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Heart-melting romances like Ana Huang's Twisted

By Kobo • March 24, 2024Recommended Reading

Swoon-inducing enemies-to-lovers romances

Ana Huang’s Twisted series has something for every romance fan. Fake romances? Check. Royalty? Check. Alphaholes and (secret) Cinnamon Rolls? (Check.) A brother’s best friend who drives you up a wall? Check. Readers looking to scratch their Twisted itch should check out our list of books that deliver the incredible, irresistible feelings of Ana Huang's Twisted.

The Professional  by Kresley Cole

The first book in Cole’s Game Maker series introduces us to a world of glamor and secrets. Natalie is a grad student who just wants to finish her degree, but in walks Aleksei, an enforcer for Natalie’s Russian Mob Boss father, who needs to protect her from multiple potential dangers. There are a lot of parallels between The Professional and Twisted Love, but the books go in very different directions when all hell breaks loose.

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Lush Money  by Angelina M Lopez

What happens when a billionaire wants a baby? She marriage-of-conveniences a European prince with the deal that they will end their agreement when she’s pregnant. Angelina M. Lopez does melodrama like no other, and if you want high stakes and fancy locales, Lush Money and the rest of the books in this series are a good place to start.

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Never Sweeter by Charlotte Stein

While it is set on campus, Never Sweeter is Charlotte Stein’s version of a bully romance, in which someone who has been badly injured as a result of bullying must learn to trust a former bully. If the slow-cranking buildup is what you most loved about the Twisted books, you’ll find the same smolder and grind here.

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Delilah Green Doesn’t Care  by Ashley Herring Blake

A lot of the books on this list lean more into the darker elements of the Twisted series, but there’s just as much fun in the books as there is drama. Ashley Herring Blake’s Bright Falls books combine similar elements to make you just as likely to giggle-snort as it is to make you sob into your pillow. This first one involves some family trauma and a revenge plot—but not quite the same kind of revenge the Twisted series characters might plan.

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Ruthless People  by JJ McAvoy

Melody and Liam might have been pushed into an arranged marriage by their fathers, but neither one is going quietly. And when danger from rival bosses leads them to work together, they find an unexpected level of trust between each other that neither of them could have dreamed of.  Ruthless People is a mashup of all the interesting elements of Twisted: crime families, overprotective alpha heroes, and love found through compromise.

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The Kingmaker by Kennedy Ryan

The first book in a duology, The Kingmaker introduces us to Maxim and Lennix. The pair are both advocates for bettering the world for the people in it, but go about that business in very different ways. Across the span of several years and many events, The Kingmaker shows how a love story doesn’t have to be flashy and intense. Slow and steady wins the race, and Kennedy Ryan knows exactly how to make it hurt.

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Dark Succession  by Katee Robert

Originally called The Marriage Contract, this is the first in Katee Robert’s explosive series about the O’Malley family. Much like in Ruthless People, it involves a marriage of convenience arranged to further the family’s business arrangements. But these two aren’t doing it for the family; the want out. Katee Robert is an ideal read for anyone looking to dig into meaty books with characters dealing with familial trauma and overcoming darkness—and the O’Malley family is a great segue into her darker universes.

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Good Fortune by CK Chau

Elizabeth lives with her family in Chinatown, and two newcomers with lots of Hong Kong cash to spend on property immediately set her comfortable home on edge. The tension that builds between Elizabeth and one of the newcomers is a dream for an Enemies-To-Lovers reader, and the jet-setting crowd will love the look into not only Chinatown, but the book's other locales as well. For readers who believe that a Pride and Prejudice retelling is just right for recovering from an intense book series.

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American Queen  by Sierra Simone

What happens when your wedding present from your husband is a little something from his best friend? We’re not going to spoil that, but we’ll say it’s only the first bonkers thing to happen in this novel that combines an alternate-history United States with a retelling of Arthurian legend. Similar to The Kingmaker, this book does not conclude the characters’ happily ever after, so you can count on a lengthy journey ahead.

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Syncopation  by Anna Zabo

We can't do a whole Twisted list without mentioning the Twisted Wishes trilogy—a must-read for absolutely anyone, anywhere, because Anna Zabo can write the heck out of a sentence. Syncopation introduces us to two former classmates who are now members of the same band. Going on tour leads to discoveries about themselves and each other, and through the trilogy the band helps one another as they become a better whole.

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