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Laura Tamblyn Watts on 27 essential, uncomfortable, conversations

By Kobo • May 29, 2024Kobo in Conversation Podcast

"It's that discomfort and dissonance about 27 that spoke to me. You know what? These things mostly don't make sense. So I just wrote what I thought were the most important things.

It was a bit awkward, and that was kind of the point."

Nathan spoke with Laura Tamblyn Watts, founder and chief executive of CanAge, Canada’s national seniors’ advocacy organization, and author of Let’s Talk About Aging Parents: A Real-Life Guide to Solving Problems with 27 Essential Conversations, a book about the many hard things facing adults who know their aging parents need to make some decisions—and probably some changes too—but they don’t know where to start.

Let's Talk About Aging Parents: A Real-Life Guide to Solving Problems with 27 Essential Conversations by Laura Tamblyn Watts

Caring for an aging parent can raise a host of tricky questions, but these prompts and scripts—informed by expert advice—will help you and your parent or aging family member find answers. Let's Talk About Aging Parents outfits readers with twenty-seven conversation-starters and roadmaps for informed, honest discussions with aging parents or family members, health care providers, and other professionals. As a career-long advisor on the needs of aging people, author Laura Tamblyn Watts covers questions including:

  • Does my parent need help around the house?
  • What kind of medical issues should we look out for?
  • Do I really need to help my parents if they’re toxic?
  • How can my family share the caregiving load?

How to approach these topics is just as important as what needs to be said, so each chapter has tips for navigating complex emotions and finding shared ground when everyone has different ideas. You’ll get informed, have a productive discussion, and make a plan—so you can get back to making the most of your time with your parent.

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