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    4 out 5 stars. Thanks to Dr. Walter for writing the book. I am very happy that I got the chance to read this book. I have related to it in all aspects of self-help, and a refresher to my psychology knowledge. The only drawback I did, was buying a scientific and a self help book as ebook. It didn't do it justice and it became a tedious read for me. I am happy with the way the author constructed his book, and labeled / went though what each chapter will contain. Albeit the title highlights on self-success, he was mostly focusing on children in the upbringing process and not the adult population or their set of problems, which I appreciate for those becoming parents, but it did not address the adult population entirely. Nonetheless, he had great techniques offered throughout the book that any will be able to take away and apply it in their life. (For example If-Then, keeping a mental dairy to understand your stressors..etc) There were some moments in the book that really hit me. When the the therapist asked his client, whom he felt the world was falling apart, and the therapist just asked "would you like to?" I would definitely go over it and refresh my memory over the content offered in this book and try to apply it my own life. I was happy with this read.

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