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Cory Silverberg on the right way to teach kids about sex

By Kobo • July 22, 2022Kobo in Conversation Podcast

"The problem with the way that traditional sex education is done is that talks to kids as if they don't know anything, as if we as adults are the experts.

And I want to start with, 'you actually know a lot—and I have a lot of information to share. [...] You know a lot about yourself. You know more about yourself than anyone else.'"

We spoke with Cory Silverberg, educator, entrepreneur, researcher, and author of the books What Makes a Baby, Sex is a Funny Word, and the new book, You Know, Sex. These books are approachable and factual guides to sex and bodies, but also grown-up feelings, experiences, and all kinds of stuff that can be really hard for anyone to talk about. Supported by Fiona Smyth’s vivid and playful illustrations, Cory Silverberg’s writing always finds a humane and plain-spoken way to explain everything from the functioning of reproductive organs to the nuances of consent and everything else anybody could want to know about how to use their body.

You Know, Sex: Bodies, Gender, Puberty, and Other Things by Cory Silverberg and Fiona Smyth

You Know, Sex is the first thoroughly modern sex ed book for every body navigating puberty and adolesence, essential for kids, everyone who knows a kid, and anyone who has ever been a kid.

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