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Kobo’s winter 2023 update on new features and fixes

By Kobo • December 22, 2023Kobo Products and Features

We're closing out 2023 with many more ways to get to what you want to read faster—with improvements to search, sign-in, and so much more more.

As always, if you're looking for a specific fix to a problem you're having right now, get troubleshooting help here.

Kobo Books Apps

Notebooks on the go in Kobo Books for iOS

For readers with a virtual shelf full of Notebooks, tap More in the Kobo Books app for iOS to see all your jottings and drawings.

View notebooks from your eReader in the Kobo Books iOS app.

See to learn more about Notebooks.

Customize your Kobo Books for iOS home screen

Add and move widgets in Kobo Books for iOS: choose from Trending, Popular, Related Titles, and more Recommendations. Just tap Edit at the bottom of the home screen to get started.

Search two places at once in Kobo Books for Android

On the Kobo Books app for Android, you’ll now see search results from My Books and Store together on one screen. From here you can also use search filters to narrow your results.

Search among your Kobo books and the Kobo store at the same time

Add Kobo Plus titles to your library faster

On the Kobo Books app for Android, Kobo Plus subscribers can add any of the over 500,000 books in the Kobo Plus catalogue directly to their library from search results. eBookstore

Discover your next read

When you’re signed into your account, we’ll show you books we think you might want to read next based on what you’re reading now.

See recommended titles based on what you're reading now

Read Now, no downloads required!

Throughout the store you’ll find Read Now buttons on the pages of the books you’ve already bought. For Kobo Plus subscribers, these buttons appear on each of the over 500,000 books in the Kobo Plus catalogue.

Click Read Now to start reading right away in your browser, no downloading required.

"Read Now" in your browser with a single click

And clicking any book cover in My Books will now open that book right in your browser, too.

On your My Books screen click a cover to start reading instantly

So it's pretty handy we did this... 👇

Simplified My Account and My Books navigation

New account navigation hubs help you find what you’re looking for: whether that’s your Kobo Books, Archive, or Notebooks, or anything to do with your account settings and details.

Navigate your account more easily with the new menu layout

Kobo Writing Life self-publishing platform

Kobo Plus-enhanced author dashboard

The Kobo Writing Life author dashboard now showcases Kobo Plus reading minutes and estimated revenue.

Improved Kobo Plus reporting for KWL authors

Kobo eReader

Read for free faster with OverDrive and Pocket QR code sign-in

When signing into your OverDrive-powered public library account on your Kobo eReader, you now have the option to scan a QR code with your mobile device to complete the process. Because passwords are only getting more complicated and we’d all rather spend our time reading.

Access your library books even quicker on your Kobo eReader via QR code OverDrive sign-in

Pocket on Kobo eReaders

The free online article-saving service Pocket recently introduced changes to how their accounts work. If you’re currently signed into Pocket on your Kobo eReader there’s nothing you need to do—just keep reading!

If you haven’t signed into Pocket on your Kobo eReader yet, you'll first need to get the latest eReader update (version 4.38 or later). Then navigate to More > My Articles and sign into Pocket to sync your saved articles.

And to give more readers the ability to sign in quickly, we’ve added more 3rd party authentication options for Pocket, and we've added the option to sign in via QR code.

Access Pocket on your Kobo eReader quicker than ever with more sign-in options

Learn more about using Pocket on Kobo eReaders: Use the Pocket App with your Kobo eReader.

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