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6 books that nearly got away

By Tracy Nesdoly • January 12, 2018The Bookish Life

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With so many reliable ways for booklovers to find great books – reviews, recommendations from friends, prizes and their shortlists (and longlists for that matter), compendiums of “best of the week/month/year”, it seems incredible that some truly worthy works slip under the radar.

And yet they do.

The author Carlos Ruiz Zafon alludes to this phenomenon in his Shadow of the Wind trilogy, which has plot twists involving a Cemetery of Forgotten Books.

Lest these wonderful examples of fine storytelling end up in such a place, we would like to draw your attention to them here and now. Think of the list as a treasure hunt, where the prize is all of them.

Okay, over to you. What books do you think should be on everyone’s radar?

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