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    I just wasn't blown away

    Linda's weight has been a struggle for years, but when her husband walks out on her because of it, her confidence is destroyed. Determined to take control of her appearance, she's off to find a personal trainer who can whip her into shape. Only she wasn't counting on one so young and attractive and impossible to resist, and he wasn't counting on falling for a client… But... Even so and still as adverbs modifying comparatives mean the same damned thing, so why do people insist on cobbling them together into even still? And why didn't an editor catch the seven times it appeared in this book? *Sigh* I suppose I should just be happy that irregardless and overexaggerate didn't make an appearance… Judging Covers: I'm not sure the cover image really sells this one as a romance, but I still think it's gorgeous and different, and unlike many books that claim to have an overweight character despite the skinny model on the cover, this one actually makes sense. The Verdict: I don't really know how I ran across this one on Amazon, since I no longer keep an eye on the whole pulled-to-publish trend, but when I recognized it as one of my favorite fanfics, I figured I'd give the new version a shot. Linda's an easy character to get behind, and while she is certainly unhealthily obsessed with her weight, it's perfectly understandable, given that her weight seems to have been the primary factor in her marriage failing. She's determined to do something about it, though, so she heads off to her personal version of hell — the gym. Jack's easy to like as well, and his patience and understanding with Linda is touching. He may never have had the struggles that she is going through, but he can see how devastating it's been for her, and he quickly forms a bond with her that goes beyond the usual trainer-client relationship. Watching Linda struggle with her self-image was rather painful at times, and I so often wanted to shake her and make her take an unbiased look in the mirror. But I also know that's pretty realistic, that once a woman gets it in her head that she's overweight, getting her to stop being so critical of herself is next to impossible. It's almost as if having that thing to blame and fix is necessary for focusing and excusing other problem areas in life. Unfortunately, the story didn't really have the same impact on me this time around, and I can't figure out why that is. I absolutely loved it before, and I've thoroughly enjoyed plenty of used-to-be-fanfic books over the past year or so, so why did this one fall a little flat? The story is virtually unchanged, save for the usual new character names, and nothing of the plot I loved before is missing. I suppose it could be that Let's Get Physical simply stood out in quality against other fanfiction stories but is on a more level playing field in the published book world. Or maybe my memory of it has changed over time. It's still a sweet story, and I wouldn't say anything about it is lacking. I just wasn't blown away by it as I've been with other former fanfiction stories.

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