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Timothy Caulfield wants you to detox from pseudoscience

By Kobo • April 17, 2020Kobo in Conversation Podcast

"We know that pop culture and social media has an impact on all of us and all of our beliefs, so I think it's an important topic."

Timothy Caulfield doesn't want to shame anybody about pop culture — he loves it too. But pop culture and social media aren't great places to learn how our bodies work or what we need to do to be physically healthy. In our conversation we learned what makes "detoxification" nonsense, and why the Internet is the only thing causing "adrenal fatigue."

At a time when health information has life-saving value, Caulfield is concerned that "we're living through a tragic example of misinformation." But his hope is that good storytelling will save us, with the help of good science.

The Science of Celebrity... or, Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong About Everything? by Timothy Caulfield

In this fun, factual book, Caulfield separates sense from nonsense and provides usable and evidence-informed advice about what actually works and what is a waste of money and time.

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