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Kobo in Conversation Podcast

Eden Robinson wakes up earlier than her inner editor

Eden Robinson joined us to talk about how she outfoxed her inner editor to write the Trickster trilogy -- including Return of the Trickster coming in 2021!

Author Interviews

5 fast questions with YA author Tiffany D. Jackson

Bestselling YA novelist Tiffany D. Jackson told us which spooky books she's reading now, and how she's going to learn to not take criticism personally.

Author Interviews

What Scarborough novelist Catherine Hernandez is reading now

Multi-talented artist Catherine Hernandez told us which books she's loving now, and why she can never re-read the Nancy Drew books she loved as a child.

Author Interviews

In conversation with novelist Aislinn Hunter

We asked Aislinn Hunter, author of The Certainties, about the books that guide and inspire her as a writer.

Author Interviews

5 fast questions with economist Jeff Rubin

Economist Jeff Rubin talked to us about what he's reading and which bestselling book on globalization he wouldn't mind nudging over the edge of the world.

Author Interviews

Listening to newspaper: Dave Bidini shares perspective on a Hungry City

Kobo Originals partners with West End Phoenix — to reimagine Toronto's indie newspaper and tell the stories inspired by food in Canada's largest city.

Author Interviews

5 fast questions with Shari Lapena

We caught up with Shari Lapena, the Canadian queen of domestic noir, to find out what she's been reading.

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In conversation with K. L. Armstrong

We chatted over Zoom with K. L. Armstrong about the reading diet that made her the writer she is today.

Author Interviews

J. J. Martin writes of bitter secrets in Father Sweet

First-time novelist J. J. Martin can’t resist an anti-hero. And he loves getting inside the heads of unsavoury characters -- including the protagonist of his new book Father Sweet.We chatted over Zoom in the early days of the pandemic lockdown about the books that inspired him and how...

Author Interviews

Dr. Jen Gunter takes a scalpel to medical dogma

Dr. Jen Gunter cuts through misinformation with a razor wit. We spoke with her about her writing career, mythbusting, and what she's been reading lately.

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