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Discover the best of the Kobo Plus all-you-can read library with these recommended reads and author interviews.

Recommended Reading

Add these time-tested reads to your book bucket list

Books that have been intriguing generations of readers, setting trends or standing alone as unmatched stories with unforgettable characters and places.

Recommended Reading

Romance books for warming up chilly nights

Books full of romance, happily ever after endings, and cozy holiday warmth.

Author Interviews

From Iris Visser, with Love

Iris Visser is the author of the novel From New York, with Love. We spoke with her about how she chooses settings and what she’s learned about her readers.

Recommended Reading

Inspiring stories of sporting triumph for powering through the hardest workout

Pause the playlist and push your workout to the next level with the power of inspirational stories of athletic achievement against the odds.

Big Ideas in Books

Books for building better relationships

Whether you need help having tough conversations, or advice on sex & dating, these books will help you build, nurture, and repair relationships.

Recommended Reading

8 mysteries from around the world

Crime fiction of every kind set in locales around the world.

Recommended Reading

Hear stories from the past in historical fiction audiobooks

With these historical fiction audiobooks, listen to stories set in the past, with characters who don't know what history has in store for them.

Recommended Reading

Regency romance series to fall in love with

For anyone who can't get enough of happily ever after, here are more Regency romance series you can start reading now.

Big Ideas in Books

Enlightening books on the everyday science that surrounds us

Books that shine a scientific light on some of the most fascinating mysteries of everyday life—from food and drink to swearing and singing.

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