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Dr. Jen Gunter on writing books about bodies for people

By Kobo • March 20, 2024Kobo in Conversation Podcast

"People like to think about their bodies in their own ways and that's totally fine, and I thought—what's the unifying term? It's people!

If I were to write a book about overall health and there was a chapter on kidney disease, if you didn't have kidney disease you'd be like, 'oh that doesn't apply to me.' You would know. So I thought, why don't I just say people? Because people are smart—they know what applies to them."

Nathan spoke with Dr. Jen Gunter, OB/GYN and bestselling author of several books on health, anatomy, and medicine: The Vagina Bible, The Menopause Manifesto, and most recently a new book called Blood: The science, medicine, and mythology of menstruation.

Blood: The science, medicine, and mythology of menstruation by Dr. Jen Gunter

In her new book, Dr. Gunter offers a clear, no-nonsense guide to reproductive anatomy and answers all the questions you never knew you had about menstrual bleeding—for example, where does the blood come from? And where does it go if you miss a period? Why do we even menstruate in the first place? With her expertise and trademark wit, Dr. Gunter debunks myths and challenges patriarchal attitudes toward this natural bodily process—an astonishing cycle that's uniquely human.

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