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    Captivating! Amazing!

    Have you ever wished you could take away the things you regret or things you wish had never happened? Erase your past and start a fresh? Like dark secrets, forbidden love, fears or to remove the pain you are in! I think we all have things that we would like to remove or erase but they are part of who we are and part of what makes us well.... US! To erase our memories is to take away a part of who we are. This book was amazingly written (well in my case listened to - the audio in this book was fantastic - a voice that I loved listening too). I couldn't get enough, I listened to this every moment I had spare. 15 hours of audiobook but fantastic and loved every minute. Emmet farmer is a young boy working on his families farm, one day while working in the fields a letter is received by Emmets mother and father requesting that he become The Binders Apprentice. The parents are the ones who receive the request for Emmet to become a binder. To start with Emmet does not want to go - he wants to stay on the farm and help. However Emmet had been sick and needed time to heal - his family decide that this is probably the best way for that to happen - so with the agreement from Emmet he is off the next day to meet the Binder and to start his new life as an apprentice. Books are a taboo, a superstition and highly forbidden! Seredith the bookbinder informs Emmet that he is binder born and under her watchful eye Emmet learns the hand-craft leather bound books. Each book captures a memory - each one unique to the person that was bound. Books remain with the binder in their vault within their bindery, books/memories are to be stored securely as they can drag the reader in! However there are binders out there who use their talents for dark ends and bind for trade - they sell peoples memories to the highest payer mostly the aristocrats! But not only do these binders sell the books they also buy peoples memories! It is illegal to sell "true" books but this doesn't stop some of the binders. There are fakes out there too - these are purely just "novels" and don't draw the reader into the book in the same way as a "true" binding! Throughout Emmets binding journey he finds out that he himself has been "bound" - his memories taken away - we follow what happens to Emmet and his story to find out what he has lost. This book draws you in and keeps you wanting to know what happened to Emmet and his family. I really loved the characters of this book, to me they were all very interesting and very well written about! I wanted to know the ins and outs of what was happening with each one and to find out both sides of the story - Emmets and his secrets. When Emmet finally learns what is in his book he has to find out why his secret was bound as well. The book had turns and secrets throughout it which I did not expect. I loved how the book was in 3 parts and each part different. Different characters and a different side to the same story! It was dark, intriguing, full of love, lust, heartbreak and the best part for me BOOKS!!! This is definitely a book I will have to buy - I hear the pages are amazing and I really can't get enough of the cover! Its beautiful!
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    0 persone hanno trovato utile questa recensione

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    Grazie per i commenti.

    A definite grower

    I wasn’t sure about the narrator’s voice to begin with but he was absolutely the right actor to play the parts. The story itself was very engaging, envisaged clearly, and the two main characters were brilliantly flawed and strong.

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