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Big Ideas

Tanya Lee on making room for girls to read

Tanya Lee is the boundary-smashing founder of A Room of Your Own, a book club for at-risk teenage girls and non-binary teens.

Author Interviews

That ‘Son of a Critch’: Mark Critch on his memoir-turned-TV-series

Mark Critch, author of the memoir Son of a Critch and star of the hit sitcom of the same name, told us about making the show, his favourite books—and more.

Big Ideas

Meet Izzy Martchenko, voracious reader

Isabella Martchenko read 750 books last year, raising nearly $6500 for MS research. This year, Izzy’s aiming for 250 longer, more challenging reads.

Big Ideas

Jesse Wente: storyteller and truth-seeker

Jesse Wente, Anishinaabe broadcaster and arts leader, spoke with us about his book Unreconciled, winner of the 2022 Emerging Writer Prize for Non-Fiction.

Big Ideas

Roland Gulliver: Reimagining the Toronto International Festival of Authors

Follow The Reader is our series featuring unconventional leaders and trailblazers. In February 2020, Roland Gulliver, former associate director of the Edinburgh International Book Festival, was appointed director of the prestigious Toronto International Festival of Authors (TIFA). Honoured and excited, his aim was to expand, reboot and re-energize...

Big Ideas

Fenton Jagdeo on radical curiosity

Toronto Transit Commissioner Fenton Jagdeo explained his passion for radical curiosity and shared some of the books that have made him who he is.

Big Ideas

Spencer West wants to do all he can

We spoke with disability activist and social media star Spencer West about representing disabled queerness and the books he looks to for inspiration.

Big Ideas

Kim Vance-Mubanga: advancing LGBTIQ rights worldwide

We spoke with Kim Vance-Mubanga, director of International Partnerships and Programs at 2SLGBTQI advocacy group Egale Canada, about what Pride means now.

Big Ideas

Nico Santos on Pride and Asian representation

We chatted with Nico Santos, star of Crazy Rich Asians and NBC's Superstore about Pride month, Filipino representation in media, and his favourite reads.

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