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Discover the best of the Kobo Plus all-you-can read library with these recommended reads and author interviews.

Author Interviews

Moira Welsh wrote the book on how we could care better for the elderly

Toronto journalist Moira Welsh was putting the finishing touches on Happily Ever Older: Revolutionary Approaches to Long-Term Care when COVID-19 struck.

Kobo in Conversation Podcast

Joanne Vannicola was never going to let their story have a tragic ending

We spoke with actor Joanne Vannicola about their unforgettable audiobook memoir, All We Knew But Couldn't Say.

Kobo in Conversation Podcast

Linden MacIntyre won't let history be washed away

We spoke with celebrated journalist and novelist Linden MacIntyre about his non-fiction audiobook, The Wake: The Deadly Legacy of a Newfoundland Tsunami.

Recommended Reading

Level up your career with these books

These 9 books also include advice for people at every point in their career. Now's the time to level up and take the next step in your career.

Recommended Reading

Fresh book club picks by Black authors

These books by Black authors are about fascinating topics that will keep any book club enthralled and thinking about them for a long time to come.

Recommended Reading

Wild science! Eye-opening books about animals and nature

The natural world and the animals who live within it are endlessly fascinating. There's so much still to be explored and discovered in nature and wildlife.

Kobo in Conversation Podcast

Wrapped in holiday romance with Talia Hibbert

Our friends at the Kobo Writing Life podcast spoke with romance writer Talia Hibbert, author of Wrapped Up in You.

Recommended Reading

7 cozy mystery series to start reading now

The best thing about a cozy mystery series might be the comfort of returning to a familiar setting and growing closer to a charming cast of characters.

Recommended Reading

9 heart-pounding romantic suspense books

Here's an eclectic mix of stories with their own blends of heart-thumping, blood-rushing action and romantic entanglement.

Author Interviews

In conversation with unintentional birder Julia Zarankin

Julia Zarankin couldn't have known when she wrote her memoir that 2020 would create an audience of readers looking for new ways to spend time indoors.

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