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Big Ideas in Books

Business book summaries for busy professionals

Popular business books by authors including Malcolm Gladwell, Ryan Holiday, and Brené Brown, summarized for busy professionals.

Big Ideas in Books

More books on combating climate change

Books that make some ambitious calls for what needs to be done about climate change: from infrastructure and investment to ideology and ethics.

Recommended Reading

Escape with these 7 fantasy and paranormal romance books

Creatures of the night, shapeshifters, cursed beings, and mages come together to fall in love and live for the future in these seven paranormal romances.

Big Ideas in Books

The unseen side of showbiz

Get a backstage look at The Sopranos, I Love Lucy, Saturday Night Live, The Wizard of Oz and more with these eBooks.

Big Ideas in Books

Must-read books on investing

eBooks on trading stocks, saving for retirement, and getting into cryptocurrency, from a 2021 perspective on personal finance and personal investing.

Recommended Reading

Giddy-up! Western romance series you can start now

Some of the best western romances for readers looking for ranches, rough riding, and happily ever after endings. All available through Kobo Plus Read.

Recommended Reading

More Regency romance to fall for

If you just can't get enough Regency romance to scratch your Bridgerton itch, here's another list of must-read eBooks full of intrigue and passion.

Recommended Reading

Regency romance series to fall in love with after Bridgerton

For anyone who couldn't get enough of Simon and Daphne in Netflix' Bridgerton, here are more Regency romance series you can start reading now.

Recommended Reading

8 mystery stories from around the world

These eBooks are set in locales across the globe, including 1920s Shanghai, ancient Greece, and West Africa, and involve a variety of crimes.

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