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Kobo in Conversation Podcast

Eden Robinson wakes up earlier than her inner editor

Eden Robinson joined us to talk about how she outfoxed her inner editor to write the Trickster trilogy -- including Return of the Trickster coming in 2021!

Kobo in Conversation Podcast

Timothy Caulfield wants you to detox from pseudoscience

Timothy Caulfield, author of The Science of Celebrity... or Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong About Everything told us about the 1 cleanse that actually works.

Kobo in Conversation Podcast

What we’re reading

Short bonus episodes of the Kobo in Conversation podcast, featuring members of Rakuten Kobo's staff recommending eBooks and audiobooks.

Kobo in Conversation Podcast

Daniel Levitin has good news about how aging changes our brains

We spoke with neuroscientist Daniel Levitin about his latest book, Successful Aging and learned how to make the most of our golden years.

Kobo in Conversation Podcast

Linwood Barclay delivers thrills on a deadline

Thriller writer Linwood Barclay joined us to talk about his craft, his work ethic, and when he decided to stop being funny.

Kobo in Conversation Podcast

Lori Lansens on staying a step ahead of the present

We spoke with writer Lori Lansens, author of The Girls and Rush Home Road. Her latest novel, This Little Light, is about an all-too-familiar dystopia.

Kobo in Conversation Podcast

Lauren McKeon is done being nice

Journalist and essayist (and 2018 Kobo Emerging Writer Prize nominee) Lauren McKeon spoke with us about whether women can succeed without being "nice."

Kobo in Conversation Podcast

Jesse Thistle on rising up from the ashes

We spoke with Jesse Thistle, Métis-Cree scholar and author, about his journey from homelessness to academia and his poetic memoir, From the Ashes.

Kobo in Conversation Podcast

Robyn Doolittle asks what's fair in the #MeToo movement

Robyn Doolittle came by to speak with us about fairness, ethics, and the law in the realm of sexual consent and how attitudes have shifted since #MeToo.

Kobo in Conversation Podcast

Changing the Shetland scenery with Ann Cleeves

We interviewed British crime novelist Ann Cleeves about the Shetland Islands, Northumberland, and why she loves reading crime fiction in translation.

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