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Author Interviews

In conversation with Tica Morgan

We spoke with Tica Morgan about writing the Inspector Zoë Janssen Thriller series published by Kobo Originals.

Recommended Reading

7 books to read if you loved This Is Us

For fans of This Is Us craving more big themes and big feelings after the close of the show's final chapter, here are 7 heartstring-pulling books to read.

Recommended Reading

Tour the world with these international thrillers and mystery novels

From Japan to Australia to Indigenous communities in the Americas, these books will take you into the world’s darkest corners of crime.

Recommended Reading

A thriller writer's favourite books with spooky settings

Thriller writer Daniel Kalla shared with us a list of his favourite books with unforgettably eerie, spooky settings.

Author Interviews

Kathy Reichs on 25 years of Tempe Brennan

Kathy Reichs has been writing thrillers about forensic anthropologist Tempe Brennan for 25 years: we spoke with her about her new book Cold Cold Bones.

Kobo Products and Features

Try out the new Kobo app reading experience

We’ve been hard at work rethinking the eBook reading experience on the Kobo iOS App. Be one of the first to try it and tell us what you think!

New Releases

58 new eBooks and audiobooks coming out May 17 - 30, 2022

A double-stuffed round-up of new releases including a Marvel superhero's memoir, Emma Straub doing time travel, and a Selling Sunset guide to being a boss.

Recommended Reading

Books for fans of Sally Rooney

Books for fans of Sally Rooney's Normal People and Conversations With Friends—and the TV series based on them.

Author Interviews

Marian Keyes on the return of Rachel Walsh

We spoke with Marian Keyes, the international bestselling author of the 1997 novel Rachel's Holiday and the new sequel Again, Rachel.

Recommended Reading

Romance novels by Asian authors

Each of these books brings melodrama and big feelings like a great K-drama, and they all feature Asian characters and are written by Asian authors.

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