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Rachel Ryan, author of Someone You Trust

By Kobo • December 01, 2023Author Interviews

Rachel Ryan was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. She can usually be found writing in coffee shops, hanging around libraries, or walking the streets of Dublin, making up stories. She is the author of Someone You Trust and The Woman Outside My Door.

Kobo: What three words would you use to describe Someone You Trust?

Rachel Ryan: Spooky, tense, and twisty.  

What inspired you to write Someone You Trust? 

RR: I worked as a nanny for years while trying to make it as a writer, so I always knew I would write a nanny novel one day. The location was a big inspiration too—I thought the wild, green, atmospheric coastline of West Cork in Ireland would be the perfect place to set a thriller.  

Kobo: Who would you cast in an adaptation to play Amy, June, and Miles?

RR: I don’t know who I’d cast to play Amy, June, or Miles, but Barry Keoghan would be the fantasy actor I’d want to play Keane, the villain. Even though the character has red hair and Barry Keoghan is dark-haired, I’d still cast him—he’d get the menacing energy just right.  

Kobo: What are your essential elements for writing a great thriller? 

RR: An atmospheric setting. A plot that pulls you in right from the beginning. A big mystery that isn’t answered until the end, and a few small mysteries that are revealed along the way!  

Kobo: Have you ever considered writing outside the thriller genre? If so, what genre would it be?

RR: I’d like to try writing YA. Or romance. Or fantasy. Or horror. Or a book of personal essays. Basically, anything and everything! Any genre I enjoy reading, I’d like to try my hand at. For now, I’ll stick to thrillers, but who knows what I’ll try down the line.  

Kobo: What has been your favourite read of 2023?

RR: I absolutely loved Sophie White’s My Hot Friend—it was a book that gave me comfort at a difficult time. I think our favourite books are usually the ones that find us at the moments we most need them.

Someone You Trust by Rachel Ryan

The author of the “suspenseful, chilling, unsettling, and creepy” (Mystery & Suspense Magazine) The Woman Outside My Door returns with another spine-tingling domestic thriller about a nanny whose new job working for the perfect family is not everything it seems.

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