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Articles tagged with "freshly digital"

Locked out of libraries and bookstores, this booklover discovered eBooks and more

When a bookstore and library-loving busy professional couldn't get to these happy places, she discovered eBooks, audiobooks, and a new reading freedom.

How an avid reader discovered distraction-free digital reading

Social media strategist Fatma Othman wanted to be able to read more under lockdown, but she wasn't looking for more screentime: so she got a Kobo eReader.

Author Interviews

How journalist Joanne Elves found herself happily ever after in eBooks

Under pandemic lockdown, travel writer Joanne Elves discovered a new adventure: self-publishing an eBook, her first novel, with Kobo Writing Life.

Big Ideas in Books

How a Kobo eReader changed one reader's life for the better in 2020

For psychologist and new mom Khrystyna Yevstakhevych, discovering digital reading couldn't have come at a better time.

A self-proclaimed “luddite” finally joins the eReading revolution

For Mimie, a marketer turned life coach, “book” always meant paper - but then 2020 changed everything, including redefining the way she reads.

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