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Audiobooks for excelling at remote work

By Emily Martin • March 21, 2021Recommended Reading

The way we work has changed a lot over the past year, and many more of us working remotely than ever before. So how do we make this work-at-home lifestyle work?

The books on this list are intended to help you excel at every aspect of remote work. From communicating effectively with coworkers, to better time management, to creating an at-home workspace that’s conducive to productivity, these books will give you the tools you need to be successful.

Remote Work Revolution by Tsedal Neeley

Written during the early part of the COVID-19 pandemic and published in early 2021, this guide from Tsedal Neeley, a Harvard Business School professor and leading expert in virtual and global work, provides remote workers and leaders with the best practices necessary to perform at the highest levels in their organizations the way they work now.

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Unapologetically Ambitious by Shellye Archambeau

Having a new work environment might mean reassessing your goals, or maybe it's just a good time to reflect on long-term career goals while you're away from the hustle of the office. In Unapologetically Ambitious, Shellye Archambeau, one of Silicon Valley's first African American female CEOs, offers you a blueprint—including practical strategies, tools, and approaches—for how to achieve all of your goals, both professional and personal.

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The Laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene

Remote work has changed the way we interact with coworkers and has created new challenges when it comes to communicating. But we are social animals, and communication is the key to success. That's where Robert Greene's The Laws of Human Nature comes in. Greene's book will help you interpret and understand others' drives and motivations. Because empathy and understanding are the central components to success in work, relationships, and in shaping the world around you.

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Joy at Work by Marie Kondo and Scott Sonenshein

Look at your at-home office right now. See a lot of clutter and mess? We all know it's really difficult to think clearly when you're working in a messy space, but how do you keep everything organized? Using her world-renowned KonMari method and applying it to the workplace, Mari Kondo shows you how to organize your professional life in Joy at Work.

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A World Without Email by Cal Newport

If you're working from home, you probably spend a lot of time wading through emails. Remote work can lead to email overload, but in A World Without Email, Cal Newport argues for alternatives to an inbox-driven workday. More importantly, he believes that a world without e-mail is coming sooner than you think. Listen to this book to get ahead of the trend and prepare for a new kind of work free from inbox anxiety.

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The New Leadership Literacies by Bob Johansen

With contemporary work environments ever-changing, it's important to keep adapting the way we think about leadership in the workplace. In Bob Johansen's The New Leadership, the author introduces listeners to the five new leadership literacies that will be needed to thrive in this unpredictable business world. One literacy you especially won't want to miss out on if you're working remotely: how to be a dynamic presence when you're not there in person.

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Extreme Productivity by Robert C. Pozen

If working from home has become overwhelming and creates challenges with time/project management, Robert C. Pozen's Extreme Productivity will be a huge help. Pozen argues that becoming more productive is all about changing your perspective: rather than thinking about how many hours you've worked, focus on the results you've produced.

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Measure What Matters by John Doerr

Are you using the goal-setting system that has made companies like Intel and Google successful? Legendary venture capitalist John Doerr is here to share with you how any organization can thrive and achieve amazing results using Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). OKRs help foster a work climate of focus, organization, and results. Whether you're working in the office or at home, OKRs are the ideal way to stay focused and get your best work done.

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