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    3 Novellas by different authors. Hot Mechanics!

    > > Judging a Book by it's Cover < < Subdued coloration and tone. Bright, visible collective title but difficult-to-read authors' names and their individual book titles unless enlarged. The bland colors do not catch my eye. However, luckily, a sale promotion DID catch my eye and got me to take a closer look. The first two stories included sounded interesting and I'd discovered that I'd read the third already. FIX YOU (155 pages): POV ~> Alternating first-person POVs, boldly defined and easy to follow. "The only thing you have to fear is fear itself " Max has always been gay, but fear of bullies and hatred left him quiet. Fear of disappointing his parents kept him firmly in the closet. He'd even had a girlfriend, sort of, for the past two years! It wasn't until Jason rolled up in a beat up Supra that things got confusing. "Fool me once, Shame on you..." Jason's already been tossed aside my a man who'd played at gay but chose the ex-GIRLfriend over him. But he thinks he can help Max be the person he's meant to be. The level of denial that Max is in and the layers upon layers of lies he's created were a bit annoying, but it was written in such a way that you were hopeful that today he'd be able to find just the right moment to speak up. There was a strong plot, enjoyable secondaries (including a REALLY, REALLY clueless girlfriend ~ and equally clueless was her gay BFF, Brad), loads of emotional content, and plenty conflict that resolved in various speeds and levels. There were no major points of predictability for me. The conclusion is perfectly concluded for Jason and Max, but leaves poor Brad flying solo (for now?). Overall, it had a depth and level of emotion that really gripped me. I liked it, a lot. . Rating: [R] ~ Score: 4.3 ~ Stars: 4 ========================== WRECK YOU (132 pages): POV ~> Alternating first-person POVs clearly marked and easy to follow. "You don't know what you've got 'til its gone" For two years, Blake had been crushing on Mike but was too afraid to make the first move. And now that he was leaving, he's decided he needs one night with the man! "Kickstart My Heart" From the moment Mike laid eyes on Blake, he wanted it all... but under the guise of professionalism, he kept his distance in an attempt to prevent things from falling apart and becoming awkward. These two did quite the dance around one another for two years. On Blake's final night, he made a bold move which turned out to exceed all expectations for both men... only to come crashing down around them when the sun rose. Blake made some hard decisions with the best intentions in mind that would alter his reality and possibly endanger him, but he was smart and mature enough to want better for Bella. Mike's subsequent crash and burn was painful and somewhat pathetic to watch transpire and it was kind of hard to feel any sympathy for him over the stupid choices he made, even if he was unadmittedly heartbroken. He just really needed to grow a pair and man up a little bit. Cast dialogue was good, most felt pretty natural. Their interactions were believable. The plot was dynamic, had plenty conflicts and emotions, and flowed smoothly. It's strange because although they have such a lengthy history, the time actually spent TOGETHER (in any way resembling a couple) was very minimal but it didn't FEEL like it, not really. There was still a bond that pulled them together even when they were apart. The conflicts were plentiful and resolutions were found in a variety of ways and speeds. Predictability was low. The conclusion was good, but only provided a vague sense of a possible HEA... it was ended on a Happy note, but was it a Happily Ever After? I enjoyed the emotional depth despite the physical closeness, it provided for a more unique relationship, depending a little more on a strong plot and supportive secondary cast. . Rating: [R] ~ Score: 4.175 ~ Stars: 4 Binge-Drinking, Drunk Driving, Substance use, mild violence ========================== FOREVER YOU (117 pages): Alternating first-person POV, clearly defined and easy to follow. Matt moved across the country, from Seattle, to reunite with his twin sister in NYC, who moved out east only months before. Orphaned as pre-teens, the twins are even closer than other siblings. She lined up several prospective jobs before he arrived and he jumped at the chance to work as the receptionist at a mechanic's garage. Co-owner, Ben, first saw Matt and initially thought "pretty boy", but quickly learned and felt differently. Matt left a tantalizing impression on him that he could not seem to shake. I'm normally not a big first-time gay or GFY fan, but I really did enjoy this story. The fact that Ben was gobsmacked by his attraction to Matt and was mature enough not to jump onto the offensive to play the denial card was very attractive in a person. He recognized and addressed the matter head-on. Bravo! They had a fast and furious chemistry. Dialogue and interactions were enjoy

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