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104 new eBooks and audiobooks coming out March 26 – April 8, 2024

By Kobo • March 26, 2024New eBooks and Audiobooks

The books we’re most looking forward to this week and next

Crime novelist Don Winslow’s Danny Ryan Trilogy comes to an end with City in Ruins. Winslow has steadily grown his readership since the 90s and has become the kind of writer that writers love. He counts Stephen King among his fans. But this isn’t just the end of his latest trilogy: Winslow announced in 2022 that he would retire from writing after completing the Danny Ryan books and focus his efforts on pro-democracy political activism.

Stephen Graham Jones is also concluding a trilogy. The Angel of Indian Lake is set four years after the end of Don’t Fear the Reaper. Since launching this trilogy with My Heart is a Chainsaw, Jones has become a shining star of horror, a genre which indigenous writers in particular have lately found fertile for dazzling experimentation and exploration.

Black writers too have found a lot to work with in the horror genre, with many excellent examples collected in the YA collection The Black Girl Survives in This One: Horror Stories.

On the subject of scary things, Co-Intelligence: Living and Working with AI by Ethan Mollick, author of the popular One Useful Thing newsletter, argues that generative AI like ChatGPT won’t replace humans—rather, it’s a tool we humans can use to augment our capabilities. He explores the possibility that not every task that used to require human thought was a particularly good use of it, and we might reach new heights if we could hand off some brain work to be carried out on silicon.

“Attachment style” seems to be one of the buzzier concepts in social media at the moment. But what’s the point of it all? In The New Rules of Attachment: How to Heal Your Relationships, Reparent Your Inner Child, and Secure Your Life Vision, Dr Judy Ho explains the psychology of attachment, how our early childhood experiences of attachment shape our expectations of relationships as adults, and what we can do to ensure we’re not sabotaging ourselves because of it.

One of the hardest topics for partners to discuss is money. While plenty of books will help you get smarter about money, Talk Money to Me: The 8 Essential Financial Questions to Discuss With Your Partner by season 14 The Bachelorette contestant Jason Tartick specifically addresses how to have meaningful conversations about money in a relationship—with a focus on the very earliest stages.

Amor Towles revisits a moment from his novel The Rules of Civility in a novella included in Table for Two: Fictions, a new short story collection.

Secret Daughter author Shilpi Somaya Gowda’s new novel A Great Country focuses on the Shah family, an Indian family in California doing a fairly good job of living the American Dream as they deal with the aftermath of 12-year-old Ajay’s arrest for flying his drone near an airport. It’s a book packed with social themes and characters facing difficult choices, navigating tensions around one another as they come to understand how the dysfunctions of American justice differ from the dysfunctional Indian justice they grew up with.

In City Limits: Infrastructure, Inequality, and the Future of America's Highways journalist Megan Kimble looks at highways from a social perspective, asking who and what this infrastructure connects, and who it divides. Focusing on Texas, she looks at decades of highway construction that’s only led to longer commute times and more fractured communities. And she asks, what if we did away with some of these highways entirely? It turns out there are some places that already know the answer.

Mult-Giller Prize-winning novelist M.G. Vassanji’s Nowhere, Exactly: On Identity and Belonging is a book-length meditation on what it means to belong. Whether the place we live now is somewhere we can ever truly belong, and he asks if we really belonged in the places we left? And he asks, how does where we belong shape who we understand ourselves to be?

More books coming out now

✍ Poetry

Poetry Comics by Grant Snider

The Seventh Town of Ghosts: Poems by Faith Arkorful

Empires of the Everyday: Poems by Anna Lee-Popham

The Knot of My Tongue: Poems and Prose by Zehra Naqvi

Shima: Poems by Sho Yamagushiku

🧰 Help and How-to

PlantYou: Scrappy Cooking: 140+ Plant-Based Zero-Waste Recipes That Are Good for You, Your Wallet, and the Planet by Carleigh Bodrug

Co-Intelligence: Living and Working with AI by Ethan Mollick

The Joy of the In-Between: 100 Devotions for Trusting God in Your Waiting Season by Ashley Hetherington

Nourish: Simple Recipes to Empower Your Body and Feed Your Soul by Gisele Bündchen

The Artist's Step-by-Step Guide to Drawing: How to Create Beautiful Images by Vivienne Coleman

I'm Rich, You're Poor: How to Give Social Media a Reality Check by Shabaz Ali

Talk Money to Me: The 8 Essential Financial Questions to Discuss With Your Partner by Jason Tartick

Raising Mentally Strong Kids: How to Combine the Power of Neuroscience with Love and Logic to Grow Confident, Kind, Responsible, and Resilient Children and Young Adults by Daniel G. Amen, MD and Charles Fay, PhD

Grokking Algorithms, Second Edition by Aditya Y Bhargava

The New Rules of Attachment: How to Heal Your Relationships, Reparent Your Inner Child, and Secure Your Life Vision by Dr. Judy Ho

💡 Big Ideas

The Anxious Generation: How the Great Rewiring of Childhood Is Causing an Epidemic of Mental Illness by Jonathan Haidt

Age of Revolutions: Progress and Backlash from 1600 to the Present by Fareed Zakaria

Jesus and the Powers: Christian Political Witness in an Age of Totalitarian Terror and Dysfunctional Democracies by N. T. Wright and Michael F. Bird

Second Class: How the Elites Betrayed America's Working Men and Women by Batya Ungar-Sargon

Democracy or Bonapartism: Two Centuries of War on Democracy by Domenico Losurdo

City Limits: Infrastructure, Inequality, and the Future of America's Highways by Megan Kimble

There's Always This Year: On Basketball and Ascension by Hanif Abdurraqib

Nuclear War: A Scenario by Annie Jacobsen

Weathering: How the earth's deep wisdom can help us endure life's storms by Ruth Allen

Medicine Wheel for the Planet: A Journey toward Personal and Ecological Healing by Dr. Jennifer Grenz

Nowhere, Exactly: On Identity and Belonging by M.G. Vassanji

🗣 True Stories

Never Leave the Dogs Behind: A Memoir by Brianna Madia

Becky Lynch: The Man: Not Your Average Average Girl by Rebecca Quin

Sociopath: A Memoir by Ph.D. Patric Gagne

A History of the World in Twelve Shipwrecks by David Gibbins

But Everyone Feels This Way: How an Autism Diagnosis Saved My Life by Paige Layle

The Wisdom of Nurses: Stories of Grit From the Front Lines by Amie Archibald-Varley and Sara Fung

The Aftermath of the Battle of Little Bighorn by W.A. Wallace

The Royal Women Who Made England: The Tenth Century in Saxon England by M J Porter

Rainmaker: Superagent Hughes Norton and the Money-Grab Explosion of Golf from Tiger to LIV and Beyond by Hughes Norton

A Darker Shade of Blue: A Police Officer’s Memoir by Keith Merith

💘 Romance

Dan & Kara: A Downeast Prequel by Marie Force

Avenging Angel by Kristen Ashley

The Witch Queen of Halloween by Kresley Cole

The Drawback of Single Dads by Piper Rayne

Just for the Summer by Abby Jimenez

Steady and Strong by Mari Carr

The Fool by Lani Lynn Vale

The Devil to Pay by Katie Daysh

Here We Go Again by Alison Cochrun

The Emperor and the Endless Palace by Justinian Huang

The Feast Makers by H. A. Clarke

Maya's Laws of Love by Alina Khawaja

Manila Takes Manhattan by Carla de Guzman

The Perfect Guy Doesn't Exist by Sophie Gonzales

🗡️ Action, Crime, and Mystery

The Devil You Know (DS Max Craigie Scottish Crime Thrillers, Book 5) by Neil Lancaster

The Wild Side by Fern Michaels

City in Ruins by Don Winslow

Cheater by Karen Rose

Murder in a Tourist Town by Lynn Cahoon

The Mind of a Murderer (Dr Olivia Winter, Book 1) by Michael Wood

Girl, Betrayed (An Ella Dark FBI Suspense Thriller—Book 18) by Blake Pierce

Locked In Ice by Cynthia Eden

She's Not Sorry by Mary Kubica

Enemies of Mercia by MJ Porter

The Good, the Bad, and the Aunties by Jesse Q. Sutanto

One In The Chamber by Robin Peguero

🖊️ Literary & Contemporary Fiction

A Great Country by Shilpi Somaya Gowda

Table for Two: Fictions by Amor Towles

Dayspring by Anthony Oliveira

The Glass House: A novel of mental health by Anne Buist & Graeme Simsion

The Husbands by Holly Gramazio

All We Were Promised by Ashton Lattimore

A Good Happy Girl by Marissa Higgins

All the World Beside by Garrard Conley

Like Happiness by Ursula Villarreal-Moura

Glorious Exploits by Ferdia Lennon

The Laundryman’s Boy by Edward Y. C. Lee

✨ Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, and Speculative Fiction

Play of Shadows by Sebastien de Castell

The Heart of Creation by Kyle West

Alien Clay by Adrian Tchaikovsky

The Angel of Indian Lake by Stephen Graham Jones

Lake of Souls: The Collected Short Fiction by Ann Leckie

Dangerous Visions by Harlan Ellison, ed.

Empire of Shadows by Jacquelyn Benson

Court of Wanderers by Rin Chupeco

Marvel: What If...Loki Was Worthy? (A Loki & Valkyrie Story) by Madeleine Roux

A Short Walk Through a Wide World by Douglas Westerbeke

Diavola by Jennifer Thorne

Greatest Hits by Harlan Ellison

Rising Wonder: Creatures of Myth & Legend by Robert Zangari

Cold Days at Castle Drax by Charlotte E. English

Riker's Apocalypse: The Protocol by Shawn Chesser

This Skin Was Once Mine and Other Disturbances by Eric LaRocca

The Bloodstone by Arlene F. Marks

Monstrosity, Humanity by MM Schreier

A View from the Stars: Stories and Essays by Cixin Liu

The Black Girl Survives in This One: Horror Stories by Ed. Desiree S. Evans and Saraciea J. Fennell

🗯 Manga & Graphic Novels

Please Go Home, Miss Akutsu! Vol. 5 by Taichi Nagaoka

Skip・Beat!, Vol. 49 by Yoshiki Nakamura

A Man and His Cat 10 by Umi Sakurai

Kaguya-sama: Love Is War, Vol. 28 by Aka Akasaka

Boss Bride Days 15 by Narumi Hasegaki

Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest (Manga) Vol. 12 by Ryo Shirakome

Skeleton Knight in Another World (Manga) Vol. 12 by Ennki Hakari

Victoria's Electric Coffin 01 by IKUNO TAJIMA

Timid: A Graphic Novel by Jonathan Todd

Stitches by Junji Ito

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