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Romantasy books for fans of Fourth Wing

By Kobo • June 09, 2024Recommended Reading

More romantasy, please.

Rebecca Yarros's epic dragon romantasyFourth Wing took the book world by storm when it came out in 2023. If you've already read it and its sequel Iron Flame and you're hungry for more stories with the same adventure-to-romance ratio, we've got you covered. All of these books have something different and enticing to offer: Dragons. Spice. High stakes (we're talking succeed-or-the-world-might-end stakes). Enemies-to-lovers romance. Badass heroines. Epic world-building. And since they're all series, you can look forward to hours and hours of pure escapism.

The Lingering Dark by Jade Church

If you're craving more spicy enemies-to-lovers romance with a healthy dollop of court intrigue, this is your book. Saiph is sent to the mortal realm by her mother, who rules the Kingdom of Stars, with one purpose: to kill the mortal queen. There's just one tiny little problem: she's falling in love with the queen's guard, Auren, a woman whom she is supposed to hate. Soon she's rethinking everything she thought she knew about herself and the kingdom she's lived in all her life.

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From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout

This romantasy also features an enemies-to-lovers romance, this time between a young woman and her honor guard. Poppy is supposed to be a symbol of hope for her people, untouched and untouchable, but she's more interested in getting her hands dirty fighting the evil forces that are slowly wreaking havoc across her kingdom. When she's assigned a new guard, Hawke, and unexpectedly falls for him, her understanding of duty, loyalty, and destiny starts to shift.

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A Marvellous Light by Freya Marske

The first book in a trilogy—each focused on a different couple—A Marvellous Light is a blend of murder mystery and romance, set in a magical version of Edwardian England. It follows Robin Blyth, a baronet who accidentally stumbles into a world of underground British magic. When, out of necessity, he takes a bureaucratic job, he's expecting something easy. Instead, he discovers he's the new government liaison to a secret magical society, and his predecessor has mysteriously vanished. As he traipses across England trying to make sense of his new reality, he meets and falls in love with a magician, the powerful Edwin Courcey.

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Dragonfall by L. R. Lam

Long ago, humans banished dragons to a different world, but not before stealing their magic. Now humans worship dragons as gods, but the gods, the descendants of those banished dragons, have not forgiven humans for what they did. Arcady is a thief whose chance encounter with a powerful artifact connects them with the last male dragon, disguised as a human, and bent on revenge. Things get extremely complicated as sparks fly between characters whose unlikely love story could bring about the end of the world.

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Song of Blood and Stone by L. Penelope

Set in a world of two warring kingdoms divided by a magical veil, each of the four books in this loosely-connected series focuses on a different duo—which from our perspective means four times the romance, four times the fun. The first book follows a cunning spy embedded within a platoon of soldiers who wander into a valley where only a quiet woman, outcast by society for her appearance and powerful gifts, tends her farm. The spy carries many secrets, some of them bearing enormous consequence, and as she warms to him the quiet woman reveals secrets of her own. Together, the pair might be able to avert a catastrophic war.

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The Final Strife by Saara El-Arifi

Like Violet in Fourth Wing, the young women protagonists of The Final Strife are determined to survive in a dangerous world that, at times, only seems interested in killing them. Sylah always believed she would grow up to become a leader in the resistance movement that raised her—until her family was murdered. When she meets two other women from disparate parts of the empire, each with their own secrets and hidden powers, they unite to start a revolution of their own. Epic world-building and a slow-burn sapphic romance make this an engrossing beginning to a romantasy series inspired by African mythology.

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