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  • The Buffalo's Mechanic

    Book 10 - Shifter's Regime
    Austin O’Malley doesn’t intend to stay for the wedding reception. He’ll watch the service and offer his congratulations before leaving. While he’s happy for his friend, he doesn’t want to bring down the spirits of the other guests with his dark attitude. Then he plans to head to his mountain retreat and enjoy a secluded vacation that’s been a long time coming. He needs the time to come to grips ... Read more

    $7.98 AUD

  • Acrobatics with an Ammonite

    Book 12 - Beneath Aquatica's Waves
    Deckart Waldorf knows he’s not supposed to be swimming there, but he needs to get away. Sneaking onto the private beach seems like a good idea. His ex would never think to look for him there. After all, Deckart has always followed the letter of the law, in every area of his life. He’s never even had a parking ticket.While snorkeling, Deckart spots what looks like the largest sea snail he’s ever ... Read more

    $6.39 AUD

  • Cradling his Heart

    Book 12 - Carry Me
    Keith Ryzor had intended to meet Madeline for their third date, but at the last second, she cancels. Already at the restaurant, he decides to head in and eat at the bar. He spots a man alone with a beer and a plate of hot wings. Noticing the bit of hot sauce reddening the black man’s closely-cropped goatee, Keith sits down next to him and tells him about it. While he knows it’s not the most ... Read more

    $7.98 AUD

  • The Acolyte’s Education

    Book 32 - Kontra's Menagerie
    Shannon knew it was a mistake. He should have found a better way, a way that didn’t put the remaining members of his sleuth in danger. Except, with his brown bear driving him, he takes advantage of the unguarded phone and calls the very people who’d enslaved them—the witch circle. To Shannon’s relief, no one is seriously injured in the witches’ attack, and the circle is stopped. On top of that, ... Read more

    $6.39 AUD

  • Frog Fugue Fundamentals

    Book 57 - Wolves of Stone Ridge
    Anthony Holsteen hasn’t been in the same state as his brother, Dixon, in nearly a century. While they keep tabs on each other and talk a couple of times a year, they do better while far apart. All that changes when Dixon tells Anthony about the many problems his new wolf shifter pack is facing—government conspiracy, witches, humans being turned into shifters, and to top it off, a bigoted sheriff ... Read more

    $7.98 AUD

  • Charming his Wary Vampire

    Book 36 - A Paranormal’s Love
    Holden has watched as many of the gargoyles in his clutch have found their mates. His hope that his own mate will turn up begins to wane when years pass, and no new mates are found by the remaining single members of the Falias clutch. He begins to despair that Fate has moved her gift of mates to another clutch.When a fellow gargoyle’s mother becomes gravely ill, the chieftain of another clutch ... Read more

    $7.98 AUD

  • The Angel's Vampire

    Book 27 - A Loving Nip
    When Nester joined Murdoch’s coven a couple of years back, Murdoch knew they weren’t beloveds. That didn’t stop him from falling hard and fast for the hazel-eyed vampire, who seems to return his affection. Bringing in a donor for threesomes happens often and keeps the spice in their relationship. Murdoch is ready for the next step—family—and Nester claims to be, too. They agree to a surrogate and ... Read more

    $7.98 AUD

  • The Fixer's Enforcer

    Book 35 - A Paranormal’s Love
    Salem Galdesque was busy doing a favor for one of Master Krispin’s allies when the news of several beloveds in his home coven reaches his ears. He’s happy for them even as he snickers at the shackles it places upon them. As his coven’s fixer, he could only imagine the trouble such a bond would cause to his own life. Salem loves being able to solve a problem by any means necessary—whether it be by ... Read more

    $7.98 AUD

  • Hunting his Human

    Book 9 - Shifter's Regime
    While out on an assignment for the Shifter Council, Enforcer Dane Drudeson runs across his mate—the human Danny Nunez. He could have called in a replacement and stuck close to the man to woo him, but due to the time-sensitive nature of his mission, he chooses not to. Instead, Dane seduces the sweet, sexy human and secures his phone number. Knowing where Danny works and the town he lives in, Dane ... Read more

    $7.98 AUD

  • Connecting with an Altered

    Book 56 - Wolves of Stone Ridge
    Agreeing to do his fellow vampire enforcer a favor, Nereo Belmonte heads to Stone Ridge, Colorado. He thought the task sounded simple enough—search the minds of four men who’d been experimented on and see if he can restore their memories. To his surprise, when Nereo walks into the room, he finds himself drawn to the blood of one of them—Warren Berger. With a vested interest in the job, Nereo ... Read more

    $7.98 AUD

  • Illuminating his Bear

    Book 31 - Kontra's Menagerie
    Zhaul had just wanted a night of fun…away from the responsibilities of his panda sleuth. Accepting the offer of a back-room hook-up from the wrong person landed him in a cage as a science experiment. Upon being rescued, Zhaul is devastated to learn that no one in his sleuth had even reported him missing. Meeting his mate lifts his spirits. Learning that the black bear shifter has been be-spelled ... Read more

    $6.39 AUD

  • The Early Amina

    Book 26 - A Loving Nip
    As a demon under the Horseman of Famine, Beltine enjoyed helping his horseman take out a coven of witches. It was a wonderful change of pace—doing something other than spreading famine upon different areas of the human plane. When Famine teams up with his brothers to track down a dangerous and mysterious artifact, Beltine is happy—and honored—to be chosen to help. Their information takes them to ... Read more

    $7.98 AUD