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59 new eBooks and audiobooks coming out May 7 – 13, 2024

By Kobo • May 07, 2024New eBooks and Audiobooks

The books we’re most looking forward to this week

Having had a pair of novels named as finalists for the internationally renowned Booker Prize in the first 10 years of his career as a published author, Irish writer Colm Tóibín already knew what it meant to be a successful novelist well before publishing his 2009 breakout bestseller Brooklyn (notably, that novel was merely longlisted for the Booker). But that book, and the film adaptation (with a screenplay by About a Boy novelist Nick Hornby) starring Saoirse Ronan, brought Tóibín a readership beyond anything attainable by merely being a top-tier literary artist. Perhaps it’s with that readership in mind that Tóibín returned to the characters of Brooklyn in his new novel Long Island. Since marrying Tony Fiorello and leaving Brooklyn, Eilis (Lacey) hasn’t felt much of a pull back to Ireland—until a man knocks on the door of the Fiorellos’ Long Island home and with Irish-accented words upends everything Eilis felt about leaving her mother and everyone she knew. Suitably, Long Island is a novel that asks big questions about love left behind and how much of the past we can ever get back.

While novelist Stephen King has always been a prolific provider of blurbs for other authors’ books, with an inclination towards calling out notable debut writers. But his hearty recommendation of Emiko Jean’s new thriller The Return of Ellie Black is worth noting for a couple of reasons: first, he specifically cites the “magnetic” quality of the last 50 pages which is plot-focused praise any thriller writer wants to hear, and second, Jean is already a successful writer of YA romance, with Ellie Black marking her turn to an entirely new genre targeted at an adult readership. It’s a classic thriller trope: a girl who went missing years ago has been found, alive, but no one knows where she’s been and who’s responsible for her disappearance. And it’s also very likely the first in a potentially long-running series from Jean featuring Washington state’s detective Chelsey Calhoun.

The Ministry of Time by Kaliane Bradley picks up a bunch of themes we’ve all grown familiar with lately—time travel romance, workplace comedy, espionage, the bleeding edge of technology—and serves them up in a fresh way. As in the space race of the 1960s, an ambitious government in the near-future is undertaking research into the viability of time travel, and they’re recruiting the best the civil service has to offer to work as “bridges”—responsible for looking after and watching over people taken out of history in order to learn whether the human body or space-time itself can sustain time travel. The bridge responsible for Commander Graham Gore of Sir John Franklin’s doomed Arctic expedition takes on her role with gusto and utmost seriousness—and is completely surprised when she discovers she’s developing feelings for this stranger from 1845. (Almost as surprised as near-future readers of speculative fiction may be to learn that they’re enjoying a romance novel.)

More books coming out now

🧰 Help and How-to

Get Better at Anything: 12 Maxims for Mastery by Scott H. Young

But What Will People Say? Navigating Mental Health, Identity, Love, and Family Between Cultures by Sahaj Kaur Kohli MAEd, LGPC

It's Not Hysteria: Everything You Need to Know About Your Reproductive Health (but Were Never Told) by Dr. Karen Tang

Excessively Obsessed: Find your passion, build your business, learn your limits, love your life by Natasha Oakley

Fighting for Our Friendships: The Science and Art of Conflict and Connection in Women's Relationships by Danielle Bayard Jackson

High Road Leadership: Bringing People Together in a World That Divides by John C. Maxwell

Do It Anyway: Don't Give Up Before It Gets Good by Tasha Cobbs Leonard

💡 Big Ideas

Magic Pill: The Extraordinary Benefits and Disturbing Risks of the New Weight-Loss Drugs by Johann Hari

The Light Eaters: How the Unseen World of Plant Intelligence Offers a New Understanding of Life on Earth by Zoë Schlanger

Empireworld: How British Imperialism Shaped the Globe by Sathnam Sanghera

Everything Is Predictable: How Bayesian Statistics Explain Our World by Tom Chivers

Inventions of A Present: The Novel in its Crisis of Globalization by Fredric Jameson

🗣 True Stories

You Never Know: A Memoir by Tom Selleck with Ellis Henican

Always On Call: Adventures in Nursing, Ranching, and Rural Living by Marion McKinnon Crook

Escape to Clayoquot Sound: Finding Home in a Wild Place by John Dowd and Bea Dowd

To the Gorge: Running, Grief, and Resilience & 460 Miles on the Pacific Crest Trail by Emily Halnon

Coming Home by Brittney Griner with Michelle Burford

Small Acts of Courage: A Legacy of Endurance and the Fight for Democracy by Ali Velshi

Bits and Pieces: My Mother, My Brother, and Me by Whoopi Goldberg

I Curse You with Joy by Tiffany Haddish

The Dead Don't Need Reminding: In Search of Fugitives, Mississippi, and Black TV Nerd Shit by Julian Randall

Relentless: My Story of the Latino Spirit That Is Transforming America by Luis A. Miranda Jr.

💘 Romance

This Summer Will Be Different by Carley Fortune

Searching for Khloe by Susan Stoker

People in Glass Houses by Jayne Castle

The Ministry of Time by Kaliane Bradley

Love, Lies, and Cherry Pie by Jackie Lau

The Takedown by Lily Chu

Five Broken Blades by Mai Corland

This Book Won't Burn by Samira Ahmed

The Library Thief by Kuchenga Shenjé

🗡️ Action, Crime, and Mystery

They Thought I Was Dead: Sandy's Story by Peter James

So Haunted (A Faith Bold FBI Suspense Thriller—Book Fourteen) by Blake Pierce

The Return of Ellie Black by Emiko Jean

Mystery in the Title by Ian Ferguson and Will Ferguson

Hunted by Abir Mukherjee

Behind You by Catherine Hernandez

🖊️ Literary & Contemporary Fiction

Long Island by Colm Tóibín

Women and Children First by Alina Grabowski

Not a River by Selva Almada

How It Works Out by Myriam Lacroix

The Z Word by Lindsay King-Miller

Cinema Love by Jiaming Tang

Daughters of Shandong by Eve J. Chung

This Country Is No Longer Yours by Avik Jain Chatlani

✨ Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, and Speculative Fiction

The Downloaded by Robert J. Sawyer

The Brides of High Hill by Nghi Vo

The Sword Unbound by Gareth Hanrahan

Red Side Story by Jasper Fforde

Caretaker: The Goodpasture Chronicles (Book 1) by R.J. Halbert

Earth 2100 by J Scott Coatsworth

Black Shield Maiden by Willow Smith and Jess Hendel

Supplication by Nour Abi-Nakhoul

🗯 Manga & Graphic Novels

Karen's Sleepover: A Graphic Novel (Baby-Sitters Little Sister #8) by Ann M. Martin

Chainsaw Man, Vol. 15 by Tatsuki Fujimoto

Mobsters in Love 01 by CHIYOKO ORIGAMI

Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles Volume 24 by Yuri Kitayama

Yona of the Dawn, Vol. 41 by Mizuho Kusanagi

Stars of Chaos: Sha Po Lang (Novel) Vol. 3 by priest

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