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  • The Doorstep That Changed Everything!

    This book had me hooked and I could not put it down. I stayed up half the night to finish reading it. I always enjoy Teresa Carpenter books for their heart, romance, sweetness and slight angst. Michelle Ross has returned back to her small home town after the death of her father. She has big dreams that require living in a metropolitan city and some cash. The only way for her dreams to come true is to sell her old house. But there is a hinderance in the form of a renter that stand in her way. He might even be the person who changes her opinion about many things. Sheriff Nate Connor has some demons to deal with and is a no nonsense man who is not easily fooled. He is faithful and loyal and when baby Jack is found abandoned at the doorstep of the house, things change drastically for this wounded sheriff. He readily accepts the responsibility without any questions asked, which completely melts the readers' heart. Loved the banter and quick wit of the characters, especially Michelle who tries to get a rise out of Nate at every turn. Their chemistry grew as they understood each other with time. They were both rather contradictory to what they presented. Michelle was all girly but then knew all about home repairs. While Nate could by quite hard and unyielding, yet so caring, considerate and compassionate towards Jack and Michelle. The changes that occur within Nate and Michelle so that they realized their love for each other was deep, reciprocal and respectful. It was great to be a part of their journey and growth. The supporting characters played a limited role but it was adequate to add to the story. Loved the slow burn of the book and the interactions with the baby. Some sensitive issues of PTSD and drug usage were touched upon but not dealt with completely. The lyrics of the song were so touching, brought tears to my eyes. Love scenes were described poetically as well. There are additional books to this series as Michelle has two additional friends, Emily and Amanda. I look forward to reading those books and other works by Teresa Carpenter. If you are looking for a romance with a slow burn, a little angst, lots of humour, word play and cute baby antics then you will whole heartedly enjoy this tale!

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