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Big Ideas

Big Ideas

8 challenging books about motherhood

Here are eight challenging books, including novels and memoirs, that get just how difficult and complicated motherhood—and having a mother—can be. 

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Stephanie Foo on writing and healing from trauma

Award-winning podcaster Stephanie Foo joined us to talk about her moving and informative book, What My Bones Know: A Memoir of Healing from Complex Trauma.

Big Ideas

More books on combating climate change

Books that make some ambitious calls for what needs to be done about climate change: from infrastructure and investment to ideology and ethics.

Big Ideas

8 essential books for earning a living as a writer

Millie Dinsdale of recommends books for improving your writing and getting it into shape for paid publication.

Big Ideas

Books for understanding the climate crisis now

Books for understanding the climate crisis now, including perspectives on climate justice and the neuroscience of climate anxiety (and its absence).

Big Ideas

The best books about bad business

Narrative nonfiction stories of billion dollar businesses gone bad (or born bad!) including Theranos, WeWork, and many more.

Big Ideas

12 of the best books on becoming a great leader in business

Whether you're a new manager learning ropes or a veteran stepping up your game, these audiobooks offer some of the best business leadership wisdom around.

Big Ideas

Tanya Lee on making room for girls to read

Tanya Lee is the boundary-smashing founder of A Room of Your Own, a book club for at-risk teenage girls and non-binary teens.

Big Ideas

Books for understanding 21st century geopolitics

For armchair historians, political junkies, and readers looking to broaden their knowledge of global affairs, we offer this list of 10 books.

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