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  • Love it

    OMG,ok i just love how Emma got to meet a celeberty.Well she deserves it she is great.Ok its so cool she made cupcakes for Romain and Liams wedding.I could not keep a secert from my bestys for a week.I think if i had those cupcakes they made for the real wedding (i will tell you about that)i would eat them all i would not care if my tummy hurted.Ok so Romain and Liam are so smart they thought they would do two wedings one everyone new about in a big theater and a private one in Romains backyard thats cool right.For the theter cupcakes they did a cupcake with like they made a popcorn bakut and like popcorn cool right and for the real one they did like a um like pastele colered cupcake icing i know right so cool and it was so romantic.See ya bye

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  • Emma: Lights! Camera! Cupcakes!

    This is a super good book. I love it. Y'wanna know something funny. When i was writing the review title, i almost wrote "Emma: Lights! Camera! normal, but i changed it in the middle of action to Cupcakes! Anyway, this book is awesome and i hope you read it. I really hope this review helped decide if you want to read this book or not. If this helped, please click...yes, this review helped at the top corner after reading my review. No pres though.

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