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    Another New Favorite Book

    Sophia has just arrived in London from Philadelphia where she not only left behind her family, but her past as well. She quickly finds new friends whose loyalty and devotion is tested when her past follows her across the Atlantic. Determined to be a spinster, she still attends balls in the hopes of becoming a familiar face among the ton. She meets Daniel, who has recently been scorned by love and is also determined to never fall in love. Can the two damaged hearts heal one another? Daniel meet his friend Tom's love interest and surprisingly finds himself being attracted to her as well. The newly arrived American keeps him on his toes and leaves him confused as she rejects him time after time. Why does he still chase after her despite her rejection? As Sophia and Daniel endure tribulations together, they learn to rely on each other. On the other hand, each of their first responses to stress is to run away. Their friendship is tumultuous as are their feelings for each other. In the past, I would be disinterested in a regency/historical romance. The books in those genres that I had read seemed unrealistic, even for their time periods, or the author would get too caught up in the details of the setting rather than the plot. Fortunately, A.S. Fenichel has changed my mind and is quickly climbing up my list of favorite authors. She makes the setting stunning yet it does not distract from the story. In the previous book that I read from her, Foolish Bride (Forever Brides #2), I loved the action sequences as well as the despicable villain. Similarly, this book also has a heinous villain that causes the sad backstory that follows Sophia across the ocean to England. Furthermore, just as with the other book, the supporting characters are vastly different yet band together to help Sophia through her highs and lows. Both Tainted Bride and Foolish Bride can be read as standalone novels. I have proven this in my experience as I read Foolish Bride first without realizing that it was part of a series. The protagonist in each book are friends within the plot so reading one book will familiarize the reader with the characters in the other books. I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series! I recommend this book for readers that enjoy action sequences, steamy romance, regency environments, and character development. I would not recommend this book for readers who may be put off by explicit sexual scenarios, violence, mild foul language, sexual assault, slavery, and kidnapping.
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    0 personas consideraron útil esta reseña

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    Overcoming dark pasts, love is able to grow

    This story has some really dark elements, but I really enjoyed Sophia and Daniel's journey. Sophia had prepared herself for the life of a spinster until she made new friends and met Daniel. The attraction to Daniel was swift and strong, though she fought it for a while. Once Daniel set his eye on Sophia, he was determined to have her, although his past gave him some misgivings. With friends all around both of them, helping and advising, these two found their HEA. This is the first in the series and I look forward to more from this author. I received a copy of this story through Netgalley.
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    A very realistic Regency romance

    After a disheartening voyage of six weeks at sea, Miss Sophia Braighton of Philadelphia sets foot on English soil. Her great-aunt Lady Daphne Collington is to chaperone her in her London season, in hopes of Sophia securing a husband. However, because of a scandal in America, Sophia doesn’t want a husband. Ever. Not even when Daniel Fallon, the earl of Marlton sends her heart aflutter. Daniel is immediately smitten by the beautiful American, but can he overcome the betrayal of a former fiancée? TAINTED BRIDE is the first book in the promising Forever Bride series, and Ms. Fenichel’s eloquent prose make the Regency era come to life with great clarity. The author’s understanding of the mores of the era adds much depth to the story, and the dialogues also ring especially true. Sophia went through a heartbreaking ordeal in America, which Ms. Fenichel conveys so well that I have seldom felt so much pain and compassion for a character. While Sophia is charming and has a sunny disposition, melancholy is never far from the surface. TAINTED BRIDE is very beautifully written, very moving, and the characters are particularly well rounded. Lady Daphne is superb, full of surprises, and while Daniel is lovely, it is the irresistible Thomas Wheeler who captured my heart. And what to say about the positively revolting villain? I really loved TAINTED BRIDE, the first half is splendid however, I felt the second half dragged on a bit. I found a certain situation involving Sophia excruciatingly hard to read. The credit goes to the author because I can’t recall profound distress ever being described so accurately; I really hurt for Sophia, but it would have been just as effective, in my opinion, had it not lasted so long. The same goes for what brought about this situation and how it is dealt with, which could have been trimmed down; I felt that too many somewhat superfluous details bogged down the story, and slowed the pace, and somehow distracted from the romance, in a way. TAINTED BRIDE is a compelling story of love, trust, loyalty and friendship, and Ms. Fenichel is not afraid to show the ugliness beneath the glittering veneer of polite society in a way that is seldom found in historical romance, and in most elegant fashion. I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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