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15 romance books for teens

By Kobo • January 09, 2022Recommended Reading

Just about everyone loves a good love story, am I right?

Sometimes, the best ones are set in the real world, while others are set in worlds long ago, far away, or just a little different from ours. They’re the stories of first love, or maybe the greatest love someone has yet experienced. But no matter what, they end with an HEA—or maybe just a happy for now. But the best, absolute best experience a lover of romance can have is to bury themselves into the story of people their age falling in love while discovering things about themselves along the way. Because the joy of romance isn’t just about falling in love with someone else; it’s about falling in love with yourself, too. Here are some highlights of great teen romance books to try, enjoy, and fall in love with!

Where the Rhythm Takes You   by Sarah Dass

Reyna loves the island resort her family runs on the island of Tobago. Well, it’s more like she runs it, ever since her mom died. When she discovers that her childhood friend and first love, Aiden, is coming to stay with the music group he left the island to join, all of the feelings she’d spent two years pouring into the resort come back. And when she’s asked to be the group’s guide, the pair spend more time together than she ever wanted…and this might be the time for a second chance at love.

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Never Look Back  by Lilliam Rivera

This modern-day reimagining of the Orpheus and Euridice myth takes us to summer in New York, where Eury is spending time with extended family after a breakdown at home in Puerto Rico. Or at least, her family think it was a breakdown, when she was really haunted by a dark spirit, Ato. When she meets Pheus, the pair have an instant connection, but there are other forces at work.

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Perfect On Paper by Sophie Gonzales

Darcy is infamous at her high school, but nobody knows who she is. While passing relatively under the radar in her regular life, she moonlights as her peers’ advice column, for a price. People leave letters in a locker with their fee and she answers them the same way. When Brougham catches her in the act, he makes a deal: he keeps her secret if she uses her knowledge to help him get his ex back. And, well, we all know how that kind of story goes.

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Yesterday is History by Kosoko Jackson

After a liver transplant, Andre discovers that he has a curious new talent when he finds himself on his front lawn five decades away from when he should be and confused to see a boy living in his house. When his donor’s family invites him into their world, it’s the annoying Blake who is given the task of teaching him how to control his time travel. If only he could stop finding himself back in the past with Michael.

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Rent a Boyfriend by Gloria Chao

Chloe has a problem. In order to avoid her parents trying to set her up with a guy she absolutely cannot stand, she tells them she has a boyfriend. Which she doesn’t have. Luckily, there’s an app for that. She rents Drew for a visit over the holidays, but finds that they get along well outside of their setup. As they get to know each other, the lines blur—but maybe that’s for the best.

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The Sound of Stars by Alechia Dow

The world is at war, and Janelle is stuck in the middle of it. She just wants to run her clandestine library in the building where she and a small number of humans remain in a devastated city. When alien M0Rr1S saves her from certain death, they embark on a journey to potentially save all of humanity. Along the way, the pair learn to embrace their differences and find joy in their similarities.

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Tweet Cute by Emma Lord

When it looks like a chain has stolen a recipe from his family’s deli, Jack starts a social media war that makes both accounts infamous. What neither Jack or his online nemesis, Pepper, know, is that they actually know each other in real life. And on top of that, they’re getting to know each other better anonymously on a chat app—and might really like the people they know there.

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Going Off Script by Jen Wilde

Bex arrives in Los Angeles ready to take Hollywood by storm with an internship on her favorite show. But her ambition is struck down when she realizes that the hierarchy doesn’t leave much room for her to stretch her writing wings. With drama in the writers’ room and adjusting to a new city, it’s meeting Shrupty that makes her feel like things are looking up.

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Autoboyography by Christina Lauren

Tanner doesn’t have an awful life, but he wishes he lived anywhere but Utah, after growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area. While his family is supportive of his sexuality, he’s not particularly out at school, even to his best friend. But when he signs up for an advanced writing class, everything changes in the form of Sebastian, a former student and writing prodigy. What starts as writing help grows into something more as they feel drawn to each other on a regular basis, but Sebastian can’t turn away from what his faith has taught him.

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Eliza and her Monsters  by Francesca Zappia

Shy Eliza likes to live in her own world, mostly keeping up with her popular webcomic. When a fan transfers to her high school, she has to figure out how to live outside of her own head, and what to do about this guy. It doesn't help that her anxiety levels are slowly rising, leading to unexpected outcomes.

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Geekerella by Ashley Poston

Elle is obsessed with Starfield, the cult sci-fi show she shared experiencing with her father. Now living with her stepfamily, she spends her days working in a pumpkin-themed food truck and enjoying all things Starfield with her best friend. And a text relationship with a random person who is also a Starfield fan. When a cosplay competition culminating in a trip to the famed ExcelsiCon Cosplay Ball comes her way, Elle knows what she has to do.

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For All Time by Shanna Miles

Tamar and Fayard have lived a thousand lifetimes. They never get to see how their story ends, though, moving to lifetime after lifetime. In the present day, Tamar is suffering from an illness as the result of COVID-19, and afraid of leaving Fay behind. But now is the time they might be able to figure out how to break the cycle.

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Radha & Jai's Recipe for Romance by Nisha Sharma

Radha leaves her family and her beloved dance behind to start afresh in a new city at a new school. After a personal betrayal, Radha is sure she’ll never dance again, but Jai, the captain of her new school’s Bollywood dance team, is persistent. The pair become friends, which could build to something else. And between dance, food, and fun, a love story can build.

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Sixteen Scandals by Sophie Jordan

When her parents decide to delay her society coming out, Primrose decides to be a little rebellious and spend her 16th birthday at the slightly scandalous Vauxhall Gardens. When a charming stranger rescues her from a near unmasking, the pair enjoy a night of wild adventure in the Gardens. But this might go on beyond their single night of fun.

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A Kiss in Time by Alex Flinn

Among all of Alex Flinn’s reimagining of fairytales, bringing the enchanted to the present day, A Kiss In Time is the most interesting combination of the classic and the modern. A spin on the Sleeping Beauty tale, this is the story of Talia, the spoiled princess who doesn’t listen to her parents and touches a spindle, and Jack, the boy who kisses her and wakes her up three hundred years later.

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