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Business book summaries for busy professionals

By Kobo • January 15, 2023Big Ideas in Books

You’re busy. Books are long. Fortunately, many popular business books are available in a summary form.

From productivity hacks to leadership advice, there’s a lot to learn in the business section of any bookstore. But anybody who’s spent any time reading business books knows that many aren’t more than a couple thousand words of advice padded out with anecdotes and repetition—and we’re talking about even the good ones. And while all that reiteration can be helpful in driving the point home, sometimes the message clicks quickly and you just don’t need all that other stuff. That’s where these summaries come in. Each one serves up the core message of a popular business book so you can read it, get it, and get back to—well, business.

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Atomic Habits by dailyBooks

Build habits that get you closer to your goals: and break the habits getting in your way.

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Blink by Joosr

How do experts just “know” something in the blink of an eye? Get the gist of Malcolm Gladwell's look at the latest research on cognition.

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Getting to Yes by Readtrepreneur Publishing

This is the proven method for preparing for and executing a successful negotiation by focusing on what you really need—and being attentive to what the other side is saying they want.

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Crucial Conversations by dailyBooks

This is the framework for having difficult conversations while protecting relationships.

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Deep Work by Instaread Summaries

What’s the real cost of constant distraction? And what could we achieve if we could just buckle down and focus? This is a guide to doing your best work by tapping into your capacity to go deep.

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Dare to Lead by ZIP Reads

A guide to humane, brave leadership for leaders who are ready to open up.

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Ego is the Enemy by Joosr

The guide to mastering your own worst impulses in order to achieve your highest purpose.

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How to Win Friends and Influence People by Best Self Audio

The self-help classic boiled down to just the essentials.

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Leaders Eat Last by The Mindset Warrior

Become the kind of leader that others will choose to follow.

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The Power of Habit by dailyBooks

Learn how to make big changes in your work and life by instituting really small changes and making them habitual.

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Rich Dad Poor Dad by David De Angelis

The time-tested real estate investing classic—distilled.

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Who Moved My Cheese? by Shortcut Edition

Adapting to change is tough. Reading about it shouldn’t be.

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Zero to One by Bern Bolo

Get the essentials on creating a new business and driving its success from one of the great entrepreneurs and investors of our time.

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