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Beneath the veneer with Naben Ruthnum and André Forget

By Kobo • November 25, 2022Kobo in Conversation Podcast

With novelists André Forget, author of In the City of Pigs, and Naben Ruthnum, author of A Hero of Our Time, we spoke about their darkly comic novels that play with themes of work, art, and the unreality of even so-called real estate.

In the City of Pigs by André Forget

A failed musician obsessed with avant-garde art enters a shadowy world where bohemian excess meets the avaricious interests of a real estate cabal.

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A Hero of Our Time by Naben Ruthnum

A wry comic novel with an acerbic wit, A Hero of Our Time is a vicious takedown of superficial diversity initiatives and tech culture, with a beating heart of broken sincerity.

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