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    not for everyone

    When I think of western romances, I almost always think of Diana Palmer. I definitely haven’t read them all but I’ve read a few over the years. To be that successful for that long, you know she’s good at what she does :) It’s mentioned in the blurb that Niki is the daughter of Blair’s best friend, but it isn’t as clear that the age difference between the two of them is the big issue of the book. I got the idea that it was his heartbreak that was going to be the trouble spot but it turned out not to be the deal breaker. A May/December conflict isn’t seen as much as it was a few decades ago, but Palmer does a good job of explaining Blair’s concerns. He’s a powerful, rich business man who has traveled the world and he’s got a strong sense of duty. Dating someone so much younger isn’t something he’s comfortable with, even if he has trouble avoiding that attraction. I’ve seen some complaints in other reviews about Niki’s innocence. She is awfully young when the book starts, and falls for Blair, but she’s definitely old enough that by modern standards she should be more worldly than she is. And while it was a little bit much for me at the very beginning, she grew on me and I started seeing that as just a part of her personality. She did grow up with just her dad on their ranch, even living there while going to college, and she is a good church goer, so it does seem possible that she avoided some of that. Once the book gets going, it stops being an issue for me so I think that is just going to be a personal thing for each reader. Overall, I enjoyed Wyoming Rugged. There were a couple of places that I shook my head – there were some conversations that would have definitely benefited both Niki and Blair … but then the book would have been a whole lot shorter. And I’m not sure that I would have been as quick to forgive as Niki after Blair does the hot/cold routine more than once, but she’s not a thing like me. I definitely thought things were going to go in a different direction and if I’d been Niki there would have been some words. Good thing for Blair he got her instead :) It’s not going to be for everyone – between the age difference (which some found kinda icky because Blair tries to treat her like a kid when he first figures out that he’s attracted to her), Nikki’s innocence, and the old-fashioned feel that these things give the story. But I do think that there are a lot of people out there who will enjoy it. There are Palmer’s fans, but also those that like that kind of book. (If you are iffy I recommend checking out a couple of reviews on Goodreads, both good and poor – you’ll figure out quick enough if you are going to like it.) (Complimentary copy provided in exchange for an honest review)
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    Okay read

    Wyoming Rugged is book # 5 in Diana Palmer's Wyoming Men series. I was excited to get started on this book. The blurb about the book really interested me, maybe it is because the storyline reminds me of my husband and myself and the fact that we have a 15 year age difference between the two of us. Niki and Blair had known each other for years. Blair, the friend of Niki's father, would never admit he was attracted and harbored more than friendly feeling towards his friends daughter. Niki has had a crush on Blair since she was in her late teens. Even though there is a mutual attraction between the two, Blair is constantly pushing Niki away because of the 16 year age difference. There are several instances where you think these two are finally going to open their eyes to what is in front of them only to have the author rip it away. In the end, the two finally open themselves up to the love they share for each other. Unfortunately, this story did not leave me wanting more. I usually like Diana Palmer's books however I found this book lacking in both the storyline and the characters. I received an eARC of the book compliments of the publisher for my honest review and opinion. All ratings and opinions stated are my own.
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    Huge disappointment.

    I tried so hard to like this story. Am normally a fan of Ms. Palmer's works but this one I just could not get into. The story dragged on, the characters whined and I just did not find the plot very interesting. Huge disappointment. I received an ARC of Wyoming Rugged in exchange for an honest review. Even a favorite author can write a dud sometimes.

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