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Author Interviews

Nana Malone on solving problems and playing to her strengths

Kobo Original author Nana Malone spoke with us about filling gaps in the romance market, and the inspiration for her #brownnipplechallenge book club.

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Helen Oyeyemi on mischievous stories and writing reluctantly

Helen Oyeyemi, author of Gingerbread and the playful new novel Peaces, spoke with us about how her unusual writing process has developed over her career.

Author Interviews

Reading recommendations from Victoria Aveyard

Victoria Aveyard is the author of the bestselling Red Queen series. She told us what she's reading, and what books she loves to read but could never write.

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Suzanne Simard on the language of trees and telling her own story

Dr. Suzanne Simard, author of Finding the Mother Tree, spoke with us about the astonishing science of how trees communicate with one another.

Author Interviews

Paula McLain on making the leap to suspense

Paula McLain is the author of historical novels including The Paris Wife and Circling the Sun. When the Stars Go Dark is her first suspense novel.

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Natalie Zina Walschots on good bosses and bad guys

Natalie Zina Walschots spoke with us about her novel Hench, the day-to-day work of supervillainy, and why fanfic is for her the true mark of success.

Author Interviews

Katherine Heiny on finding inspiration in random interactions

Novelist Katherine Heiny writes funny books about relationships. We asked her about the books she read growing up, and which writers make her laugh.

Author Interviews

Ian Williams on reading and writing -- and Word Problems

We spoke with Giller-winner Ian Williams about books he's reading and looking forward to reading, and how his poetry collection Word Problems took shape.

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Malcolm Gladwell has found a new way to tell stories

Journalist Malcolm Gladwell spoke with us about his new book, The Bomber Mafia, and why he's so enthusiastic about working on podcasts and audiobooks now.

Author Interviews

Sifting the layers of history with novelist Jennifer Robson

We spoke with historical novelist and Kobo Emerging Writer Prize judge Jennifer Robson about how she writes her sweeping historical novels.

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