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  • The Malign Alliance

    by Penn Adams ...
    The Malign Alliance is the first book in the Malign Series.A thousand years from now Earth is at war with the Union of Planets until the proud Linnayen Genara, Ki of the planet Altan, devises a controversial plan for peace.On Earth, the naïve prince, Kevor Jax, becomes a pawn in her game, unaware that he will pay a heavy price for Linnayen's plans to succeed.As for the ambitious Captain Durroc ... Read more

    $9.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • The Malign Paradox

    The Malign Universe Series, #3

    by Penn Adams ...
    Book 3 - The Malign Universe Series
    In this, the third book of the Malign Series, it is twenty-five years after the events of The Malign Legacy and its predecessor, The Malign Alliance, and the royal Genara family and the Galactic Union face new threats - both personally and politically.The Caerul, humanoid aliens from a dying world, are ruthless in their aim to conquer far-flung Dasnir and the Union's crack fighters, including the ... Read more

    $4.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • The Malign Mischief of MegaBite

    Illustrated by Pipi Sposito ...
    Book 5 - EDGE: I HERO: Megahero
    Take on the role of a shape-shifting MEGAHERO in this fully interactive, wacky, choose-your-own-destiny adventure story.You and your mega-computer sidekick, PAL, must save the world from MegaBite - an ultra-skilled and not-very-nice computer hacker. The evil genius has built a web of scams online - can you possibly morph into the right shapes to unravel his coordinated cyber attacks??Written by ... Read more

    $9.99 AUD

  • Set the Malign to Fail the Benign

    My pious readers,It is common knowledge and natural that some national and religious minorities feel insecure and distrustful in their surroundings. However, the national and religious majorities can also feel insecure and distrustful, because of the misery of its past or its lack of solid principles and its sense of threat from stronger alien principles capable of undermining its control. The ... Read more

    $6.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • The Malign Legacy

    The Malign Universe Series, #2

    by Penn Adams ...
    Book 2 - The Malign Universe Series
    A threat has emerged from the desert world of Autabron. A charismatic leader, Kalik Denkaun, will stop at nothing to gain control of the Galactic Union.When the headstrong princess Setiyan Genara gets sucked into his schemes, it's not only her heart at stake but also the survival of her people.But if she won't tolerate the presence of the one man tasked with her protection, how will Decker Finn ... Read more

    $2.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Action and Ethics in Aristotle and Hegel

    Escaping the Malign Influence of Kant

    series Ashgate New Critical Thinking in Philosophy
    Pendlebury alleges that abstraction and rationalization have had a strong and malign influence on normative moral philosophy in the 20th century. Criticizing writers such as Hare, Rawls and Scanlon for pursuing a conception of moral philosophy that bears little resemblance to the way in which human beings actually think and conduct themselves, Pendlebury, instead, suggests a ’Virtue Ethics’ ... Read more

    $81.20 AUD

  • The Malign Hand of the Markets: The Insidious Forces on Wall Street that are Destroying Financial Markets – and What We Can Do About it

    by John Staddon ...
    WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH WALL STREET?And How Do We Fix It?Even after the global financial meltdown of 2008, economists have clung to Adam Smith’s “Invisible Hand” theory of an always selfregulating market that benefits private and public interests alike. But Duke University professor John Staddon is here to tell that there’s also another, darker force at work on Wall Street—a “Malign Hand” that ... Read more

    $42.12 AUD

  • The Attempted Coup in Montenegro and Malign Russian Influence in Europe: Planned Terrorist Attacks to Overthrow the Government and Detain or Assassinate the Prime Minister

    This hearing report has been professionally converted for accurate flowing-text e-book format reproduction. The Senate Armed Services Committee met to receive testimony on the attempted coup in Montenegro and malign Russian influence in Europe. The Ambassador of Montenegro provided the following statement:We are talking today about one serious destabilizing scenario orchestrated from the outside ... Read more

    $8.25 AUD

  • Malign Velocities

    Accelerationism and Capitalism

    by Benjamin Noys ...
    We are told our lives are too fast, subject to the accelerating demand that we innovate more, work more, enjoy more, produce more, and consume more. That’s one familiar story. Another, stranger, story is told here: of those who think we haven’t gone fast enough. Instead of rejecting the increasing tempo of capitalist production they argue that we should embrace and accelerate it. Rejecting this ... Read more

    $14.40 AUD

  • Russian Disinformation Attacks on Elections: Lessons from Europe - Malign Tactic of Attacks on Democratic Elections, Investigative Journalism to Expose Putin's Interference, Dividing Western Nations

    This hearing report has been professionally converted for accurate flowing-text e-book format reproduction. Committee chairman Keating noted:The list of threats to our elections are numerous, and it is our job to address the weaknesses with the utmost haste and diligence. Our intelligence community is united in its findings that the U.S. will once again face Russian threats to our elections and ... Read more

    $11.00 AUD

  • Indo-Pacific Strategy Report: Preparedness, Partnerships, and Promoting a Networked Region, 2019 DoD Report, China as Revisionist Power, Russia as Revitalized Malign Actor, North Korea as Rogue State

    This important report by the Department of Defense in June 2019 has been professionally converted for accurate flowing-text e-book format reproduction. The Indo-Pacific is the Department of Defense's priority theater. The United States is a Pacific nation; we are linked to our Indo-Pacific neighbors through unbreakable bonds of shared history, culture, commerce, and values. We have an enduring ... Read more

    $6.87 AUD

  • Malign Field

    by Ukvard Mil ...
    Peter Vulk, a man of science, meets a certain Mr. Selcuri. Selcuri, a rather interesting and in a way mysterious individual, explained to Vulk that the image of the reality which surrounds us, the one we receive through our senses, is incomplete. What we perceive is only a part of the real picture, which, for some reason, we are unable to comprehend in its entirety.If it weren’t for some specific ... Read more

    $14.12 AUD