    Rift of Chaos, #1

    by AJ Martinez ...
    Book 1 - Rift of Chaos
    Akielas was once glorified as the most powerful mage ever known. After his apprentices betrayed him he lost everything that he once loved. Akielas sought revenge but when he found out about their malice plot he was filled with remorse for the monsters he created. They were following a destructive path that he left behind so long ago. They now go by the name, Specters, and brought havoc to ... Read more


  • Power Back: A Small Guide To Finding True Self Esteem, Confidence And Regain Your Personal Power

    by Andy Matrix ...
    Learn 4 Secrets that 90% of psychologist do not talk about on how to increase self esteem and confidenceWhat you are about to learn is something that most self help books dont talk about on how to increase self esteem and confidence. I am not going to bore you with boring advice like, "think positive," or "fake it till you make it." It is not main stream psychology advice but rather information ... Read more

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  • Frantic Caged: Navigating Life After Suicide A Survivor's Journal part 2

    In the three-part Frantic Book Series, survivor Missy Palrang shares her journal entries from the year following her husband’s death by suicide. Part II, Frantic Caged, describes her daily life during months four through six after his death. Her emotions aren’t as raw as in the previous months, but anger, sarcasm, and fear have begun to take hold. The fog that enveloped her in the beginning is ... Read more

    $5.85 AUD

  • Frantic Tamed Navigating Life After Suicide Part 3

    In the years following my husband’s death by suicide, I learned a valuable life lesson. Grief cannot be side-stepped. You cannot ignore it, you cannot minimize it, and you cannot fool it. My plan in the beginning was to outthink, out plan, and out maneuver grief. My plan failed. In the end, like anyone who comes out on the other side, I simply had to embrace the grief, feel it, sit with it, and ... Read more

    $1.30 AUD

  • Edges

    by C.G. Carroll ...
    Two college students have been keeping a secret. At first it was exciting for Patrick Finch and Simone Hollingsworth, sneaking away to be with each other, shutting out the rest of their small Colorado town, their friends around campus, and most importantly their significant others. But now… It’s getting serious. Deadly serious. Simone was always the good girl, but Patrick has earned himself an ... Read more

    $4.39 AUD

  • Frantic Unleashed Navigating Life After Suicide A Survivor's Journal part 1

    Despite feeling like a fairly competent woman, capable of managing complicated situations, Scott’s suicide completely flattened me and spun my life into something I did not recognize. The first year following his death can best be described as frantic. I was frantic to breathe, to make it through the next couple minutes, to maintain sanity, to keep up with the daily chores, to gain control, to ... Read more

    $4.38 AUD

  • The True Masculine: A Small Guide To Masculinity, Confidence and handling life as a man in this modern world.

    by Andy Matrix ...
    13 Things To Tap Into Your Masculinity and be Confident Man.Being a man in today's modern world is not the same as before. About 40% of kids are raised in single family household. Young men are lost without a father figure. They dont know how to be man or what a man is suppose to do in modern society. In this book you will find the core values of being a man and how to handle the real world.This ... Read more

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  • Leadership Without Silver Bullets

    A guide to accelerating team performance

    by Phillip Ralph ...
    This book aims to inspire and ignite leadership action that makes a difference for you, your organisation and the world we live in. Its purpose is to clearly state the case for leadership and its importance to all of us at this time. At an organisational level, there is little doubt that real leadership is the ‘engine room’ of performance. In the absence of systemic, results-focused leadership, ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • Fall Of A Demigod

    by AJ Martinez ...
    A demigod falls in love with a humanFor the last 50 years Caim has been living the life of a demigod.He has been living with the evolved elves known as the Effeelionsin a city floating in the sky. The demigod vowed the Effeelions thathe would help them in their quest to find the realm of Cosmus. However,lately the demigod has been having some humanly desires. He begins to misshis life as a human. ... Read more

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  • Spirit of Mages

    Rift of Chaos, #2

    by AJ Martinez ...
    Book 2 - Rift of Chaos
    The chase continues as Akielas tries to find the remnants of the dragon gods before the Specters do. Two of his friends have already fallen to the Specters and the chaos rages on. The burden grows on Akielas's shoulder and now he seeks help from a demigod who lives in a city in the sky.Akielas believes that only Caim, the demigod, can put an end to the Specters but the demigod is reluctant. While ... Read more

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  • The Ungifted Elf

    by AJ Martinez ...
    An Elf wielding a magic sword journeys to find powerFor those who enjoy magic, swords and mystical creaturesEckxio, an exiled elf, journeys to a mountain in hopes ofgaining an ability that all elves are born with. Since hischildhood, Eckxio was unable to cast magic and relieson his magic sword and shield to survive. He hopes tofind the legendary fairy king in the mountain and believes that theholy ... Read more

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  • Audiobook

    Success Secrets You Need to Know

    Success Principles for Creating The Life You Want

    by Marcus T ...
    Narrated by Marcus T ...


    26 min

    This an audio book on personal development and self-improvement that focuses on helping you attract and manifest success in life. It serves as a step-by-step guide and contains vital insights on how successful people think and act – all in bite sized chunks. It discusses key success principles, success habits and also touches on the Law of Attraction, among other things. In addition, it offers ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD or free with audiobook trial