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    Love this!

    I try not to get all fangirl and start gushing out about Branded As Trouble but I can't guarantee it will not happen. I loved the story, absolutely every brilliant word of it. Delores Fossen's writing is something else. She can capture into one sentence so many emotions and layers of meaning it is delightful to just read the books, not to mention enjoy the stories. There can be so much tragedy and sadness in the meaning of the words and in the story yet it is said and expressed in such a way I could not help but chuckle as I was reading. The bad boy Roman Granger is used to keep people at the arm's length to avoid emotions. Except for his son and Mila Banchini. Yet his son would rather keep his dad away from his business, and Mila, she has had a crush on him since they were teens. Both Roman and Mila are complex characters, there is much more to them than you might catch on the first look. Their emotions run deep, they love fiercely, they fight for and protect those they care for, and they both adore Roman's son, Tate. I loved the connection between Roman and Mila. There was raw honesty, openness, and deep-rooted emotions. They said what they meant, they did what they wanted, no smoke and mirrors between them. Yet there was passion, humor, and adoration that was striking. There is so much more going on in the story than just romance like there always is at Wrangler's Creek. There are family drama and trouble, there are issues with parenting both teens and toddlers, there is an undercurrent theme with teenage angst and relationship with their parents. All this is well twined into the tale of Roman and Mila finding their way to each other. There is chaos, mayhem, and turbulence in town, in families, and in relationships just like there is in life in general. Yet it is all told with an enjoyable sarcasm and humor, with emotions that captivate and touch your heart, presented by characters that allure and charm you completely, and you end up wishing the story would not end, enchanted by the world they live in. Yes, I absolutely loved it! ~ Five Spoons!
  • 0 persoon vond deze recensie nuttig

    0 personen vonden deze recensie nuttig

    0 van de 0 mensen vond(en) deze recensie nuttig

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    A great book

    This story was a very good read. Full of romance and a good book. I will look forward to others by this Arthur .
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    0 personen vonden deze recensie nuttig

    0 van de 0 mensen vond(en) deze recensie nuttig

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    Sweet Roman

    Roman Granger might have been the black sheep of the family and the town’s bad boy, but he’s always taken parenting seriously, and when his thirteen year-old son Tate shows signs of following his footsteps, he knows he must stay close to the boy, but after Tate gets in a school fight, he runs away to a friend, Mila Banchini. Mila has always been infatuated with handsome Roman: a single father when still in his teens, he has a business to run, he has never had time for relationships. But events bring him closer to Mila, who contrary to Roman, the ladies’ man, is still a virgin at 31, and the whole town knows about her status as well as her long-time crush; talk about embarrassing. I was so eager for Roman’s story after reading NO GETTING OVER A COWBOY, and he remains the charismatic character glimpsed in the previous book. But first of all, I must confess one thing: I am not a fan of virgins, even less of “older” virgins, and had I known beforehand that it was the case with Mila, I probably would not have chosen to read BRANDED AS TROUBLE. It is not the author’s fault, it’s one of my pet peeves, and since the virgin trope seems to be a favourite subject in many romance novels, I must grin and bear it. On the other hand, it was somewhat understandable that Mila was still a virgin, given the small town where everyone knows everybody else’s business; her mother who is, to put it mildly, an original, and scared most boys away. What I had problems with – and this is not a unique case – is having a youthful crush that literally stops you from even attempting to have a life because no one measures up to your object of desire; I find it difficult to process for someone in their twenties, but in their early thirties? I thought it very sad to put one’s life on hold because the dream man is unattainable. Anyway, my real problem is that, while Mila is head over heals with him, Roman seemed to suddenly become wildly attracted to Mila, for no reason whatsoever, and responding to her offer of sex felt to me as if he was doing her a favour. There was a genuine friendship, but I didn’t feel any sparks, and I think Mila should not have been a romantic interest for Roman. Interestingly enough, the story in BRANDED AS TROUBLE is sufficiently strong, that the romance was not really necessary. The strained Granger family relationships are so intricate they held my attention throughout, particularly between the interactions between Tate and Roman, and Tate’s mother Valerie. In fact, all the events concerning Tate were my favourite parts of the book, and I’m usually not crazy about teenage woes in romances. The characters are wonderfully fleshed out, the dialogues superb, and the writing impeccable, as is always the case with Ms. Fossen, and the storytelling riveting. ̴ A Book Obsessed Chicks Review Team Selection

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