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    Never a Bride

    When Captain Griffin Davis is in London waiting for his ship to be reloaded, life takes a big change. As a young man, he ran away to go to join the Navy to get away from his father who could only be critical of him, he was just never good enough. Now twelve years later, he is siting in a pub when a pin hat weilding woman and then he is arrested by the Royal Navy. What? Come to find out he has was in a bit of trouble from his last voyage but is rescued due to now being the next heir to the Duke of Northam, who is very ill. Well the hatpin wielding woman was Lady Delia Howard who had been looking for him to help her with finding her friend's husband who had been on Griffin's last ship. The advenure begins as these two unite when Griffin strikes a deal he will help her if she will pretend to be his fiance. With him about to inherit a title, all the elegible ladies will be after him. But as the two of them spend time together the sparks fly and the attraction sizzles! You need to read to find out what happen's with these two because it seems they may just find they really want to be together and not just pretend!
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    0 personen vonden deze recensie nuttig

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    Lighthearted delightful read

    I received an ARC of this book to read through Edelweiss+ in exchange for a fair review. Never A Bride by Megan Frampton is the 4th book in her delightful Duke’s Daughters series. It can be read as a standalone but I highly recommend the series. Captain Griffin Davies, Viscount Stanbury heir to the Duke of Northam meets Lady Della Howlett when she searches him out as she is helping her best friend locate her missing husband and he had been a seaman on one of Griffins ships. Griffin agrees to help her out locating the missing man if she will help him navigate the ton by pretending to be his betrothed. His cousin the Duke is quite ill and Griffin will need to learn how to be a Duke. Lady Della Howlett is a scandal, she ran off with her dancing master and had a daughter and has been disowned by her ducal parents. I loved the banter between these two. Going along with them on their journey to HEA was a delight. It was so nice to read a light hearted book for a change. Quite steamy. Publishing Date April 30, 2019 #AvonBooks #MeganFrampton #Edelweissplus #NeverABride

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