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  • Wolves Of Stone Ridge Bundle 2

    series Wolves of Stone Ridge
    Accepting His Human: Wolves of Stone Ridge Four: Cryptozoologist Drake Whitton works as a genetics professor at Colin City College while he figures out how to remove the eccentric label from his name, given to him by his peer’s response to his last paper on the existence of the chupacabra.Doctor Ailean Carmichael never expects to find a mate, let alone a human one, but he’s willing to take what ... Read more

    $11.74 AUD


  • Kidnapping the Baggage Boy

    Book 31 - A Loving Nip
    As much as Julian Allard has enjoyed the trip to Las Vegas, he’s more than ready to head home. While on vacation, his coven master, Jean-Paul, found his beloved—the other half of his soul—making his task of security that much harder. Julian wants to get Jean-Paul and his human, Saul, home to the safety of their territory.At the airport, Julian feels the need to do one more sweep of the area. Never ... Read more

    $6.25 AUD

  • Cuddling with a Coyote

    Book 61 - Wolves of Stone Ridge
    After having been illegally experimented on by a shadow branch of the military bent on creating the perfect super soldier, Ulrick Lanston needed a place to relearn himself. Not only did they bond him with a massive jaguar, allowing him to turn into the cat at will, they’d messed with his brain, taking away his free will. After losing his handler and ending up at loose ends, Ulrick tracked down an ... Read more

    $7.82 AUD

  • Two-Handed Clutch

    series Carry Me
    After college, Montgomery Worshack—Monty—ran away from the life his parents had planned for him and became an elite circus performer. Working hard, he becomes a headliner, and he loves every second of it. When his trapeze breaks while he’s training for a new trick, his life is turned upside down. While he’s lying in the hospital with a fractured leg, his parents descend, trying to take over ... Read more

    $7.82 AUD

  • The Cyber Huntsman

    Book 39 - A Paranormal’s Love
    After being medically discharged from the military, Cian Huntsman finds solace in two things—working out to keep his mobility and online gaming. In one game, he comes across PraernaTheResilient. Cian engages the man. He soon finds himself fascinated by him, and they share many conversations, even outside the game.Cian soon realizes he wants more from Praerna and asks if they can meet. To his ... Read more

    $7.82 AUD

  • Stumbling Over His Love

    Book 13 - Shifter's Regime
    Vicar Rhomes has had the honor of being head honor guard to King Leortis—the dragon king—for several centuries. Escorting the king to Savannah to discuss a rogue dragon they’re tracking with the Shifter Council is normal procedure. Joining a couple of councilmen for a meal, Vicar fills his plate only to stumble over a pretty auburn-haired cutie…spilling his clam chowder all over the poor man. ... Read more

    $7.82 AUD

  • A Meerkat for the Agent

    Book 35 - Kontra's Menagerie
    Agent Rhone Craigson has known about shifters for nearly a decade. He also knows there’s a group of them currently hiding out in the remote bayous of Louisiana. When several missing persons reports come to Rhone’s attention, all from that area, his curiosity is piqued…along with a healthy dose of concern. For the safety of, well, everyone, shifters need to stay under the radar.Rhone needs to know ... Read more

    $6.25 AUD

  • Finding Balance

    Book 5 - Wolves of Stone Ridge
    Todd Abernathy spent three weeks in a cage. Experimented on by scientists, he retreated deep into his wolf to survive. The night of his rescue, the scent of his mate was the only thing that convinced him to return to human form. Small for a wolf shifter, it didn't surprise Todd when his brother Phillip insisted on joining the local wolf pack with him. His larger, younger half-brother had felt ... Read more

    $7.82 AUD

  • Casey's Love Bite

    Book 9 - Wolves of Stone Ridge
    Caspian Carpathian is a nearly two centuries old vampire. He’s learned to control not only his blood lust, but his emotions as well. That’s how he became the perfect diplomat for the Vampire Council. In an effort to warn the vampire population ahead of time, Caspian is sent to Stone Ridge to learn about the scientists threatening shifters. He’s not prepared to come face to face with his beloved. ... Read more

    $6.45 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Rehabilitating His Dingo

    Book 23 - Wolves of Stone Ridge
    When wolf shifter Yates Cruner helps save several humans from a dingo shifter pack using them as slaves, he doesn’t expect to find his mate among them. Oh, not one of the humans, but one of the surviving dingo shifters who has been beaten and abused just as much as the humans. It seems the dingo pack had one rule...I’m more dominant than you, I can do whatever I want to you. Yates realizes his ... Read more

    $7.82 AUD

  • Cracking the Big Lug's Shell

    Book 37 - Wolves of Stone Ridge
    The vampire Vadim Kuznetsov has watched every member of his family find their beloveds—the other halves of their souls. Some were able to connect fairly easily, while others had a rocky road. They all seem happy, though. Vadim wants that for himself, but fears it as well. He’s a big man, and his anatomy is even larger. So impressive, in fact, that some lovers have complained. What if he hurts his ... Read more

    $7.76 AUD

  • Checks, Balances, and Manipulation

    Book 48 - Wolves of Stone Ridge
    Jared Templeton has been mated to his wolf shifter, Carson Angeni, for over a decade. Having spent the first half of his adult life as a high-paid assassin, Jared thought he’d struck a decent balance with pack life. Everything changes when their beta takes a position on the Shifter Council. That forces Alpha Declan to hold a challenge for a new Stone Ridge pack beta, which draws in unfamiliar ... Read more

    $7.82 AUD