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Discover the best of the Kobo Plus all-you-can read library with these recommended reads and author interviews.

Recommended Reading

Escape into fantasy and paranormal romance books

Creatures of the night, shapeshifters, cursed beings, and mages come together to fall in love and live for the future in these seven paranormal romances.

Big Ideas in Books

The unseen side of showbiz

Go behind the scenes with Ziwe, Mel Brooks, SNL, HBO, The Wizard of Oz, The Kids in the Hall, I Love Lucy and more with these books.

Recommended Reading

Some of the best books for teens

Here you'll find YA books in many genres, from heartwarming rom-coms and thoughtful contemporaries to twisty mysteries and creative sci-fi adventures.

Kobo in Conversation Podcast

In conversation with Chloe Liese, author of The Mistletoe Motive

The Kobo Writing Life podcast spoke with author Chloe Liese about her charming new novella The Mistletoe Motive.

Big Ideas in Books

Must-read books on investing

eBooks on trading stocks, saving for retirement, and getting into cryptocurrency, from a 2021 perspective on personal finance and personal investing.

Author Interviews

Rik Emmett’s humble reinvention

Canadian rock legend Rik Emmett's first book is a collection of poems called Reinvention. He told us how he wrote them, and what he's working on next.

Recommended Reading

Giddy-up! Western romance series you can start now

Some of the best western romances for readers looking for ranches, rough riding, and happily ever after endings. All available through Kobo Plus Read.

Author Interviews

Vivek Shraya on her learning journey through art

We spoke with Vivek Shraya, trans artist, author, musician, filmmaker, and founder of VS. Books about creativity and reinvention.

Author Interviews

Nana Malone on solving problems and playing to her strengths

Kobo Original author Nana Malone spoke with us about filling gaps in the romance market, and the inspiration for her #brownnipplechallenge book club.

Recommended Reading

The best audiobooks by Ian McEwan

The best audiobooks by British novelist Ian McEwan, author of internationally bestselling novels including Atonement, On Chesil Beach, and Amsterdam.

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