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Author Interviews

In conversation with novelist Richard Powers

Novelist Richard Powers spoke with us about his new novel Bewilderment, and how he sees adults failing children through our neglect of the natural world.

Author Interviews

Rik Emmett’s humble reinvention

Canadian rock legend Rik Emmett's first book is a collection of poems called Reinvention. He told us how he wrote them, and what he's working on next.

Author Interviews

How Eight Detectives author Alex Pavesi tracks down “unusual” crime novels

We spoke with mystery writer Alex Pavesi about his book Eight Detectives, and he told us how he finds new "unusual" crime novels to read.

Author Interviews

Katherine Ashenburg's comic turn

Katherine Ashenburg spoke with us about Her Turn, a novel set against the 2015 presidential primary, and why her books are so different from one another.

Big Ideas

Spencer West wants to do all he can

We spoke with disability activist and social media star Spencer West about representing disabled queerness and the books he looks to for inspiration.

Author Interviews

Najwa Zebian on answering the call to help others heal

Author, activist, and inspirational speaker Najwa Zebian spoke with us about her new book Welcome Home, and where she finds inspiration for writing.

Author Interviews

Blackout shines light on Black teen love

We asked Nicola Yoon, Dhonielle Clayton, Tiffany D. Jackson, Nic Stone, Angie Thomas, and Ashley Woodfolk about their collaboration on the novel Blackout.

Big Ideas

Isabel Allende's feminist soul

About her new book, The Soul of a Woman, Isabel Allende says: "Feminism is a revolution [...] it started with anger and the desire for change."

Big Ideas

Vivek Shraya on her learning journey through art

We spoke with Vivek Shraya, trans artist, author, musician, filmmaker, and founder of VS. Books about creativity and reinvention.

Author Interviews

Michelle Good is a storyteller who's just getting started

We spoke Michelle Good after she was awarded the 2021 Rakuten Kobo Emerging Writer Prize for Literary Fiction for her debut novel, Five Little Indians.

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