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  • The Alpha Species

    EIGHT, #2

    by WW Mortensen ...
    Book 2 - EIGHT
    The electrifying sequel to the WW Mortensen bestseller, EIGHT.2,000 years ago, something mysterious stalked the jungles of the Congo.In Antarctica, a stunning discovery is made in 2,000-year-old ice.Deep in the Amazon, two months have passed since the incident that nearly cost entomologist Rebecca Riley her life. Separated from her companions and still dealing with the fallout, she struggles to ... Read more

    $3.99 AUD

  • Shameless

    The Alpha Bodyguard Series, #8

    by Sybil Bartel ...
    Book 8 - The Alpha Bodyguard Series
    SHAMELESSBodyguard.Shadow.Warrior.The Marines trained me to be a weapon. Tactical warfare was in my blood. I didn't think twice when I was deployed for the fifth time because I was born battle ready. Then a mission went south and left me with a medical discharge.Too many years downrange, I didn't fit in the civilian world. Taking a job with the best security firm in the business seemed like a ... Read more

    $6.99 AUD $0.99 AUD

  • Ruthless

    The Alpha Bodyguard Series, #4

    by Sybil Bartel ...
    Book 4 - The Alpha Bodyguard Series
    Bodyguard.Protector.Security Detail.I wasn't supposed to join the Marines and serve three tours. I'd been groomed to be another kind of warrior. Since I could walk, I'd been primed to take over the family business. Build the real estate empire bigger, ruthlessly fight my way to the top—make everyone richer.Instead, I'd enlisted. Wanting to protect my country, not a bank account, I'd turned my back ... Read more

    $6.99 AUD

  • Romeo

    The Alpha Elite Series, #3

    by Sybil Bartel ...
    Book 3 - The Alpha Elite Series
    Pilot.Marine.Mercenary.My first memory was in the cockpit of a plane. My second was of a uniform. All I'd ever wanted was to be a pilot. The Marines gave me wings and I gave them my all.Half a dozen deployments, countless flight hours—I knew the controls in the cockpit better than I knew my own name. I never made mistakes. But war didn't care how good you were. One surface-to-air missile and my ... Read more

    $7.99 AUD

  • Fearless

    The Alpha Bodyguard Series, #5

    by Sybil Bartel ...
    Book 5 - The Alpha Bodyguard Series
    Bodyguard.Sniper.Morally corrupt.I didn't care who I aimed at. You paid me, I pulled the trigger. I sold my skills to the highest bidder, and trust me, I had skills. The Marines trained me to aim a sniper rifle, but life taught me to get the job done—at any expense.Except hostage recovery wasn't on my short list. I didn't care that the personal security firm that'd hired me was paying double to ... Read more

    $6.99 AUD

  • Callous

    The Alpha Bodyguard Series, #6

    by Sybil Bartel ...
    Book 6 - The Alpha Bodyguard Series
    Bodyguard.Tracker.Silent Observer.Life was in the details. The weight of a government issued rifle, the trajectory of a bullet, the speed of the wind—those details were crucial in the Marines. But outside the military, that level of observation was currency, and I was selling my skills to the best security firm in south Florida.Except I wasn't on a job when I noticed the nervous brunette pushing ... Read more

    $6.99 AUD

  • Whiskey

    The Alpha Elite Series, #7

    by Sybil Bartel ...
    Book 7 - The Alpha Elite Series
    Mercenary.Navy SEAL.Unconventional Operative.I didn't join the Teams. I was recruited. They called me the Specialist. They said I had a unique skill set. I knew the truth.For eight years, the Navy tried to rein me in with their tactics, techniques and procedures. They told me to adapt and overcome. I didn't adapt. I did my job.Now I worked for Alpha Elite Security. If you called me t... ... Read more

    $8.99 AUD


  • Merciless

    The Alpha Bodyguard Series, #2

    by Sybil Bartel ...
    Book 2 - The Alpha Bodyguard Series
    Bodyguard.Mercenary.Gun for hire.I didn't care what you called it, the end result was always the same.You paid me for a job, you got results. The Marines trained me to shoot, but life taught me to aim. Working for the best personal security firm in the business was a stepping stone. Put in my time, build the resume, then move on. I didn't do attachments, on any level.Until a smoking-hot former one ... Read more

    $6.99 AUD

  • Echo

    The Alpha Elite Series, #6

    by Sybil Bartel ...
    Book 6 - The Alpha Elite Series
    Navy SEAL.Mercenary.Ghost.Joining the military wasn't a choice, it was survival. The Navy was the last place they'd think to look for me. Hiding in plain sight, I lived in the shadow of deployments… until an off-the-books mission put me in the crosshairs of my past.My cover blown, I walked away from the SEALs and sought refuge at the one place where I'd be more invisible than on the Teams—Alpha ... Read more

    $8.99 AUD


  • Kilo

    The Alpha Elite Series, #9

    by Sybil Bartel ...
    Book 9 - The Alpha Elite Series
    Breacher.Navy SEAL.Mercenary.Being a breacher on the Teams wasn't a job, it was my drug of choice. Detonating charges, the blast waves going through me, I lived for the rush of tactical explosive breaching. As long as I kept my brothers safe and didn't eat a piece of frag, I never looked past my next mission... until I screwed up.Miscalculating a blast zone, I took a hit. Then I was benched from ... Read more

    $8.99 AUD


  • Alpha Bully

    by Sam Crescent ...
    series The Alpha Shifter Collection
    What would you do if the boy who bullied you for a long time suddenly showed an interest?Marshall Briggs is an alpha wolf—and a bully. He’s tormented Scarlett for as long as he can remember. When he turns eighteen all of his senses are awakened. It’s his final year of high school, and he can’t wait for it to be over.Then he scents his mate, and Marshall is shocked. The girl he’s bullied is in fact ... Read more

    $7.22 AUD

  • November

    The Alpha Elite Series, #5

    by Sybil Bartel ...
    Book 5 - The Alpha Elite Series
    Airman.Hacker.Mercenary.Hacking one of the government's top agencies was my first mistake. My second was thinking they wouldn't find me. Nineteen hours later, five armed men kicked down my door.They gave me a choice—prison or recruitment.The Air Force took me in and trained me to be the best Cyberspace Operations Officer they'd ever had. Being the gatekeeper for the military's strategic operations ... Read more

    $9.99 AUD